Chapter 716 - If one attacks, we’ll kill one; if two come, we’ll kill two.

What does his craftiness have to do with you?! “Hurry up and send someone to the city gates, the sooner the better.”

“Yes.” Lang Po complied, then asked again, “Why don’t you directly notify Lord Qin? Or Lord Yu of Supreme Court? Wouldn’t it better for them to enter the palace and inform His Majesty?”

You’re so dumb! Jing Rong answered, “We have to be careful in everything we do. If you inform Lord Yu or Qing Shiyu, wouldn’t it be directly telling Imperial Father that this prince is in collusion with them?”

“Your Highness is more considerate and thoughtful than me.”

“Hurry up.”

“Yes!” Lang Po left.

At this time, Ji Yunshu lifted the carriage curtains. She had witnessed everything that had just unfolded. Since Ji Li was here, she had to remain calm and refrain from exiting the carriage even though she was extremely nervous and apprehensive. As Jing Rong had surmised, she also believed that Ji Li was definitely not going to inform the Emperor, but instead had sent someone to report to Prince Yi’s mansion.

Now, they could only see who was faster!

In the other carriage, Mo Ruo and Tang Si also had a clear insight on the things happening outside. “If it were me, I would simply charge my way in. What are we waiting for?” Tang Si complained.


“I’m telling the truth.” Tang Si spoke loudly. “I don’t believe those people can beat us. It’ll be of no issue for this miss to fight against thirty people.”

Mo Ruo who sat opposite her shook his head helplessly. He patiently said, “Think about it, what if we defeat them?”

“Of course, we can then directly enter the capital!”

“No kidding! What I meant was if we were to win, there will be a river of bloodshed, dead, and injured. In addition, Teacher Ji who cannot fight, might die in the onslaught. Even if we did manage to enter the capital by then, do you think Jing Rong would want to live anymore? His beloved woman is dead, what else would he continue fighting for!” Mo Ruo continued, “That’s why he isn’t like you, who thinks that everything can be solved with fighting and killing.”

Tang Si thought about it and realised he was right. She asked curiously, “By the way, is the imperial decree of the late Emperor really going to work? No one can obstruct it?”


“Those people outside are still pretty audacious. Not only do they not kneel when they see the imperial decree of the late Emperor, they even dared to question it. Are all Great Lin’s officials like this?”


“That means that there are still plenty of officials like this?”

“Can you shut up?” Mo Ruo couldn’t stand it anymore and glared at her. “This is not the time. I’m not in the mood to explain to you.”

She immediately shut her mouth.

Mo Ruo got out of the carriage and walked to Jing Rong’s side. He asked, “How is it?”

Jing Rong glanced at him and murmured nervously, “The other party is numerous. We can’t charge in there. Secretary Ji sent someone to Prince Yi’s mansion, and I sent someone to inform the city guards just now. Now, it depends who arrives faster.”

“What if something goes wrong?”

“Then we can only adapt to it.” It was still that sentence.

After pondering for a while, Jing Rong knocked on the wall of Ji Yunshu’s carriage.

Ji Yunshu lifted the curtain upon hearing it and poked her head out.

One stayed inside while the other stood outside. Jing Rong told her, “You must return to the capital first.”

The two of them had already agreed on this after all. Ji Yunshu pursed her lips as her clear, crystalline eyes were filled with worry. At long last, she nodded.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the capital. Promise me that you will come back safely.”

“This prince promises you.” The two of them looked at each other. Ji Yunshu sighed softly. Her eyes disappeared from view as the curtain fell closed between them.

Afterwards, Jing Rong spoke to Mo Ruo. “You should also go back to the capital. Don’t stay here.”

“What nonsense are you talking about.” Mo Ruo was displeased. “You and I grew up wearing the same pair of pants. Like you said, if something goes wrong, how can I leave first? Stop talking nonsense.”

“I’m not kidding.”

“Neither am I.”

Jing Rong was helpless against him.

On the other hand...Mo Ruo decided to copy his example. He walked to Tang Si’s carriage and knocked on the wall of the carriage.

The curtain lifted swiftly. Tang Si leaned half of herself out the window.

They were both women. Why was the difference so big?

“What happened?”

She was so loud! Mo Ruo felt embarrassed and immediately got to the point. “You go back to the capital with Teacher Ji first. Wait for us in the capital.”


“Just do as I say.”

“No!” She immediately vetoed the idea. “How can I leave first? In such a situation, a fight can break out anytime. When that happens, I’ll be able to help out. You can say whatever you want but I’m not leaving.”

Mo Ruo reproached her, “Since you know that a battle is likely to break out at any moment, then all the more you should leave. You will only get in the way if you stay.”

“I said that I’m not leaving, so I won’t.” As Tang Si spoke, she jumped out of the carriage. She stood right in front of him and lifted her chin stubbornly. “I am neither a person who is cowardly and fearful of death, nor am I a weak woman who would be bullied by others. Besides, you promised to marry me when we returned to the capital. If something were to happen to you, who will I marry then?”

Ugh! Mo Ruo was speechless.

“I’ll stay here. If one attacks, we’ll kill one; if two come, we’ll kill two. If we die, then we’ll die together; If we live to enter the capital, then we’ll get married. Anyways, there are only two choices: life and death..” At this moment, Tang Si had never been more serious.

A woman like this was wild indeed, but that was just how she was. In the end, Mo Ruo silently gave in to her wishes.

Jing Rong gave the order for someone to drive Ji Yunshu’s carriage into the capital. However, Ji Li stepped in.

Jing Rong stepped in. “The emperor said that this prince is not allowed to enter the capital. Could it be that others are not allowed too?”

“That’s not so.”

“Then make way.”

The Emperor did issue a verbal edict that forbade Jing Rong’s return to the capital, but he did not mention anyone else. Therefore, Ji Li could only command people to give way.

When the carriage passed by Ji Li, a sudden gust of wind blew by. A corner of the carriage curtain billowed up and revealed half of Ji Yunshu’s face.

At that moment, Ji Li clenched his fist tightly. It turned out the person was the damned Ji Yunshu, who was responsible for the death of his older brother and grandmother! He wanted to pull her out of the carriage, but now was not the time to deal with family matters. He could only swallow down this anger for the moment.

He let the carriage pass.

In fact, the moment the curtain rose, Ji Yunshu was also taken aback. When the carriage finally was out of view from those people, tension drained out of her body and she stopped the carriage.

The guard turned around and asked, “Teacher Ji, what’s the matter?”

She didn’t respond. Instead she called out, “Zijin.”

Shi Zijin appeared beside the carriage. “Teacher, what’s your order?”

“You don’t need to stay guard by my side. Quickly go to His Highness.”


“You must listen to my order. Go quickly.”

Shi Zijin hesitated, but she complied and disappeared.

Immediately after, Ji Yunshu got out of the carriage and walked to the back of the carriage as if she was waiting for someone.

Sure enough, Wen Xian and Zhao Huai who followed her from Yufu appeared a short while later. They seemed to understand what Ji Yunshu had in mind.

Even so, Wen Xian asked aloud. “Little Heir… Teacher Ji, what are your orders?”

Ji Yunshu cupped her hands and pleaded, “I know that your duty is to protect me. But now, I want to ask you both to do one thing for me.”

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