Chapter 67 - Fried Fish

“You said I am perceptive. Are you praising me?”

He felt a trace of happiness in his heart. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at her. His exquisite face made people unable to shift their eyes away from him.

Yet, Ji Yunshu quickened her pace and left him behind.

Jing Rong did not let the matter go as he pressed her for a clear answer, “Tell me. Were you praising me just now?” He kept up with her pace while continuing to pester her like a hoodlum, “Teacher Ji, tell me!”

Jing Rong turned around and pulled on Ji Yunshu’s sleeve which made her lower her eyebrows while she gave him a supercilious look. Right now, they have no time to spare with the case on their hands, but that deity was actually still in the mood to investigate that trivial matter.

In order to stop him from continuing to harass her like that, Ji Yunshu resigned herself and answered him. “Yes, this humble one is praising Your Highness. Can we go now?”

“No.” His rebuttal made her stop in her tracks and turn around! She was flabbergasted. 

She leaned on the side, and her bright eyes directly stared at him with bewilderment, “Exactly what does Your Highness want to do?”

The corner of Jing Rong’s mouth curled as he jokingly spoke, “I hate it that you don’t praise me enough.”


“This Prince is not only perceptive but understands which people are called talents and that beauty must be cherished.”

Ji Yunshu’s shoulders trembled. She immediately disregarded him and departed while throwing a few words at him, “Your Highness’ mind is truly unfathomable. This one doesn’t understand it.”

She was bright, so she clearly understood what he meant! The talent referred to her, and the beauty also meant herFor him to say those words inexplicably only meant one thing - he knew that she was a girl. And yet he didn’t expose her!

Ji Yunshu’s mind tensed, but she did not dare to slow down her pace. She was afraid to walk next to him and listen to his strange words.

By the time they reached the city, the sky had already darkened! On the road, the number of passersby grew more numerous, and many peddlers and hawkers were shouting loudly, boasting about the products they exhibited in front of their stalls. People walked to and fro. Lanterns were hung at every corner. Women and children were enjoying the evening. It was truly a lively place. 

Ji Yunshu walked into the crowd while Jing Rong followed behind her. She wanted to take another route and part ways with him, but she did not expect that someone would suddenly grab her right hand and strongly pull on her wrist. The strength of the pull made her lose her balance as she staggered a few steps backward, but a hand grabbed her shoulder, stabilising her.

She casted a side glance and met Jing Rong’s gaze.

Jing Rong smiled faintly, “I’m a bit hungry and tired. How about we take a break and go eat a bowl of noodles?”

She instinctively struggled, but unfortunately, Jing Rong’s grip on her wrist was tight as steel, making all her struggles useless! “Your Highness, release me.”

“On such a night, are you planning to go back and sleep in the warmth of your bed?”


“I feel it is truly a waste to do so.”

Waste my ass! It’s such a cold night; if I don’t go sleep, do I stay awake for a snowball fight?

Without waiting for Ji Yunshu to refuse, he already dragged her to a noodle stand and sat at an empty table. Jing Rong waved, “Boss, give us two bowls of soy sauce noodles with no scallions in one of them.”

“Alright!” The boss hung a towel on his shoulder and started preparing their noodles.

Jing Rong spoke again, “Boss, when you put the noodles in the water, stir it slowly a few times with your chopsticks. When you take it out, don’t forget to rinse it with cold water. It will be much more fragrant when eaten.”


How skillful! But, hey, Jing Rong, did you grow up on the streets? How can you be so familiar with how street food is made? However, Ji Yunshu asked him something else, “Your Highness, what made you think I don’t eat scallions?”

Jing Rong stretched his hand and chose a pair of chopsticks from a small basket. He twirled them and tapped them on the teapot before replying, “Last time at the Zhou Mansion, when you ate your meal you took out all the scallions. Anyone with discerning eyes would be able to notice it.”

Um… he is someone with a discerning eye.

“Unfortunately, you are wrong. I don’t dislike scallions.”

“Huh? Was I wrong? How come?” Jing Rong became curious. How could he be wrong, he clearly saw Ji Yunshu remove all the scallions!

At this moment, Ji Yunshu smiled. She picked a pair of chopsticks and tapped on the teapot, “Your Highness, do you remember what dish I took out the scallions from?”

Jing Rong slightly squinted as he pondered. His eyes suddenly brightened. “The fried fish.”

“Your memory is really good. Then, does Your Highness know that by adding scallion to fried fish, the fishy smell from the fish will be absorbed by it? Although I am used to the bloody stench of corpses, it doesn’t mean that I like the smell of fish as both have different odours. Fish has a more pungent scent which could make the mind uncomfortable, while the smell of blood is dense but doesn’t emit a greasy smell. If you get used to the odour, it’s quite a refreshing scent.”

Clatter! When Ji Yunshu was done talking, the sound of a soup ladle being dropped could be heard behind her. The boss’ face could be seen twitching as Ji Yunshu’s words scared and startled him, no less.

The boss immediately forced a smile as he gave them their orders. “T-two… Customers, p-please enjoy…” His voice quivered as he spoke. Today he encountered incredibly strange customers who had unique tastes! The boss put down the bowls and hurriedly distanced himself from them.

Ji Yunshu could nothelp but laugh. She had completely forgotten how she felt annoyed at Jing Rong for dragging her here. Her eyebrows were lowered as she laughed, and this sight etched into Jing Rong’s eyes. He wondered how Ji Yunshu would look if she changed into women’s clothing and how beautiful she would look with her hair falling on her shoulders! 

He became distracted but immediately pulled himself back to reality. He declared, “Hurry and eat or it will turn cold.” He picked up his chopsticks and dug in, eating with relish.

Ji Yunshu watched him before she followed suit. She only ate one mouthful before stopping. As for Jing Rong, he had engulfed everything in his bowl by moving his chopsticks a few times. When he was done, he raised his head and saw that her bowl was barely eaten from. “You’re not eating?”

“I don’t feel like eating.”

“Don’t waste food.” The words barely fell, but Jing Rong had already taken her bowl.

“Don’t-” Ji Yunshu became shocked. It was too late. He had already dipped his chopsticks in her bowl and started eating with gusto.

At that instant, his action shocked her like being hit by lightning on a clear day. She gaped at him for a long time. After he was done eating, he was extremely delighted when he saw her shocked expression. The corner of his mouth curved into a smile. He stretched his fingers and pulled her chin up, closing her mouth, “Teacher Ji, what made you so shocked? This Prince won’t ignore you.”

Ji Yunshu was at loss for words, “That’s good. I’m full, so let’s go.” 

Jing Rong took out his money and put it on the table. Then, he dragged Ji Yunshu away by hand, leaving the noodle stand and merging into the crowd.

When she looked at Jing Rong holding her hand, it always made her feel very uncomfortable. She waved her arm and freed herself as her long sleeves flipped in the air. She retracted her hand inside her sleeves and held both of her hands tightly to avoid Jing Rong from grabbing either of them.

“It’s getting late. This humble one will leave first.” Ji Yunshu resumed showing an indifferent expression as she spoke. She quickly left after bypassing Jing Rong.

Jing Rong stood at the same place for a moment, watching his now empty hand as he felt the lingering soft feeling. 

Not long after, he turned around and chased after her.

Grenn's Rants Corner

The author of BPC liked to mention food in her novel.

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