Chapter 60 - This is the Autopsy Room

He came here to find his ‘Big Brother’? Magistrate Liu was baffled. He scratched his head while muttering, “That idiot from the Wei family, wasn’t he the only child? Where did that ‘Big Brother’ come from?”

No one knew the answer, except for Ji Yunshu.

Yesterday night, she merely mentioned that he could look for her at the yamen, but no one expected the young fool to actually do so! 

The runner asked, “Milord, what should I do? That idiot refuses to leave.”

“What should you do? Drive him away!”

“Good, good, good…”

The runner was about to go drive Wei Yi away when Ji Yunshu called out, “No need. I’ll go take a look.”

The magistrate hastily said, “Yunshu, the food is coming soon!” 

“Eat, eat, eat! You only know how to eat.” Ji Yunshu glanced at him as she walked to the yamen entrance. 

Her actions made him confused, wasn’t Ji Yunshu’s temper indifferent? Why did she care about that fool?

At the yamen entrance, Wei Yi held onto the drumstick and intended to strike the drum again, but a yamen runner hurriedly grabbed his hand to stop him, “Young Master Wei, quickly let go of that thing. This drum can’t be struck randomly like that.”

Wei Yi did not let go, “Big Brother said that I can come to the yamen to find him.”

“Your ‘Big Brother’ isn’t here! Also, you don’t have a big brother. Look! It’s snowing heavily, if you stay here, you won’t be able to return home.” When he was done speaking, the runner intended to seize the drumstick.

Wei Yi twisted his body and glared at the yamen runner. He puffed his cheeks in anger. He angrily proclaimed, “I have a Big Brother. He said that I can find him here. You must not lie to me! I know he is here.”

“Alright, alright! Young Master Wei, oh Great Master Wei! Do you want to find your big brother? I’ll let you go find him, but first, you have to give me the thing in your hands. This thing can’t be touched so casually!”

“Don’t wanna!” Wei Yi hid the stick behind his back. The runner could not do anything and was exasperated!

Wei Yi stood straight and declared, “You won’t bring me to find Big Brother if I give it back to you. I don’t trust you because you can lie to me.”

“Heaven bears witness, I absolutely won’t lie to you.”

“No way, I still don’t believe you.” As soon as he was done speaking, he raised the stick and was about to strike the drum again.

“Stop!” Ji Yunshu’s voice was heard as Wei Yi raised his hand. When he saw Ji Yunshu come out, Wei Yi became excited and his hands relaxed, letting the drumstick drop, coincidentally hitting the runner’s foot.

“Ouch!” The runner raised his leg and frowned from the pain.

Wei Yi did not care about him and rushed towards Ji Yunshu, “Big Brother!” He was extremely happy!

“What are you running here for?” Ji Yunshu looked at him.

“Didn’t Big Brother say that if I want to find you, I just need to go to the yamen?”

“If you want to find me, then just go and find me. Why are you striking the drum?” Her gaze swept the announcement drum.

Wei Yi raised his eyebrows and replied with great confidence, “Because I saw many people struck the drum first when they came to the yamen. That’s why I did it like everyone. See, after I struck the drum, you came out."

Uhh… That’s logical, but… "Wei Yi, you cannot strike that drum as you wish,” Ji Yunshu warned him carefully.

Unfortunately, he understood nothing. He only pointed at the runner, whose foot was still in pain, and asked, “He didn’t let me strike it, why?”

That’s because… Ji Yunshu did not know how to explain it. She simply pulled him and they entered the yamen. She walked in front while he followed behind.

It was the first time he went in the yamen, thus he was extremely curious. He looked left-right and right-left, but he did not pay attention and stepped on a stone under the snow and stumbled. His body twisted and staggered. He appeared extremely mischievous!

When they entered the inside of the building, Ji Yunshu brushed off the snow on her shoulders. Immediately after, she turned around and her outstretched hand went toward Wei Yi’s shoulders and carefully brushed off the snow piled on them.

She muttered, “Next time you fall in the snow, remembered to use your hands to brush off the snow. If the snow melts and seeps into your clothes, you will catch a cold.”

“Thank you Big Brother!” Wei Yi stood straighter and looked proud while enjoying Ji Yunshu’s attention.

Watching his appearance, Ji Yunshu coldly stared at him. This guy! You know what, I really want to beat you up!

Despite his smug appearance, she continued to attentively brush the snow off him. To outsiders, they appeared like a couple - a handsome man and a charming young woman. It simply made others envious! 

And it caused the magistrate sitting at the dining table behind them to look at them in shock! W-what is going here? Since when could the Wei family’s idiot receive such kind treatment from Ji Yunshu?

Magistrate Liu’s heart was unwilling. He stood up and directly wormed his slightly plump figure between both of them. He bumped Ji Yunshu away and “substituted” for her, continuing to brush the snow off Wei Yi, "Let me do it. Yunshu, the food is getting cold. Hurry and eat.” He urged her. The sudden insertion of the magistrate crowded Ji Yunshu away. 

Hey, hey, hey! You have such a big build; To squeeze yourself between people like that, don’t you have any shame? Wei Yi noticed that greasy palms were stretching toward his shoulders. Immediately, he became unhappy and retreated several steps back before running off behind Ji Yunshu. He then glared at Magistrate Liu with evident dissatisfaction, “Why are you touching me?”

“I want to help you.”

“Don’t wanna. I only want Big Brother to help me.”

“You-!” Liu Qingping was at a loss for words.

Ji Yunshu propped her forehead with her hands while shaking her head. Then, she asked Wei Yi. “Have you eaten something yet?”

Wei Yi shook his head, “Not yet.”

Therefore, Ji Yunshu pulled him to sit at the dining table. On the table, apart from dishes Ji Yunshu ordered, were the greasy food that Magistrate Liu liked.

“Eat. After we’re done, I’ll bring you somewhere else.” Ji Yunshu stated.

“Sure.” Wei Yi picked a bowl and chopsticks and quickly ate.

Magistrate Liu returned to his seat and almost exploded. This idiot is using my bowl and chopsticks! How am I going to eat now?

Liu Qingping patted Ji Yunshu and asked her, “Yunshu, what’s going on here?”


“I can’t guess.”

“Then, don’t guess.” Ji Yunshu grudgingly replied. It was just early morning, yet the magistrate’s complexion had changed several times! 

It did not take much time for the food on the table to be wolfed down by Wei Yi. Ji Yunshu only ate a bit and Magistrate Liu sat there the whole time, glaring at Wei Yi.

“Are you full?” Ji Yunshu asked Wei Yi.

Wei Yi rubbed his stomach and replied, “I’m full.”

“Good, then follow me.” She stopped procrastinating and got up. Wei Yi followed her as he believed that Ji Yunshu will bring him somewhere to play. He could not contain his excitement!

Finally, they stopped in front of a door.

When the door opened, a strong smell of blood and rot assailed their noses. They stood directly to face a tall table where something was placed on top, covered by a white cloth.

“Big Brother, what is this place?” Wei Yi pinched his nose. “It’s so smelly.”

“Here… This is where we’re going to have some fun.” Her tone held a hint of teasing.

“But Big Brother…” 

He had yet to complete his sentence when Ji Yunshu pulled him into the room, “This place is the autopsy room.”

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