Chapter 6 - A Ravenous Wolf and A Forced Marriage

After returning to the Ji estate, Ji Yunshu was hit by fatigue. She changed into clean clothes and shoes, sat next to the warm stove, and kneaded the space between her eyebrows.

“Miss, are you still not resting?” Luan’er was baffled.

Ji Yunshu shook her head then drank a cup of tea, as if she were waiting for something. Just s she had expected, a pageboy speedily arrived at the front courtyard and stated, “Third Miss, Master is waiting for you in the anteroom. You have to come without delay.”

Ji Yunshu grunted in assent. Ji Shuhan had been disgusted with her being in contact with dead people from the start. She had openly fiddled with those corpses in his presence today. For Ji Shuhan, who regarded family traditions as important as his life, he probably could not wait to skin her alive!

When she arrived at the anteroom, her vicious father was waiting for her. Once he noticed her arrival, his already angry expression transformed into a roaring sea of fury as he fiercely glared down at her.

Truly the look of a ravenous wolf!

“Kneel, bastard!” Fuming, Ji Shuhan snapped out an order through gritted teeth.

Ji Yunshu had always disliked unnecessary dispute, regarding things with a cold detachment. Therefore, she obediently knelt down.

“Our Ji family has produced a lineage of offspring that have grown up to be honorable military and civil officials. But then, there’s you, a little bastard who goes and touches those unclean things, destroying this family’s rules and traditions. You, alone, are making my Ji family lose face.”

Ji Yunshu kept her head bowed low, not uttering a word in her defense. Needless to say, this temper of hers was what Ji Shuhan loathed the most. It drove him mad with anger and impatience.

“The Wei family had visited us a few times seeking a hand in marriage. I already agreed. After the end of this year, you will be married into the Wei family. This will spare my Ji family from losing face again.”

A married daughter is like spilled water; once Ji Yunshu was married into the Wei family, she would become part of the Wei family. Thus, her being in contact with corpses would no longer be related to his Ji family; if there was any loss of face, it would be the Wei family’s matter instead. Ji Shuhan had perhaps schemed this for a very long time.

However… Ji Yunshu’s whole body shook for a moment. The young master of the Wei family had fallen sick when he was a child and was now a mentally stunted idiot. The whole city of Jinjiang knew about it! 

“Father, you should know about the circumstance of the Wei family’s young master. If your daughter were to marry into the Wei family, wouldn’t…”

Ji Shuhan slammed his hands down on the table, interrupting her, “Since ancient times, marriage has been decided by the parents. The matter is already settled, and you have no say in it. The Wei family are descendants of generals. For such an illustrious household to take a fancy to you, this is your blessing.” 

Her father’s speech forcibly choked the words - “empty marriage, widow from the start” - in Ji Yunshu’s throat. She raised her almond eyes and gave a faint, but stubborn retort, “Daughter is unwilling to marry into the Wei family. I would rather spend my days alone.”

“Bastard! Are those words that a family’s daughter should say? Although the Wei family’s young master is an imbecile, he is the sole heir of the Wei family. After you marry him, naturally, you won’t receive much in the way of grievances. Besides, the Wei family and the Ji family usually have many business dealings together. I will not let this be destroyed by your hands. You will get married whether you like it or not.”


Ji Shuhan’s face turned red from anger. “Tonight, you will kneel here as punishment. Reflect properly. If you dare to disobey again, I will end your life myself and consider myself as never having a daughter like you.”

With that, he flourished his sleeves and left.

If this was in modern times, it would simply be a political marriage. Ji Yunshu was simply a mere chess piece in her father’s eyes. No, in fact, all four misses within the mansion were nothing but chess pieces for him.

The eldest daughter, Ji Muqing had long been cultivated to become the Crown Prince’s consort. It was said that Ji Shuhan had not spared any effort, calling in every favour so that this coming year, Ji Muqing would be sent to the Capital.

The second daughter, Ji Wanxing, was frail and sick ever since she was a child. However, she had long been promised to the Minister of Rites’ son. In two years, she would also be sent to the Capital.

As for the fourth daughter, Ji Lingzhi, she was still young, merely an eight-year-old child. However, a few years ago, when Ji Shuhan and Old Madame Ji had gone to the Capital to deal with some matters, they also promised her to someone, and the other party was the nephew of Zhao qinwang  [1], who was a first-ranked prince.

This stark difference in treatment was definitely too great!

She tightly wrapped her clothes around her body and let out a breath of cold air. Getting married, sure. A political marriage, fine. But getting married to an intellectually deficient person, why should she! It was quite possible that Ji Shuhan would tie her up before sending her to the Wei’s residence if needed. It seemed like sooner or later she would have to leave the Ji family… 


[1] Qinwang (亲王) is a prince title reserved only for princes that are favored and the direct descendants of the emperor. The princes are separated into four ranks. Qinwang is the first-ranked. For more information, click here

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