Chapter 531 - Beloved Archenemy

After he returned to his room from the front yard, a hand thumped on the doorframe just as Mo Ruo was about to close his door. The half-closed door couldn’t be budged.

Tang Si directly reached in with her hand, then used half her body to prop the door open. Her smiling face filled Mo Ruo’s field of vision. What an enticing smile!

“What do you want?”

“Nothing much. I just want to talk to you.” As she spoke, she twisted her body and slid in through the door, sitting down unceremoniously and pouring herself a cup of tea as if she had every right to be there.

“Woman, are you mistaken about something?”

“I’m not mistaken about anything. I just want to talk to you.”

“I don’t wish to talk to you. Get out.”

“Why are you so petty?!” Tang Si put down the teacup in her hands with a heavy thud and turned around to look at Mo Ruo. He was still standing at the door, looking at her with disdain. She then stood up to ask him, “I still haven’t settled my debt with you, why are you giving me this attitude? You even took advantage of me just now.”

Bullshit! Could you please open your eyes wide and take a look at the truth at hand?

“My dear Miss Tang, is there something wrong with your head? If you’re really sick, I don’t mind giving you a diagnosis. Just now, I helped you out of the goodness of my heart. If not for me, you would have fallen flat on the ground. It’s fine if you don’t thank me, but you even want to blame me for holding you? Please take a good look in the mirror. I, Mo Ruo, may love drinking, but I would never want to drink wine like you. Furthermore, is it appropriate for a maiden like you to barge into a man’s room like this? A grand lecture!

“I…” Tang Si was speechless.

“I’m exhausted right now and want to sleep. Please see yourself out.” Mo Ruo pushed the door open wider.

She glared in response. “You’re too good at reversing black to white. Didn’t I just give you a kick in the carriage? You’ve been making things difficult for me all along in revenge.”

Mo Ruo dearly wanted to cry at this moment. He placed the back of his hand on Tang Si’s forehead to test the temperature. “Do you have a fever? I’m making things difficult for you? Revenge? Yesterday, I was the one who helped you when you were punished to clean the study hall and even caught your fall just now. Who is the one making things difficult for who now?” Sis, it’s you, alright?

Bam! Tang Si hit the hand away from her forehead. “You and your logic. Is it my fault now? You’re the one that’s ill!”

Mo Ruo truly had no wish to continue talking to her. “Alright, be off with you. I want some peace and quiet now. I don’t have the spare time to debate with you.”

“Fine, I’ll go.” She turned around in a huff and strode off with her nose in the air, taking no notice of where she was stepping, and inadvertently tripped on something.

Bam! Her whole body tipped forward and landed heavily on the ground after some frantic flailing.

Pffft! Mo Ruo didn’t bother to hide his smile. He then leisurely made his way to the table and poured himself a cup of tea. He took a sip and said, “Serves you right for not looking.”

Sprawled on the floor, Tang Si’s expression became thunderous. A smear of dirt marred her face. She scrambled upright and drew out her silver whip from around her waist again to fling it mercilessly towards Mo Ruo.

However, the whip was caught in mid-air. Mo Ruo held the whip and looped it twice with an evil smile on his face. “Miss Tang, when will you change your bad habit of hitting people? I can’t guarantee that I won’t burn this silver whip of yours one day if I’m in a bad mood.”

“How dare you!” She tried to pull the whip back but it wouldn’t budge no matter how hard she tried.

In contrast, Mo Ruo imitated what Shi Ziran did previously, wanting to make Tang Si stumble forwards with a tug. Unexpectedly, he misjudged and pulled just a hair too forcefully.

Tang Si’s whole body lurched towards him.

Mo Ruo didn’t expect this at all and hurriedly put up both hands to fend her off, but his reaction brought out a whole other set of problems.

His two hands landed squarely on the two mounds on Tang Si’s chest. They were entirely covered.

The two were very close together, so close they could feel each other’s breath on their faces. Suppressed breaths turned hurried, then heavy and laboured.

Tang Si initially felt awkward, but it slowly morphed into a towering rage.

“ARGH!!” Tang Si screamed loudly and brought her hand down forcefully. It landed squarely on Mo Ruo’s stiff face with a loud smack. He was done for.

Tang Si sprang away with a hand to her chest, looking in shock at this ‘animal’. On the other hand, although he was slightly taken aback, this slap shook him from his reverie. The next moment, he actually smiled and looked at Tang Si’s chest with a frown.

In those years when he travelled from North to South, free as a bird, what kind of woman had he not encountered? Plump or slim, aloof or passionate, cultured or spirited; he had seen thousands of them. In front of him, was but one of the most ordinary women he had ever met. She might even be the smallest.

Thus, his glib response was, “Isn’t it just two mounds of flesh? What are you anxious about?”

Two mounds of flesh? Just… two mounds of flesh? What kind of response is this?!

It was unclear whether the flush on Tang Si’s face was due to anger or shyness. She jabbed her finger towards him, seeming to have much to say. “You… you scoundrel, you beast! I..I must kill you today!”

As she spoke, she raised her whip again. But this time, before she had a chance to fling it out, her wrist was again captured by Mo Ruo to pull her straight into his embrace.

Tang Si’s whole body trembled. Not only was today the first time a man touched her chest, but it was also the first time a man held like this.

Mysteriously, that burning rage in her heart actually disappeared completely. Instead, her heart thumped erratically in a frantic rhythm. What’s wrong with her?

When she met Mo Ruo’s eyes, her whole face instantly turned red as a tomato.

Mo Ruo smirked. “Miss Tang, what happened just now was an accident and I apologise. But now, I’ll let you see what happens if you casually hit people with your whip again.” The hand at her waist pressed hard. Tang Si’s body jerked forward again.

“You… you let go of me,” she stuttered.

“I can let you go, but you must be good. Otherwise, I’ll have to settle accounts with you, interest included.” Accounts my ass!

Without waiting for her response, Mo Ruo released the woman in front of him, coldly pushed her out of the room, and closed the door with a decisive click. No thought was spared for her feelings at all.

Mo Ruo didn’t feel the slightest bit conflicted about his actions. He smoothed a hand over his cheek. That little brat has quite some strength in her hands!

He stroked his chin and smiled again. Feels good to punish someone! Finally, vengeance for his poor knee.

At the door, Tang Si seemed to have been soundly rejected. She stood there for a long while before she shook her head and took a deep breath. She actually wasn’t angry at all now, but she actually… rather enjoyed it? No no no, how could it be enjoyment?


She must be mad. That beast clearly took advantage of her and clearly should be put to death by a thousand cuts then whipped into shreds. As she thought this, she lifted her leg to give the door a solid kick and raised her voice.

“Mo Ruo, sooner or later, I’ll kill you with my two hands!”

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