Chapter 49 - A Complete Mess

This scene fell well within Ji Yunshu’s expectations. 

Ji Lingzhi’s hands had been injured, so she definitely would have tattled on her! And Ji Yuanzhi, who was closest to her, was naturally the one to help her vent her anger.

It was a pity for all those plants in her courtyard, becoming innocent victims.

Ji Yunshu calmly walked over. Her eyes were narrowed and she kept a neutral expression on her face. Luan’er was kneeling on the ground, her face covered in tears. Seeing that her mistress had returned, she cried even more heartbrokenly, crying as she called out, “Miss.”

Ji Yunshu walked to her side and helped her up as she gently chided her, “Who told you to kneel every time something happens? There’s no benefit to it.”

Luan’er was choked with sobs, and used her sleeve to furiously wipe away her tears. It was because she was upset about those plants!

Ji Yuanzhi had his hands behind his back. His chest was thrust forward as he arrogantly lifted his head. Seeing her in men’s clothing and only returning at night caused him to feel slightly uncomfortable. He snorted and yelled at his servants, “Hurry up and smash them! Don’t leave a single one behind. Smash everything!”

Having received their orders, the servants lifted their sticks and smashed with even more force than before. The courtyard seemed to be filled with the sounds of breaking pottery.

As expected, a small matter every three days and a major one every month! They were as punctual as her period, like usual.

Ji Yunshu’s gaze sank as she stared at Ji Yuanzhi. She simply said, “Go ahead, smash everything. If you still aren’t satisfied, there are still more in the house. Why don’t you go bring them out and smash them too?”

“You dare to talk back?!” Ji Yuanzhi’s anger flared even more!

“Third Brother, don’t you like to break things? Since that’s the case, you might as well everything in the house too. Wouldn’t that be a great idea?”

“You think I don’t dare?” Ji Yuanzhi leaned forward. He was extremely pissed off, “You pushed Lingzhi and now her hands are injured. Even if I torched your courtyard, it would be fine. You’re just a bastard who doesn’t deserve to be a part of my Ji family.”

Bastard! That word again!

Ji Yunshu’s originally expressionless face suddenly turned sharp. Her gaze turned into boiling black oil, clashing with Ji Yuanzhi’s arrogant and domineering gaze. A shiver ran down his spine as Ji Yuanzhi felt his legs softening and his expression crumbling.

Ji Yunshu stepped towards him, and a low growl came out of those icy thin lips, “All these years I haven’t used the Ji family’s front door, nor called myself a Ji nor used the Ji family’s money. Yet today you keep calling me bastard. I, Ji Yunshu, neither owe you, nor have I offended you. My mother also does not owe the Ji family anything. What right do you have to keep insulting me like this?”

“You…” Ji Yuanzhi lifted his hand, his fingers spread out, getting ready to slap her.

“Go ahead, hit me!” shouted Ji Yunshu. Accompanying her fearless words, Ji Yunshu lifted her face. Those cold and clear eyes seemed to shoot out sharp shards of ice!

“You should be quite clear that the knife in my hand is used to cut into dead bodies. If you dare to leave a scar on my face, I won’t mind returning the favour!”

Ugh! Ji Yuanzhi was a bold person, but his character was extremely spiteful. He had gone through a litany of evil deeds at this young age. Yet right now, facing Ji Yunshu’s gaze, he was actually feeling a bit scared .The hand that had been lifted above his head stiffened, not landing on Ji Yunshu’s face. This was the first time he had seen her fierce side. 

Fierce? How could the word fierce fully describe this? If he actually dared to slap her, she would dissect him and see if under that skin, his heart was actually red or black!

“Third Miss, Old Madame and the Master has summoned you to the front hall.” At this exact moment, a voice could be heard from outside the courtyard. The maidservant came running into the courtyard. 

Upon seeing the pottery carnage, she was briefly startled before she continued speaking to Ji Yunshu, “Third Miss, hurry over. The Old Madame and Master are waiting.”

Ji Yuanzhi was a bit embarrassed, but now he finally had a way to get out of this without losing face. A slap now would do nothing good, but he did not forget to spit on the ground in a pitiful attempt at retaliation, “I’m finished with my revenge for Lingzhi, but be prepared for father’s punishment.” With a wave of his hand, he brought away those servants who were now sweating profusely...

The courtyard was filled with smashed pieces of ceramic, dirt, and mud mixed with dirty melted snow. It looked quite a mess. Basically, anything that could be smashed had been smashed. Anything that could be broken were now all broken.

Even that small red sandalwood tree she had been taking care of for a few years had been uprooted and was currently lying in the middle of the courtyard, its branches and leaves scattered everywhere.

Ji Yunshu silently took in the scene in front of her. Her face was expressionless, those hands that were holding onto the book were clenched so tightly that the tips of her fingers turned slightly white.

Luan’er was still sobbing as she rubbed her eyes and stepped forwards, “Young Miss, it’s all this servant’s fault. I should have guarded the courtyard better and not let Third Young Master in. If you want to find someone to blame, blame this servant.”

“This matter had nothing to do with you!”

The maidservant who had come over to report was afraid of delaying further, so she hesitantly moved forward, “Third Miss, you should make haste to the front hall.”

She calmly nodded her head before handing over the book 'The Case of Lin Capital' over to Luan’er, “Take this into the house.”

“Yes, Miss.” She replied, trying to muffle her sobs.

Once the book had been put away properly, Ji Yunshu forbade Luan’er from following her and not bothering to change back into female clothing, she headed to the front hall alone.

As expected, in the hall, Old Madame Ji and Ji Shuhan were both present. Ji Lingzhi’s small body was curled up in Old Madame Ji’s embrace. Her head had shrunk back, eyes brimming with tears and those bandage-covered hands were hanging pitifully in front of her chest.

Sitting at the sides were Ji Muqing, whose expression made it clear she was just here to watch a play, as well as Ji Wanxin, who sported a worried face. Not counting her Big Brother and Second Brother who were off on an assignment in the capital, and Ji Yuanzhi who had left satisfied after getting revenge for Ji Lingzhi, the entire Ji family was here!

Seeing Ji Yunshu enter while still wearing male clothing, Old Madame Ji’s wrinkled eyelids lifted, revealing the fury inside her eyes.

Ji Shuhan was also enraged to the point that his chest was heaving as he exhaled heavily. Clenching his fist, he smashed down on the table beside him. The teacup was left rattling on the table from the force of the blow, “How could you push Lingzhi like this today?!” Ji Shuhan questioned.

Push? Where did this come from! Ji Lingzhi clearly fell down on her own. What did that have to do with her?

Ji Yunshu cast a cold gaze at Ji Lingzhi. At such a young age, she had not only learned how to tattle, but also how to sow discord by exaggerating things! 

Ji Lingzhi pouted as she nestled deeper into Old Madame Ji’s arms, “Grandmother, look at Third Sister.”

The one in the wrong is complaining first!

Old Madame Ji glared at Ji Yunshu as she spoke, “What, still not admitting your wrongs? Lingzhi is only eight years old, yet you were vicious enough to make an attempt on her life. You’re just like your mother, both of you vicious vixen!”

Ji Yunshu did not speak. No matter how much she explained herself, it would not have mattered. The only thing they could see was Ji Lingzhi’s pair of blood-soaked hands!

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So, this chapter is introducing the not-so charming Third Brother.

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