Chapter 488 - Wedding Gown

Ji Wanxin’s voice came from the store, “It wasn’t me who ruined the cloth. I just wanted to take a look at it.”

“Take a look? You’re still trying to defend yourself. It was obviously your work. This bolt of cloth was supposed to be material for my wedding gown. It was the last bolt left in the whole Jinjiang City. Now that you’ve ruined it, tell me how are you going to pay back,” another lady condemned Ji Wanxin furiously.

“It wasn’t me…” As usual, Ji Wanxin’s voice was soft, to the extent that it made her seem very pitiful and wronged.

As the argument continued, Ji Yunshu quietly kept the orange-colored jade with no expression and emotion. However, if one looked close enough, a hint of ferocity could be seen from her tranquil eyes. Jing Rong, who was sitting before her, stayed silent. Yet, deep inside, he knew what was happening. He could sense Ji Yunshu’s emotions.

When they were in Shanhuai, Ji Wanxin left and returned to Jinjiang without any notice. According to the maids, when Ji Wanxin left Ji Yunshu’s room with the help of the servants, her face was buried in her palms while her eyes were filled with tears. They were told that she was hurt from accidentally falling on her face. As she was already feeling unwell, she failed to hold her tears back. That was also the reason she departed to Jinjiang.  

Jing Rong did not question further about the incident. He did not know that, in actual fact, Ji Yunshu had torn down Ji Wanxin’s  mask and slapped her mercilessly. Worse, she cut off her relationship with Ji Wanxin. That was why she had left Shanhuai.

However, Ji Yunshu had never mentioned this incident. It was not because of kindness or trying to cover up Ji Wanxin’s evil acts. Ji Yunshu only did not want to spread this matter around and create trouble for herself. Why would she tire herself in women’s drama when she could occupy herself with her bones instead? Women were always difficult creatures.

Jing Rong said, “Aren’t you in a hurry to go back to check on Fu Bo? Let’s go.” He then put a piece of silver on the table.

When they were on their way back, they passed by the store. The noise and crowd were bigger than ever, and people were starting to talk. “Isn’t she the Second Miss of the Ji Family? Why is she buying fabric for wedding gowns.”

“I reckon she’s getting married!”

“Married to who?”

“You don’t know? Her fiance is the son of a high ranking official in the Ministry of Rites. Rumor says he’s a dragon amongst men. Besides being handsome, he’s a very gentle and knowledgeable man. Countless young ladies of rich families wish to be paired up with him.” The passerby heaved an envious sigh. “The second miss of the Ji Family must have done a great charity in her past life to be blessed with such fortune! In this case, her fiance is the unlucky one. The Second Miss Ji has had a weak body since young, it’s a well-known fact in Jinjiang City. It won’t be a surprise if something happens soon after she marries…”

Someone nudged him to stop him. “Quit your nonsense! You’ll be in trouble if someone overhears your words.” That man shut up immediately.

Ji Yunshu heard the conversation. ‘Ji Wanxin is getting married? So suddenly?’

Unknowingly, Ji Yunshu slowed her pace and took a look inside the store. She saw Ji Wanxin standing there weakly with the help of the maid. Ji Wanxin lowered her head piteously. The red mole in the middle of her brows resembled a flower bud, decorating her filled forehead, meanwhile, embellishing her pitiful, yet attractive face. Everyone knew that she was a famous beauty in Jinjiang! Therefore, the public continued to show sympathy to her although she might really be the culprit behind the ruined fabric.

Standing in front of her was a beautiful lady. The lady was slightly taller and larger than Ji Wanxin. At the same time, her temper was much worse than Ji Wanxin too! She was none other than the daughter of the Zhang Family!

Miss Zhang was holding a sliced piece of red cloth. She flicked it as she said, “Tell me what are you going to do now. You’re the one who ruined my fabric. You owe me an explanation.”

Ji Wanxin sobbed, “It really wasn’t me. I didn’t cut your cloth.”

“Quit denying! The slit appeared after you touched the cloth. Are you telling me that it’s a ghost that did it?”

“You’ve misunderstood.”

The maid, who was standing beside Ji Wanxin, had grown to be like her. The maid said in a pitiful tone, “Our Miss will not cut your fabric. The slit was already there when the owner passed us the fabric, you cannot blame it on our Miss.”

“Young maid, why are you being a busybody? Are you saying that I’m accusing her? She’s said that she liked this fabric, but I bought it before her. She must’ve felt upset and cut that fabric.”

“No, miss. I really didn’t…” She raised her teary yet beautiful eyes. She appeared so weak as though she would die of suffocation if she spoke a few more words.

Realizing how tense the situation was, the owner hurriedly came forward and grabbed the fabric. He was in a difficult position as well. “This fabric is the only one in Jinjiang, and it is very pricey,” he told Ji Wanxin. “Miss, Miss Zhang paid for this first and I’ve sold it to her. If it was really you who ruined the cloth, you only have to compensate her. Then everything will be settled.”

Miss Zhang was definitely not happy with this suggestion. She snorted, “That’s not enough! Does she think she can compensate for my loss with mere silver? Our Zhang Family has plenty of silver. I personally picked this fabric to make my wedding gown and you made a cut on it. Are you trying to curse my marriage? That is such a bad omen.”

The owner asked, “Then, what do you suggest, Miss Zhang?”

Miss Zhang raised her eyebrows and snorted arrogantly, “I know you’re the Second Miss of the Ji Family. There must be someone backing you up. However, this miss hates people like you. You think you can act as you wish and bully everyone just because you have two older brothers who work as officials in the Royal Court. From what I think, the only thing that can cover your hideous heart is your face. Everyone says that Ji Wanxin is as beautiful as blooming flowers. Since you slit the fabric I was going to use for my wedding gown, then…” She let out an evil laugh before she grabbed scissors that were used to cut cloth from the counter. With chilliness at the corners of her mouth, she approached Ji Wanxin. “Then, I’ll slit your face and take that as your apology and reimbursement to me.”

What? The crowd was stunned! Is that even logical?

Ji Wanxin abruptly raised her eyes that were wide with fear. The scissors were approaching her face and her heart skipped a beat. She knew that if she was to move now, the scissors might poke her eyes. She was shivering out of fear and her small mouth opened unknowingly. Miss Zhang smiled as she drew her hand that was holding the scissors, closer and closer to Ji Wanxin’s face. The distance between the scissors and her face was but a thin piece of paper now.

Surprisingly, someone grabbed her wrist. Without knowing which acupuncture point was being pressed, she felt as if a bee stung her nerves around her wrist. Feeling unbearable pain, she was forced to release her grip and the scissors fell to the ground.


Ji Yunshu barely exerted a third of her force to pinch the weak spot on Miss Zhang’s wrist, but it was enough to make her yelp in pain.

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