Chapter 447 - Prince Rong is as Prickly as a Hedgehog

Chapter 447 - Prince Rong is as Prickly as a Hedgehog

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The two cats had very smooth and shiny black hair. They were small but very good looking. Each of them had a translucent bead of high-quality Hetian jade hung around each their necks. Cats being raised by rich families were indeed treated differently.

Ji Yunshu asked Butler Zhang curiously, “Are these two cats raised in the residence?”

“Yes, they are raised by First Madam who really likes cats. However, Old Master did not like them, and thought that they were weird, dirty and unlucky. But, Old Master did not object, in deference to First Madam. The cats were normally very afraid of Old Master, but they acted very differently today, constantly throwing themselves at his body. The cats are probably spiritual creatures that wish to send Old Master off.”

“Where’s First Madam?”

“First Madam returned to her room as she was too agitated by Old Master’s death.” Hearing this, Ji Yunshu did not question further.

At this moment, one of the cats came to the side of Ji Yunshu’s leg and scratched her, trying hard to climb up. Witnessing this scene, Butler Zhang immediately ordered someone to carry the cats away. They were left with the yowling of the overexcited cats.

A moment later, the group headed towards Old Master Zhang’s room. Before they entered the room, Butler Zhang reassured them, saying,, “No one has entered this room ever since the tragedy happened.”

He pushed the door open as he spoke. The decorations in the room were clean and arranged tidily. Anyone could easily deduce that this was the room of a rich family. However, it did not seem lived-in at all.

Butler Zhang explained, “Old Master usually stayed at Third Madam’s residence. He only spends around seven to eight days here in a month. He was only here to change his clothes yesterday.”

Ji Yunshu nodded and glanced around the outer chamber before she went into the bedroom. Unexpectedly, all the porcelain in the room were shattered on the floor. It looked as if a fight had happened in this room.

Butler Zhang was shocked at this sight. “What happened? Why is everything in this room broken? Did a thief break in?” He shouted at the other servants.

“Impossible.” Ji Yunshu said calmly. “There are more valuables in the outer chamber than in the bedroom. It doesn’t make sense if the thief only stole from the bedroom. Furthermore, thieves steal things, they wouldn’tbreak things.

“That makes sense. But…”

“Was your Old Master the only person who entered this room that night?”

“Old Master came to change his clothes.”

“Then, was there some sort of fight?”

“No. If Old Master had fought with someone in the room, there was no reason for him to not talk about it when he returned to the banquet.” Butler Zhang seemed puzzled.

Ji Yunshu squatted down and picked up the broken pieces of the chinaware with her handkerchief to inspect it.

In the outer chamber, Liu Zhiliang turned around and spoke in a low voice to Jing Rong, who was trailing behind“Prince, would you like to…” Take a break? Take a seat? Jing Rong raised his hand to stop him talking and said sternly,, “This Prince will look after my own people. If you’re tired, you can sit down and rest.”

How would he dare? “This humble official is not tired,” he lied.

“Then quit the nonsense. Teacher Ji hates distractions in the middle of investigation.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Liu Zhiliang deliberately took two steps backwards as he spoke.

Prince Rong is as prickly as a hedgehog! Anyone who irritates him is mercilessly shown a wall of spikes. However, Teacher Ji’s manner resembles a cool bronze wall that’s a perfect counter for him.

Ji Yunshu picked up a few pieces of broken porcelain and found several thin strands of fur. She rubbed thestrands between her fingertips, then sniffed them and concluded. “It was the cats who broke these things.”

Butler Zhang immediately shot down the idea. “It’s impossible. Old Master hated cats the most. None of them were allowed in this courtyard. How could it be the cats?”

Ji Yunshu handed him the cat fur. “This is cat fur. If you don’t believe me, you can take this and compare with the cats.”

“What happened? The cat… why was it here in Old Master’s room?”

“We’ll have to ask the person who raises the cats.”

“First madam?” Butler Zhang asked, “Teacher, does Old Master’s death have anything to do with the cat entering the room?”

“Regardless of that, it’s never wrong to find out more details.”

However, Butler Zhang seemed conflicted. He gulped but did not speak a word.

All of sudden, a woman appeared at the front door with two maids. She was dressed lavishly, in a damask robe and dripping with gold and silver jewellery. Her face appeared gentle with a hint of aloofness, like someone who was extremely shrewd.

This was the First Madam. There was a cat in her arms as white as snow. Her clean hand was caressing the soft, gleaming, fur of the cat repeatedly. The cat, which also had a bead of Hetian jade around its neck, stayed docily in her arms, staring ahead with its pair of round, gleaming eyes.

“First Madam.” Butler Zhang greeted as he bowed and promptly went forward to welcome her. “First Madam, Lord Liu brought a gentleman here to investigate the case. He said that…”

“I know.” Her voice was level.

First Madam walked towards Liu Zhiliang with the cat in her arms. She glanced at Ji Yunshu and asked, “Lord Liu, is there anything else about the case that’s unresolved? Why would you send another coroner to our residence to dissect our Old Master’s body?”

“First Madam, this official solely wants to find out the truth.”

“Find out? What else is there for you to find out? The murderer has been captured, and should be punished as soon as possible.” First Madam’s eyes held a gleam of ruthlessness.

There was some truth to the saying that officials were most fearful of rich people. It was clear that Liu Zhiliang was wary towards this First Madam. .

Surprisingly, Butler Zhang, who was standing aside, spoke, “First Madam, it was the young master who agreed to let the teacher dissect Old Master’s body. He said he wanted justice for Old Master.”

“That little bastard actually had the guts to make decisions?”


“Relay my order to tie that bastard up and punish him with thirty strokes of the rod. Otherwise, he will forget his place in the Zhang Residence.” Butler Zhang was hesitant, “I can’t do that, First Madam. There’s also Third Madam…”

Before he finished, First Madam glared at him ferociously, “The Madam speaks on behalf of Old Master. If Third Madam dares to stop you, punish her along with him.” Her voice rang out confidently.

With no other options, Butler Zhang passed the order down. The First Madam was indeed not easy to deal with.

Ji Yunshu walked out from the bedroom and cupped her hands respectfully towards First Madam, “Madam, this one’s last name is Ji. Being my nosy self, this one requested Lord Liu to bring me along as I found out that there was a murder case at the residence.”

First Madam scanned Ji Yunshu from head to toe with her cold eyes. The initially quiet cat became agitated when Ji Yunshu approached and it almost threw itself at Ji Yunshu.

Consequently, it was slapped and lectured by First Madam. “Everyone who visits the residence is a guest. How can you be rude to the guest?” The cat shrunk back and hid itself in First Madam’s arms with the admonishment.

Ji Yunshu's eyes narrowed.Weird! That was too bizarre!


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