Chapter 431 - Leaving Yuzhou City

Chapter 431 - Leaving Yuzhou City

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The news about the case being solved had quickly spread across Yuzhou City. Everyone felt relieved and astounded at the same time.

The murderer is Advisor Wen from the yamen? This… This is so surprising!

It became the hottest topic for discussion in Yuzhou City. In contrast, it was extremely quiet in the yamen.

Now that Yun Tongyang and Li Mingzhou had been captured and in prison, the case of jewel robbery that happened twenty years ago was solved alongside with the murder cases. This would normally be two pieces of good news and cause for celebration. However, Fang Mingshan could not feel any joy at all.

Since the day he found out that Wen Lingyang was the murderer until the day Wen Lingyang passed away, he had been in a daze. Currently, he was sitting on his seat with his soulless eyes staring into emptiness.

Fang Mingshan was not alone. The incident was as devastating to Constable Zhang as well. He suddenly lost a potential brother-in-law. He slapped his thigh as he dwelled in his thoughts, shook his head and sighed, “Criminal. That was such a crime!” Indeed, it was a criminal waste of a good man.

After a while, Fang Mingshan helped himself up, flicking his loose sleeves to the sides. He ordered Constable Zhang, “Old Zhang, Lingyang did not have any kin. Even though he killed people, there’s always space for sentiment after justice is served. Bury him decently according to the proper rituals.”

“I’m planning to do so even without Lord’s order. Regardless of everything, Lingyang had contributed a lot to the yamen in the past two years. I’d always seen him as my brother-in-law and he had always treated me like his elder brother. Hence, I’ll handle his funeral.” He slapped his chest in confidence.

Fang Mingshan nodded and he gazed out from the door. He muttered to himself, “If only Teacher Ji can stay in Yuzhou City, we’ll never have to worry about unsolved cases anymore.”

In your dreams!

At the backyard of the yamen, Jing Rong had ordered his subordinates to pack their belongings and get ready to leave at noon so that they could arrive at a pitstop by the evening. They planned to leave immediately after the case had been solved and did not bother to celebrate at all. This was just like Jing Rong’s impatient character!.

Ji Yunshu stood in the garden as she lifted her head to admire the osmanthus tree. There were only green leaves hanging on the branches. No one could tell what was on her mind. She did not reply even after Shi Zijin called her multiple times.

“Teacher Ji?” Shi Zijin reached out and gently tapped Ji Yunshu on her shoulder. Ji Yunshu pulled herself together, turned around and looked at Shi Zijin.

Shi Zijin said, “The Prince said that we’re ready to leave.”

Ji Yunshu nodded, then asked, “What about Aunty Xie?”

“She’s already in the carriage.”

“Wei Yi?”

“He’s still in his room.”

As Shi Zijin answered, Wei Yi was skipping out from his room. He had a large pile of toys in his arms. The little mound of toys was almost taller than Wei Yi. Coincidentally, Lang Po came out from the courtyard at the same time.

Naturally… Wei Yi dumped all the toys in his arms to Lang Po and ordered him, “Bring this to the carriage for me. Remember to be careful and don’t break any of them.”

“Young Master Wei, you…”

“What? You’re not willing to help?”

“What are you waiting for?”

Lang Po’s face twitched. ‘This is not the first time. Why do you want me to carry your toys for you all the time?’ Initially, he wanted to be stubborn for once and discard the toys. But, eventually, he capitulated and obediently brought the toys into the carriage.

Seeing that his beloved toys had been safely placed in the carriage, Wei Yi tugged at the corner of Ji Yunshu’s shirt and said, “Shu’er, are we going back to Jinjiang?”

She nodded!

“Then I’ll be able to see Ah Mi and the others again,” he said happily.

Ji Yunshu asked, “What are those things you were carrying just now?”

“Presents. When I left my residence, I promised Ah Mi, Da Bao, and the others that I’ll bring presents for them when I’m back.”

Oh, I see.

Jing Rong came out from the room and squinted as he glanced at Wei Yi, “Hurry up and get into the carriage.”

“I want to walk by Shu’er’s side.” Wei Yi stood closer to Ji Yunshu on purpose, acting like a kid.

Jing Rong rolled his eyes at Wei Yi. Childish!

Mo Ruo followed right behind them them as he tottered out from the room. As always, he had a bottle of wine in hand. He did not bother to look at the others as he waved his hand, “Hurry up, guys. I’ll take a short nap in the carriage. Wake me up when we arrive!” He said as he staggered his way out.

After they were done with their preparations and had acquired all the necessities, they were off! Just after the group left the yamen, Lang Po walked in Jing Rong's direction. Lang Po whispered by Jing Rong’s ear, “Prince, the people from the Gao Shan Gang are here again.”

Jing Rong glanced at where Lang Po came from. He saw Zhao Huai and his subordinates on their horses, looking in Jing Rong's direction. No, they were staring somewhere else!

“Be cautious. Don’t let them come near.” He ordered.

“Yes.” Lang Po replied.

Fang Mingshan came forward, lifted his official robe, and took a bow, “This humble one is really thankful for the Prince and Teacher Ji’s help in solving this case.” He cupped his fist in respect as he spoke.

Jing Rong lifted his chin. “Lord Fang, if you ever encounter cases like this again, report it to the royal court as soon as possible. Get the supreme court to involved instead of trying to work beyond your capability.”

“Yes, yes, yes. This humble official will remember the Prince’s advice.”

“We are five days behind our schedule. It’s not convenient for this Prince to stay here any longer. Regarding the cases of Advisor Wen and Yun Tongyang, prepare the case report efficiently and submit it to the Ministry of Justice as soon as possible. It’s better to close the cases sooner than later.”

“Yes,” Fang Mingshan replied.

Ji Yunshu pursed her lips before she went up and said, “Lord Fang, regarding Advisor Wen, please don’t grieve excessively. Since he had already passed, let him rest in peace.”

Fang Mingshan nodded, “This humble official understands Teacher’s words. To have Teacher comforting me instead, I…” He felt embarrassed.

“As we live, we have to remember to always keep our kindness in our hearts and the truth in our minds. It’s understandable for Lord Fang to feel sad. Moreover, this one is not good at comforting the others, I can only speak of what I know.”

“This humble official will remember Teacher’s advice.”

Constable Zhang, who had been listening quietly at the side, scratched his head, awkwardly went forward and said, “Teacher Ji, I did not expect to see you again in Yuzhou City after our encounter at the inn. I hope that we can meet again in the future.”

Ji Yunshu smiled faintly, “I reckon it's better for us not to see each other again, Constable Zhang.”


“Because there's always a murder every time this one meets you.”

Ha! That's true.

Constable Zhang laughed awkwardly as the others continued with their small talk.

Seeing that it was almost noon, Jing Rong said, “Lord Fang, it's fine, it's not necessary for you to send us off. Go ahead and tie up the loose ends for the cases. The Prince shall not occupy your time further.” He said as he pulled Ji Yunshu up to the carriage.

Fang Mingshan and Constable Zhang followed behind the carriage for a few hundred metres before they stopped and sent the carriage off with their gazes. The carriage headed towards the city gate of the Yuzhou City and went further and further away in the direction of the bright noon-sun.

Zhao Huai followed right behind of their carriage with his underlings at a moderate speed.

The carriages stalled at the city gate. Lang Po’s voice came from the outside of the carriage, “Teacher Ji, Madam Li is looking for you.” Ji Yunshu drew the curtains open and took a look out of the window. She saw Madam Li standing on the left side of the city gate, supported by Yu’in.

Yu’in was wearing a plain silk gown and her make-up was much lighter than how it used to be. She looked like a young modest lady from a humble family. On the other hand, Madam Li’s originally kind and benevolent face had grown older. It was as if the amount of wrinkles on her face had increased abruptly overnight. Ji Yunshu quickly got down from the carriage and walked towards them.


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