Chapter 420 - A Bath? Rejuvination?

Chapter 420 - A Bath? Rejuvination?

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After Wei Yi listened to Jing Rong’s words, he stared at Jing Rong with tears welling up in his bloodshot eyes. It was a heart-rending image. Ji Yunshu did not have to courage to look into Wei Yi’s eyes, so she turned around and hid herself behind the door.

Then, she heard Wei Yi asking in a thready, sorrowful voice, “Will you care for Shu’er like I do?”

Jing Rong nodded his head confidently, “Yes, I’ll not only care for her, I’ll look after her like how you do. Not only that, I can also die for her.”

Mo Ruo felt goosebumps rise all over his body as he heard Jing Rong’s promise. He crossed his arms and continued drinking his wine. Ji Yunshu bit her red lips as she listened to their conversation. She did not dare to make any noise but her heart was aching as if a gigantic rock was pressing against her chest.

Wei Yi wiped his tears with his sleeve and sniffed, as if he finally understood Jing Rong’s words.

He reconfirmed, “Really? You’ll love Shu’er forever? You’ll protect her forever? You’ll never let her get hurt? You’ll be with her whenever she’s sad? You’ll be with her all the time? Really?” His questions rushed at Jing Rong like a flash flood.

Jing Rong nodded his head again to reassure him, “Wei Yi, I promise you.”

“You have to keep your promise.”

“Of course.”

Wei Yi closed his mouth as his expression turned relieved and joyful in a split second. But the next moment, he tilted his head and suddenly hopped down from the bed. “However, I’d promised my mom that I’ll marry Shu’er. I cannot break my promise. I’d also vowed to take care of Shu’er in the future and give birth to many little Wei Yi’s with her. Hence, I cannot just hand Shu’er to you. But…” He pouted, “I don’t want Shu’er to be sad. I want to compete with you, fair and square.” How ambitious!

Before Jing Rong could say anything, Wei Yi started a 'contest’ with Jing Rong. “I grew up together with Shu’er in Jinjiang. We have a marriage contract and you don’t. Shu’er defended me when Brother Yuanzhi bullied me. She gave me a handkerchief, and in return, I gifted her a jade pendant and a chain with bell that she always carries with her. I’ve also carried Shu’er home on my back, and she made me a plum blossom lantern. She’s also bought me many interesting toys and a lot of delicious foods. Before we departed to the Capital, she even drew me portraits of my parents.”

Jing Rong felt defeated as he listened to Wei Yi. Other than the calligraphy set he bought for Ji Yunshu from the Treasured Calligraphy House, he had never given anything to her as present. Not to mention that Ji Yunshu had never gave him anything. The only thing he had from Ji Yunshu was the bead from the silver clasp, and he obviously snatched that from Ji Yunshu. To think about it, he felt really disappointed as he was obviously the loser here.

Wei Yi was excited as he continued, “Shu’er has always been very nice to me. She said that she will bring me to many many places and tell me a lot of interesting stories. We’ll stay with each other forever. Oh yes, Shu’er even said that she will plant a tree in front of her house and name the tree after me. In the future, tasty fruits will grow from the tree. Besides that, Shu’er is always by my side when I’m sad. Moreover…” He could not stop talking.

Jing Rong’s face was turning sour and his lips were twitching severely. He was here to comfort this boy who was whining with his pale face a while ago. How did things turn around, with Jing Rong feeling like he was being mocked instead?

Just as Wei Yi was about to continue, Mo Ruo, who had been quiet all this while, could not take it anymore. He frowned and picked his ears as he walked towards Wei Yi. He waved his hand and said, “Fine, fine. Stop. I’m turning deaf if you keep talking.”

Wei Yi stared at him angrily, “But I haven’t finished.”

“But we don’t want to listen anymore.”


“No more ‘but’s. Look at you. You were lying on the bed like a dead fish just a few moments ago, and now you’re so energetic. Men have such complicated minds.”

Ha! Brother, do you want to look into your pants? You might be a man too!

Realising what he said sounded wrong, Mo Ruo said immediately, “We’re done here. I heard that Yuzhou City is famous for their hot springs. One will feel excellent after taking a few hours of bath in the hotspring. When I passed by Yuzhou City the other time, I could not stay longer to enjoy the hot spring. It was such a waste and I regretted it. I cannot miss it again this time!”

He elbowed Wei Yi as he said, “Do you want to go?”

Wei Yi stared at him in confusion, “What is a hot spring?”

Jing Rong said coldly, “That’s a place you go for a bath.”

“Country bumpkin!” Mo Ruo defended himself, “You visit a hot spring to rejuvenate yourself.”

“You go ahead, this Prince can't be bothered to join,” he was ready to go out as he spoke.

However, Mo Ruo stopped him. He said with a mocking voice while judging him from head to toe, “Are you worried about your figure…” He smirked before he finished his sentence.

Jing Rong understood the meaning of his words and immediately threw a side glare at him, then said solemnly, “What nonsense is that? The case has not been closed. Who has the leisure to go for a bath with you?”

“I told you that it wasn’t a bath. Prince, you’re such a country bumpkin. Anyway, it’s set. We’re going after this. We’ll find the best place in Yuzhou City to take a bath. Ah! No, to rejuvenate.”

Ji Yunshu, who was listening from the outside, was speechless.

Is this how men solve their problems? By taking a bath together? How ridiculous!

Fortunately Wei Yi was feeling better. Ji Yunshu breathed a sigh of relief as she headed to find Fang Mingshan. Jing Yunshu sat down to have tea while waiting for his subordinates to return from the investigation. It was almost seven in the evening and they were nowhere to be seen!

Ji Yunshu realised something, “Where’s Advisor Wen?” Fang Mingshan did not have an answer to that.

A yamen runner answered succinctly, “Teacher Ji, I met Advisor Wen in the backyard. The Prince, Young Master Wei and their company were on their way to the hot spring, but they did not know where to go. Hence, they dragged Advisor Wen along to show them the way.”

“I didn’t know that the Prince has such an interest. If I knew it, I’d have arranged it two days ago.” Fang Mingshan said, regretting his poor hospitality. He turned around and looked at Ji Yunshu, “I wonder if Teacher Ji has the same interest? This official can arrange it for you. Since we have not had any news, teacher can take this chance to relax yourself.”

“That’s not necessary. The humble one doesn’t like to boil dumplings.”

“Boil dumplings?”

“It means there are too many people in the hot spring.” Ji Yunshu answered.

“Oh, this official can arrange an exclusive trip for Teacher.”

“Lord Fang, this humble one is not interested. Moreover, the case has not been settled, I’ve no time to lose.” Fang Mingshan’s face turned awkward.

This was when a few yamen runners entered. Following right behind the yamen runners was an old man in his sixties and a beggar. Apparently, they were bringing in some good news.

The yamen runners reported, “Lord, Teacher Ji; this night watchman said that he saw Li Yuan coming out from Miss Yu’in’s residence after he sounded the first watch in the middle of the night. There is also this beggar, who said that he saw Li Yuan climbing over the wall of the Chang Residence during the second watch, and that he only came back out during the third watch.”


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