Chapter 411 - Longevity Favours The Foolish

Chapter 411 - Longevity Favours The Foolish

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He has no connections, yet he has a bunch of men who would give their lives for him? Who would believe this rubbish? On the other hand, it also meant that there was more to this man than expected! Jing Rong did not want to blow matters up, especially since Wei Yi was only frightened and would feel better after some rest - that rascal needed to know the consequences of throwing a tantrum.

Fang Mingsan bowed, “Your Highness, do you want this official to…” To punish that Yun Tongyang!

Jing Rong raised his hand to cut him off before he could finish. “Just have your men protect this yard and Master Wei - make sure he doesn’t run around anymore.”


Jing Rong leaned towards Ji Yunshu as he spoke quietly, “This Prince has already ordered men to infiltrate the Chang Estate and Li Estate, take it as a reward for warming this Prince’s bed earlier.”

Ji Yunshu rolled her eyes at him in response.

“I’m sure you’re worn out from the last two days. You should return to your room and rest up; if you collapse from fatigue, you wouldn’t be able to crack this case even if I gave you another half a month’s time.” He pushed Ji Yunshu towards Shi Zijin before she could get a word in, commanding, “Take your master to her room so she can recuperate. Guard the door carefully - if she dares to leave, then use your sword and break her legs!”

Ugh! How cold, how harsh! But Shi Zijin just answered, “Understood!”

Understood, my foot! Ji Yunshu’s face turned green at this exchange, only to be forcefully dragged off by Shi Zijin.

Jing Rong subsequently shooed Fang Mingsan and the others away, leaving only Shi Ziran by his side. He questioned softly, “How’re things over at the Capital?”

Shi Ziran replied seriously, “It’s exactly as Your Highness predicted. Before Zijin and I entered the Capital gates, we could sense that Prince Yi’s army had surrounded the entire Capital’s perimeter. It wasn’t blatant and they did a good job hiding themselves, but it seems like Prince Yi had long set these preparations. If Your Highness were to return to the Capital, they would definitely stop you no matter what it takes, to ensure that Your Highness never sets foot in there again.”

Just as he had expected! Jing Rong’s brows knitted with worry as his expression hardened, “It’s not that I didn’t expect Jing Yi to do this, but…”

“What is Your Highness worried about?”

“This Prince has only just left the Capital. For him to station his secret guard outside the Capital this quickly seems too hasty of a move that can’t be explained simply by his fear of my return.”

“Does Prince Yi have other plans?” Shi Ziran asked quizzically.

Jing Rong’s gaze darkened, “When the Crown Prince attempted to assassinate His Majesty, the East Palace’s army surrounded the entire Fuyang Hall. It’s possible that Jing Yi had wanted to take advantage of that situation.”

“Surely not, Your Highness. Prince Yi wouldn’t possibly dare.”

“Even the Crown Prince dared, why wouldn’t Jing Yi? For him to station his personal secret guard outside the Capital, this must be his way of preparing for a rainy day; if there came a time when Imperial Father’s decision was not one he could accept, who knows - history could repeat itself. What began at Fuyang Hall then could turn into another attempt to usurp the throne, this time with the Capital as collateral.”

Surrounding the capital to seize the throne? What? Even Shi Ziran, who had been through thick and thin with Jing Rong, was startled at this possibility.

Jing Rong could not figure it out himself, what exactly was Jing Yi so afraid of? The Crown Prince was indeed an idiot, so no matter how doted upon he was by the Emperor, Jing Hua would never be crowned his successor. Jing Yi could just sit still as Prince Yi and wait for himself to be crowned Emperor since the Crown Prince would be deposed anyway, and it wouldn’t be difficult for the officials to be swayed to his side. Wasn’t this a good plan? Couldn’t he wait a few years? No, that cold-blooded snake would rather kill his own brothers than leave himself an easy way out! Hence, the Crown Prince was dead, and Jing Rong was forced onto a path where he had to fight for his survival. It was a new path, a new phase, one that had resulted from Jing Yi’s ‘precautionary measures’, from his ‘preparation for a rainy day’. Jing Rong let out a deep sigh, keeping silent in deep thought.

Shi Ziran spoke instead, “I’ve only meditated in the temple for half a year - how did the Capital become change so much in such a short time? How lively indeed.” He clutched his sword to his chest.

Jing Rong swept him a glance, “Fine, in any case, visit the Capital every couple of days to see if you can gather any intel. Keep an eye on Jing Yi’s secret guard - if they make a move, inform me immediately.”


“And, tell Lu Jiang to stop watching Yi Estate, in case Jing Yi notices anything odd. As for his next assignment, tell him to wait for this Prince’s message.”


While the two of them were discussing these issues, Mo Ruo was sitting at Wei Yi’s bedside, watching the person lying there like a hawk. He muttered, “Rascal, you must have amassed eight lifetimes’ worth of good fortune! Miss Ji treats you too well. For you to meet someone like this while you’re alive, you should marry or be married to her! [1. Slight quibble: The difference between the two being whose surname is kept. It was not uncommon for men to marry into families that are more powerful and take their wives’ surname. ]” He then sighed, “But you poor fellow, even if she was to marry, it wouldn’t be you.” What a pity!

Wei Yi slept soundly on his bed like a napping kitten. He twisted and squirmed, pulling his covers over himself - how adorable! Mo Ruo made sure to tuck his covers in properly, then left the room in one fluid motion to meet Jing Rong and Shi Ziran, the two of them finishing their discussion.

“Since when did you two master and servant have so many secrets? Hiding in a corner and whispering?” Mo Ruo remarked sarcastically with a sly smile. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously, then sat down on a long bench along the corridor and propped his feet up against it, like a lazy cat in its natural habitat.

Jing Rong gestured at Shi Ziran for him to leave, and headed over to where Mo Ruo was. He kicked hard at Mo Ruo’s propped up legs, almost toppling Mo Ruo off the bench! “What’s wrong with you?” Mo Ruo dusted his robe as he glared at him.

Jing Rong asked nonchalantly, “What’s wrong with Wei Yi? I want the whole truth.”

“What truth? Haven’t I told you already? He just needs two days’ rest from shock.”

“I want the truth!”

“This is the truth!”

Jing Rong was much calmer now. He said sternly, “Mo Ruo, we grew up together. Other people may not be able to tell if you’re lying, but I always will.”

It wasn’t a nice feeling to have your lies exposed! Mo Ruo sucked in a deep breath and shrugged his shoulders, “Fine, I’ll tell you.” He sat upright, looking Jing Rong straight in the eye as he asked, “Do you know why Miss Ji wanted to send Wei Yi to my Yuhua Pavillion?”

“For treatment.”

“That’s right.”


“To begin with, Wei Yi’s condition was terrible. In the last few months since I’ve started his acupuncture treatment, his recovery has surprised even me. Remember how he said that his head hurt a while ago? I discovered then that his condition was slowly improving. This time was not too different from the last, but it also proves that he is indeed getting better.”

Jing Rong listened intently. He glanced at Wei Yi’s shut door, “So, are you saying that he’s no longer dumb?”

Mo Ruo shook his head, “The distinction between ‘dumb’ and ‘not dumb’ is not a clear one, just like the difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’ - it’s not something that is easily discernible by the naked eye. Putting it another way, he’s either fully recovered but hasn’t recognised that himself yet, or he’s putting on an act, although that’s much more unlikely.”

“How can you tell?”

Mo Ruo laughed mockingly, “Please, oh please, Your Royal Highness. If you were smarter than everyone else, but still had to pretend to be the court jester, wouldn’t it really be too dumb?”

Jing Rong’s face fell. He immediately rebutted, “Sometimes, smart people don’t live long. Longevity favours the foolish.”

… So, you are saying that I, a genius and elite doctor who was trained far and wide, is doomed to die young?


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