Chapter 396 - Visiting The House of Serenity

Chapter 396 - Visiting The House of Serenity

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Wei Yi bit his lips, “I should’ve left you at the Capital.”

“You’re quite good at talking, but your brain…” He dragged the last syllable and stared at Wei Yi’s head. Right then, he really wished to crack open his skull and take a look at what is inside.

Wei Yi pouted, “My brain is not rotten.”

“I didn’t say that your brain is rotten, you said it yourself.”


Jing Rong smiled, “Alright, quickly go and rest; it’s late now.”

“I don’t want to.” Wei Yi was acting stubborn.

Jing Rong shifted his eyes. Suddenly, he had of an idea and the corners of his lips curved up. “I heard that there have been plenty of spirits here recently. The ghosts especially like to surface at night. Those who stay up late will get caught by the ghosts and be fried in a wok full of boiling oil. Then, the ghosts will chop the body up and feed it to the dogs.”

Ah… Wei Yi almost fell from his chair. He covered his head and cried out in fear. Evidently, Jing Rong’s words were very effective! Jing Rong was still not done. “I also heard that ghosts have been seen in this courtyard. If one stays here for too long, they will be possessed, and then…”

Before he could finish his story, Wei Yi had already running back to his room screaming. He slammed the door behind him. Jing Rong laughed happily at the scene. Buddy, you can’t win against this Prince!

At the same time, in the room, Aunty Xie said, “Teacher Ji, how long more are we staying here? My daughter’s case…”

“Not too long. There’s one last thing here for me to settle. I know that you’re anxious, but don’t worry. Since I’ve already promised to solve your daughter’s case, I’ll definitely see it through to the end.”

“If Teacher says so, then I can only do as you’ve said. I will not disturb you further.” Aunty Xie stood up and was ready to leave.

Abruptly, Ji Yunshu asked, “What did Ye’er’s father work as?”

“He forged ironware. He was an ironsmith.”

“I didn’t expect that an ironsmith could also create such a dainty doll,” she said purposefully.

However, Aunty Xie did not catch the hint. She replied, “Ye’er’s father had a pair of dexterous hands. The things he made were beautiful. And amongst them, this rag doll was Ye’er’s favourite.” Aunty Xie was close to cryingas she reminisced.

Ji Yunshu thought it was inappropriate to keep asking, as Aunty Xie might not be able to contain her emotions. If Aunty Xie cried, Ji Yunshu would not know how to comfort her. After she sent Aunty Xie off, she laid out a piece of paper on the table and reached for a brush, preparing to sketch the tattoo she saw on Old Master Chang’s ankle. But before the brush could touch the paper, Jing Rong appeared. He leaned on the door and stared right at her without blinking. Ji Yunshu felt uncomfortable being stared at, thus she looked up and asked, “What are you staring at?”

“At you.”

“What is there to look at?”


Such a glib tongue! Ji Yunshu was speechless. She decided to withdraw her attention from Jing Rong and start drawing.

Jing Rong walked into the room, stood beside her without disturbing her. Only when she was done sketching the tattoo pattern, he asked, “Why did you draw this?”

“This might be relevant to the case.”

“This Prince is curious; tattoos are not a rare adornment. Who doesn’t have one?” He raised his eyebrows.

Ji Yunshu rubbed her nose and sized Jing Rong up. “Does Your Highness have a tattoo as well?”

“Yes, do you want to check it out?”

Ji Yunshu refused to respond.

Jing Rong smirked wickedly. He walked past the table to Ji Yunshu’s back, reached out his hand, grabbed Ji Yunshu’s slim waist and trapped her within his arms! At that moment, a frisson ran across Ji Yunshu’s body, tingling yet numbing. Every single cell in her body tensed up. Her body stiffened up and she forgot to push Jing Rong away! Taking advantage of her momentary paralysis, Jing Rong touched her earlobes with his lips and gently exhaled. “Why don’t I remove all my clothes now and let you have a look at my tattoo? You can even draw it later.”

The flirtatious words accompanied by Jing Rong’s warm breath teased Ji Yunshu’s ears. When she was finally back to her senses, she let go of the brush in her hand and struggled to escape.

“What kind of nonsense are you sprouting!” Unfortunately, she was not strong enough to even budge his arms.

As Jing Rong hugged her firmly from behind, his smile grew with contentment.“This Prince really does have one on his body, but it isn’t a tattoo, it’s a birthmark. It’s right there on my buttock. Why don’t we close the door - this Prince will show you what it looks like. Then you can judge whether the one on Old Master Chang or the one on this Prince looks better.”

Shameless! Ji Yunshu gave him the side-eye, “I don’t want to get a stye.”

“What’s a stye?”

“I’ll tell you once you let me go.”

Jing Rong obediently loosened his arms. Ji Yunshu took a deep breath then immediately hopped aside. She pointed at the door. “First, you go to the door. When you look up, you’ll know what a stye is.”

“At the doorway?”

“Above the door.”

Jing Rong was uncertain if he could trust her words, but he was just too curious. He walked to the door and lifted his head, but the only thing he saw was wood and more wood. Just before he could condemn Ji Yunshu… “Bang!” The door slammed closed in his face. He was only left with the smirk on Ji Yunshu’s face as she slammed the door.

“Ji Yunshu!” Jing Rong yelled.

Behind the door, Ji Yunshu said, “It’s better for the Prince to rest early today. Otherwise you won’t have sufficient energy to visit the House of Serenity tomorrow.” Since they were heading to the House of Serenity the following day, it was better for them to save some strength. She, too, blew off the candle in the room and lied on her bed, ready to rest.

Seeing the lights in the room go off, Jing Rong’s face turned green. He supported himself with his hand pressed against the door, his nostrils flaring. ‘Why was I so stupid to listen to Ji Yunshu? “Go out from the door and look up?!” How could I be so foolish?’

This… Even Wei Yi would not fall for this, yet he, a Prince, actually fell for it? Suddenly he was not sure whether to be angry or amused about this. In the end, he could only go back to his own room.


On the morning of the second day, after Ji Yunshu washed up, she wore a more conspicuous robe than her custom and stuck a fake moustache on her face. With that, she really did look like a man.

Jing Rong had been blocking the door of the courtyard since daybreak. He glared at Ji Yunshu with a pair of eyes shooting thousandsof volts of electricity. He was initially still furious about what happened the previous evening. But the moment he saw the fake moustache above her lips, all his frustration vanished. “Not bad. You don’t look bad at all...” Jing Rong touched his chin, looking at her as if he was laughing inside.

Ji Yunshu gave him a stare, “Let’s go.” The two left without informing Fang Mingshan. Once they reached the House of Serenity, they were enveloped by a thick cloud of rouge and perfume. The smell was so strong that it made Ji Yunshu sneeze; it was on par with the perfume on Ji Muqing.

“Aye, who are these two young masters? Why have I never seen you before? Don’t just stand outside the door! Quick, come in and take a seat.” Two women provocatively dressed waved their handkerchiefs and tugged on Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong’s arms. Jing Rong coldly pushed the woman away.

The woman was not pleased, “Didn’t master come here to have fun? Why that long face?”

Ji Yunshu laughed secretly, she aggressively pulled the woman who rejected by Jing Rong to her side. She faked a hoarse voice and said playfully, “This is the first time my big brother is visiting, he’s still shy. You two beauties, don’t be too hard on him. This master will not reject any of you. Both of you look so delicate. Just my type, the both of you.”

“Master has such a slick tongue.” The two women plastered themselves into her embrace. Taking their cue, Ji Yunshu slid an arm around their waists and swaggered into the House of Serenity. Jing Rong was left behind, bristling with anger!


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