Chapter 391 - Five Days Time

Chapter 391 - Five Days Time

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Ji Yunshu smiled discreetly when she noticed Constable Zhang’s expression. She then followed Jing Rong and Fang Mingshan to the official residence. Fang Mingsan’s did not have a lavish style of hospitality. He simply ordered his people to serve a few cups of hot tea and a few plates of local delicacies from Yuzhou City. The plates carrying the delicacies were slightly worn out. The whole set Fang Mingshan planned out could be concluded into one word: uncorrupted!

Fang Mingshan personally poured the tea for Jing Rong and Ji Yunshu, and said, “This is the famous Chuqiao Tea from Yuzhou City. Please try it, Prince and Teacher Ji.” He handed the tea carefully to them.

Just before the tea could reach Ji Yunshu, it was halted by Wei Yi. “I want to drink too!” Then he gulped the tea as if it was merely water and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. “Gross, it tastes bitter.”

Fang Mingshan was embarrassed by Wei Yi’s words. Ji Yunshu pulled Wei Yi aside and said, “Wei Yi, don’t be rude.”

“Oh.” He lowered his head, feeling wronged.

Jing Rong signaled his guards with a glance, ordering them to bring Wei Yi and Aunty Xie back to their rooms. However, Wei Yi grabbed Ji Yunshu’s arm and refused to leave. In the end, they could only escort Aunty Xie back to her room to rest.

Fang Mingshan bowed, “Prince, this humble official has already ordered people to prepare a few superior rooms. Prince and Teacher Ji, you and your company can stay here peacefully.”

“There’s no need for that. This Prince will leave once everything is ready.”

“The sky is getting darker, why doesn’t Prince…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jing Rong stopped him. “Lord Fang can stop beating around the bush. The banquet you prepared is nothing but a ruse to invite this Prince into the city, so that we can investigate the unusual cases that have emerged in Yuzhou City recently.” He directly exposed Fang Mingshan’s intentions.

Fang Mingshan’s appeared upset, he sighed and was finally frank with his intentions, “Since Prince already knows, this humble one will pretend no more. In the past month alone, three cases have been reported. The people of this city are terrified, so much so that they won’t even leave their residences. Some have even moved out from the city. No one dares to visit Yuzhou City now,” he continued, “All the three deceased were well-known in the city. They were all hung on big trees in their own courtyards and died under gruesome circumstances. Furthermore, the night before they died, they all became crazy and delirious after claiming to see a ghost. This humble official has conducted an investigation, but no clues have surfaced thus far. According to the coroner’s result from the autopsy, the deceased all committed suicide by hanging.”

Jing Rong chucked. “Oh? Since they hung themselves, what is there to be investigated?”

“That’s the weirdest part. The three deceased had no connection, didn’t know each other, yet they all said that they had seen ghosts and died in the same way. Do ghosts really exist? I’m sure those are human’s deeds, hence…” He gazed at Ji Yunshu, “I heard that Teacher Ji was traveling with the Prince. This humble one wishes to trouble Teacher Ji for a few days to solve this case.”

You think this is as easy as playing house? The case can be solved just like that?

Ji Yunshu initially wanted to speak, but Jing Rong was a step ahead, “Lord Fang, in this big Yuzhou City, is there really no one who can solve this case? Is there no one capable in your yamen either?” He sounded condemning.

“Prince, this humble one has tried my best to find someone capable of solving the case, both inside and outside the city, to no avail. If the issue gets worse, the consequences will be inconceivable. Your Highness can just think of this as taking a rest for a few days.”

“Lord Fang, you must have heard that this Prince has been ordered to investigate the missing relief silvers in Yufu county. Before this, we’ve already delayed our schedule in Shanhuai Province. If this matter gets delayed any further, this Prince cannot bear the consequences if questioned by the Emperor.”

“This…” Fang Mingshan was distressed too. At the end of the day, Jing Rong was bearing an imperial order, and Teacher Ji was following the Prince. If they were heading to Yufu County, there was no way Ji Yunshu could stay in Yuzhou City alone. Moreover, Yuzhou City was under Fang Mingshan’s governance. No matter how they assigned the case, Ji Yunshu would not be appointed for it. This was what frustrated Fang Mingshan.

Seeing Jing Rong’s resolute attitude, Ji Yunshu reckoned that Jing Rong would not let her stay to help Fang Mingshan with the investigation of the case. “Prince, these cases are dangerous. If they can’t find the murderer soon, there might be more deaths. Lord Fang had no other option, otherwise he would not have begged you.”

Jing Rong stared at her, “Are you saying that you want to help with the cases?”

“Forget it.” Jing Rong chimed, “This Prince know what you’re thinking, you assume that this matter will not take up too much time.”

“Five days.”


“Give me five days time. If in five days and I still cannot find out the truth, then I’ll leave for Yufu with the Prince,” Ji Yunshu said.

Jing Rong frowned as he hesitated. He gazed at Fang Mingshan, who looked troubled, and told Ji Yunshu hard-heartedly, “No way. We cannot delay our journey to Yufu County anymore. Even if you don’t solve this case, someone else will. When we have acquired all our necessities, we will depart immediately.” He did not give Ji Yunshu a chance to speak. He then said to Fang Mingshan, “Lord Fang, since the royal court hired you to be the magistrate of Yuzhou City, you should be the one handling any matter that troubles this city. The royal court doesn’t feed people who do no work; you should have understood this by now.”

“Prince, this humble one…”

“Enough.” He returned the tea. “We’ll leave the tea too. This Prince planned to only stop by your banquet for a short while. So, for now, we will not disturb you further.”

Fang Mingshan was anxious but he was unable to say anything more.

Jing Rong walked out of the room with his men, as he ordered Lang Po, “Ready all the necessities as soon as possible. We need to leave Yuzhou City before the sun sets.”

Lang Po replied, “All the things are ready.”

“Then we’ll depart now. Bring Aunty Xie too.”


The group then appeared outside the county yamen again. Ji Yunshu and Wei Yi were stuffed inside the carriage while Jing Rong was held back by Mo Ruo. “Don’t you want to reconsider?”

Jing Rong said, “There’s nothing to consider. You know what I’m worried about.”

Of course Mo Ruo knew. “I know. But you can’t keep her to yourself all the time. It’s like breaking the eagle’s wings and forcing it to swim in the water, or forcing the fish to leave the water and fly in the sky. You know exactly what kind of person Teacher Ji is. She was born to solve cases. What you’re doing now is like cutting off her wings, isn’t it? Moreover, five days’ time isn’t much. If you insist on leaving, there may be more lives sacrificed in Yuzhou City. Consequently, all these cases will be sent for appeal in the royal court, then Emperor and the Supreme Court will probably assign this case to Teacher Ji too. Isn’t that a hassle?” Mo Ruo was finally sober for once, analysing the situation clearly and logically to Jing Rong.

Jing Rong finally showed some hesitation! At this instance, Fang Mingshan chased after them. He lifted his robe and knelt on the ground right away. He made a deep bow and pled.

“Prince, this humble one begs you to stay for just two days. Let Teacher Ji uncover the truth as a favour to the people of Yuzhou City. Please.” He kowtowed, the sound of his forehead hitting the ground resounding. Everyone in the yamen, too, knelt down in plea.

Ji Yunshu came down from the carriage to see the imposing spectacle of all the Yuzhou officials kneeling down. Everyone was waiting for Jing Rong’s decision.

Moments later…

Jing Rong said, “Fine, five days. Five days later, we all leave.”

Ji Yunshu breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she felt unburdened. Fang Mingshan kowtowed several times in gratitude. “Thank you, Your Highness.”


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