Chapter 387 - The Mythical Rock

Chapter 387 - The Mythical Rock

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Jing Rong had a complicated expression when he saw the jade in Ji Yunshu’s hands. He went forward and asked, “Now that you have found the jade given to you by Wei Yi’s father. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

Brother, this is not from Wei Yi’s father, this is from Wei Yi. How can you forget this?

Since the jade had been found, Ji Yunshu did not dwell on the topic. Maybe due to its high quality, the colour of the jade did not change after the fire. She tucked it away safely inside a small pouch. Jing Rong thought, ‘We’ve stayed here longer than expected and it’s delaying our schedule. Since we’ve addressed the issue at the Gaoshan Village and the jade has been found, we shall leave.’ He then commanded everyone to pack their things so they could leave the first thing tomorrow.

When it was time for lunch, Wei Yi ran to Ji Yunshu with a big rock in his arms. He excitedly said, “Shu’er, look. This is a mythical rock!”

Ji Yunshu examined the rock closely as she was stunned. She carried the rock in her arms to inspect it carefully. It appeared as a normal rock to her no matter how thorough she examined it. It looked more boring than a usual rock. Jing Rong took a piece of meat and said, “You fool, how is this a mythical rock? This is just another stupid rock on the riverbank, exposed to the wind, rain, sun and moon. Did you buy this from someone at a great cost?”

Wei Yi looked upset and pouted, “Brother Mo Ruo told me that it is a mythical rock.”

“Mo Ruo?”

“Yes, brother Mo Ruo said this rock can be used to heal injuries because it has a cooling effect.”

“What a fantastic tale!” Jing Rong said as he laughed sarcastically.

Wei Yi took the rock back from Ji Yunshu, and debated with Jing Rong in agitation, “Brother Mo Ruo would never lie to me. It’s real. I even spent three taels on it.”


Jing Rong could not hold back his laughter and accidentally spat out the food in his mouth.

“You really spent money on this?”

“It’s a mythical rock. Of course I had to spend money on it.”

This kid is hopeless!

Jing Rong shook his head helplessly, “From what I see, Mo Rou has definitely taken the three taels from you to buy wine.”

“No. Brother Mo Ruo said that the money was for the mythical rock. He said he would visit the temple to donate them few days later!”

So naive!

Ji Yunshu then asked, “What do you want to do with this rock?”

“Of course it’s for Brother Lang!”

“But why?”

Wei Yi looked a little furious when he heard the question. He glared at Jing Rong, “Because of you! Why did you flog Brother Lang? He was so good to you, and went all the way to Gaoshan Village to save you. You didn’t thank him, instead, you punished him. Mom said that we should always be grateful of others’ kindness and try to repay them. You will be punished by God for what you did.”


Jing Rong’s face turned green. So, that was his fault? He should not punish but reward Lang Po? Ji Yunshu noticed that Jing Rong’s face was growing more and more sour and the sparks in his eyes were overflowing with thousands of volts of electricity. She immediately nudged Wei Yi. “Aren’t you on your way to find Brother Lang? What are you waiting for?”

“Oh, I’ll leave then, Shu’er.” He happily ran out carrying the rock.

Jing Rong put down his chopsticks. His expression was gloomy and his brows were furrowed. “Do you think human flesh tastes good?”

Ji Yunshu simply stared at him.

Right after Wei Yi left, Mo Ruo came in. As expected, he had a bottle of wine in his hand! He sat down and grabbed a pair of chopsticks, then took a mouthful of the dishes and a sip of his wine in enjoyment. On the other side, Jing Rong and Ji Yunshu were staring right at him.

“Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?” He touched his face with his hand.

Jing Rong glanced at him in disdain. “You cheated a kid for his money. Aren’t you afraid of being stuffed into the donation box by Buddha?”

Mo Ruo laughed. “I was wondering what happened. So it’s about that useless rock.”

Ji Yunshu rebuked, “You knew it was a useless rock, and yet you cheated his money. Now he’s carrying that useless rock to look for Brother Lang. If you can’t cure his injuries from the flogging, Wei Yi will never stop bugging you.”

“Of course it’s curable!” Mo Ruo replied nonchalantly, then continued eating shamelessly until he felt bothered by the gaze from the two pairs of loathing eyes. He put down his chopsticks and replied honestly. “Lang Po’s injuries are almost cured. I’m certain that he will feel better than ever after this. But that rascal Wei Yi wouldn’t stop bothering me. For the past two days, he wouldn’t stop asking me for an elixir. I could neither eat nor sleep. Even when I was at the toilet, he would squat outside and wait for me. I had no choice, so I pointed at a random rock and told him that it was a mythical rock. Since ancient times, all business transactions have been done with money. It wouldn’t have been right if I didn’t take any money from him. Thus I took three taels from him to buy wine and to compensate for my frustration the previous two days.”


Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong looked at each other without uttering a word.

Nevertheless, Mo Ruo leaned his body forward and asked curiously, “What say you? Why does that boy Wei Yi treat Lang Po so well? The two of them…”

“Save your nonsense.” Ji Yunshu put a stop to his dirty mind. “Lang Po has always cared for Wei Yi. Naturally, when Lang Po is injured, Wei Yi wants the best for him. It is normal for him to ask for an elixir from you.”

“Yes, normal. Very normal.”

Everyone knew that they had slept together a few times!

Mo Ruo couldn’t be bothered to gossip further, so he left with his wine bottle.

Jing Rong exhorted, “Don’t drink too much. We are leaving first thing tomorrow.”

Mo Ruo swaggered out the room, then nonchalantly replied, “Have you ever seen me drunk?”

His voice echoed through the room.

In the meantime, Wei Yi went around looking for Lang Po. There was no one in his room. Wei Yi made a detour and eventually found him at the horse barn, grooming the horse.

“Brother Lang, I brought the medication here.” Wei Yi ran to Lang Po.

Lang Po got curious, “Medication? What sort of medication?”

“Here!” Wei Yi handed him the rock, “This is a mythical rock. Brother Mo Ruo told me that it will cure your wound once you apply it to your buttock.”


“It’s true. Try it! Let me help you.” He tried to remove Lang Po’s pants as he spoke. His action scared Lang Po out of his wits. The brush in his hand dropped to the ground as he immediately dodged and shouted with his masculine and raspy voice, “Master Wei, I have recovered.”

“How’s that possible? You got flogged so badly, your wound must be rotting. Don’t be shy, remove your pants. Let me apply this rock to your buttock, your wound will be healed very soon. Trust me.”

“What’s this? Master Wei, I really have recovered!”

“I don’t believe it. You remove your pants and show me.”

“Master Wei, the wound has really been healed. Moreover, the injury was nothing.”

“You’re faking it. Show me!” He reached out to pull down Lang Po’s pants.

After a little tug-of-war, Lang Po was eventually drained of all his energy.

Wei Yi is with Teacher Ji, and Teacher Ji is protected by our Prince. If I hit him, in the end, I’ll be the one getting punished again. If I don’t hit him, it seems Wei Yi will cling to me forever like a sticky candy and annoy me to death.

At that moment, two guards arrived at the horse barn, faces full of sly intent. “Escort Lang, just show him. We are all men, what are you afraid of?”

“Yeah. Master Wei is so good to you, he even personally brought you the medication. We aren’t as lucky as you, you should just accept his offer.”

‘Screw you!’ Lang Po blushed as they spoke. On top of that, the filthy demon claws of Wei Yi would not stop moving around. Finally, he could not take it anymore. He stomped his feet, shot up to the roof, and disappeared from Wei Yi’s sight. ‘I can’t stop you, but I can hide.’

Wei Yi was stamping his feet at the same spot, and shrieked, “Brother Lang, hurry up and remove your pants! I’ll apply the medication for you.”


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