Chapter 380 - Not 'Might Have', It's 'Definitely'!

Chapter 380 - Not 'Might Have', It's 'Definitely'!

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Zhao Huai crept up behind Mo Ruo with his hand moving towards the knife tucked into his waistband, only stopping when Mo Ruo shifted his gaze away from Zhao Qing’s neck and continued as if nothing had ever happened. In no time, Zhao Qing’s body was covered in silver needles, each carefully placed into different acupoints.

“You can remove the needles in two hours,” Mo Ruo said as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He poured himself a cup of water and gulped it down.

Zhao Huai inquired, “How is it?”

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine when he wakes up.”


“Dream on!” Mo Ruo scoffed, putting his cup down. “This is something that takes time and effort. I’ve met a similar case about two years ago. The only solution is very simple - to force his alternate personality out and break through it.”

“What is this breakthrough method then?”

“That will depend on what the weakness of the alternate personality is. If you target that weakness and continue acupuncture treatment, he’ll recover in about a year and a half.” Zhao Huai did not fully comprehend.

Mo Ruo continued, “When that happens, you should send him to Lu An Temple in Nanyang.”

“Lu An Temple?”

“Since you gave me the limit of five days, I will do my best within this timeframe. But we will leave when our time’s up, and he needs long-term acupuncture treatment - you can’t possibly lock me here, or let him leave with us, right? Abbott Lingzhou of Lu An Temple has long researched acupuncture techniques. If you send him there with my letter, Abbott Lingzhou would continue his acupuncture treatment. Lu An Temple is also a good place for him to recuperate.”

Zhao Huai nodded after some contemplation. Mo Ruo packed up his things and left.


Ji Yunshu ground the required medicinal herbs as per Mo Ruo’s instructions and applied them to Jing Rong’s wounds. He had taken his shirt off as he sat cross-legged on the bed. Ji Yunshu crinkled her nose as she applied the medicine, asking, “Did you get hurt in that forest?”


“Mo Ruo didn’t mention anything when he came here looking for me.”

“He knows I don’t want you to worry.”

Ji Yunshu bit her lower lip, holding back her emotions. Once she was finished, she carefully helped Jing Rong into his robes, only for him to grasp her hand. “You’ve indeed fattened up.”

What! Ji Yunshu retracted her hand and sighed, “It was originally only Wei Yi and I who were trapped. Now you’ve barged in as well. And no matter how amazing Mo Ruo is, he can’t possibly cure Zhao Qing in five days.”

“Why do you worry so much? Whether we live or die, with this Prince at your side, you’ll have a partner even in Hell.”

“Still spouting rubbish.”

Jing Rong chuckled.

Shi Ziran had been watching from the doorway. He crossed his arms with a slight smile on his face as he joked, “It looks like Your Highness’s wounds have already healed.”

Jing Rong picked up the nearest teapot and flung it in his direction, only for Shi Ziran to catch it unscathed. He tossed the teapot from hand to hand. “Did this subordinate say anything wrong? Once Your Highness sees the Princess Consort, he’ll recover from anything in an instant.”

Jing Rong was quite pleased with the title ‘Princess Consort’, “That’s true. When this Prince sees his Princess Consort, all injuries will recover.”

“Then is Your Highness still going to abandon me?” Shi Ziran pouted.

Ji Yunshu looked at him quizzically. Who was this man? There wasn’t such a person amongst Jing Rong’s men who left the Capital! Jing Rong spotted her confusion and explained, “He’s Shi Zijin’s older brother who also grew up alongside me. He was up in the mountains meditating, and only returned yesterday.”

Ji Yunshu nodded in understanding.

Shi Ziran gave a smirk before his face turned unreadable, “I just don’t understand - why would Your Highness agree to such ridiculous demands and remain here for five days? It’s just like shackling yourself here - it can’t beat fighting our way out of this hole. What’s more, don’t we have the three thousand troops from Jing Province? So what if this little Gaoshan Village is full of traps?”

Jing Rong warned, “If you so dare say another word, I’ll have Shi Zijin sew up your big mouth.”

“Am I wrong?” He was frustrated, “The government has left this mere bandit cave to expand for so many years - if Your Highness could exterminate them once and for all, you could present this to His Majesty and receive merit.” Even thinking about it was exhilarating - if that time came, he would be able to follow his own Prince and spend his days in luxury.

Jing Rong scolded him, “Full of stupid bravado - I borrowed those three thousand troops as a failsafe. Looking at the situation now, we don’t have to risk using them - Yunshu and Mo Ruo were right; this Prince was too impulsive before. If we really attack the mountain, the consequences would be disastrous.” Shi Ziran shut his mouth as he reflected on Jing Rong’s words.

Ji Yunshu gave them a glance each as she stood up, “I’ll go prepare your medicine first.”

Jing Rong stopped her. “Let Zijin go.”

“Would she know how to? It’s better if I go.” She picked up the remaining herbs and the bloodstained gauze on her way out. Shi Zijin was standing in the yard, surveying their surroundings warily, whilst Wei Yi was squatting on the stone steps. His head hung low as he fiddled with something in his hand.

Ji Yunshu walked over to him, “What’s wrong with you?”


“Are you upset?”

No answer.

“Wei Yi.”

He did not even look up.

Ji Yunshu squatted down, reaching out with a hand to nudge him, only for him to twist his body away in the opposite direction. He complained huffily, “Shu’er doesn’t care about me once she has Brother Jing Rong.”

Ji Yunshu tugged at the corner of his clothes, “How could I not care about you? You saw that Brother Jing Rong’s hurt.”

“I know.”

“Then are you still upset?”

“I…” That’s true - Jing Rong was hurt, and Ji Yunshu helped him dress his wounds, so why should he still be upset? There was no need! He thought about it, “Then I’m not upset anymore.” He broke out into a grin.


“Mm.” He nodded earnestly.

Ji Yunshu stood up, “Then stay here, I’m going to prepare medicine.”

“Okay.” He replied obediently.

Shi Zijin followed closely behind Ji Yunshu, keeping guard unblinkingly outside the kitchen in case anything untoward happened again. As Ji Yunshu began on her way back, two bandits holding some things wrapped in white cloth ran by in a hurry. Their haste even led to them running into her, spilling half her medicine onto the objects in their hands.

Ah! The two bandits dropped their belongings in surprise. They were holding onto Jiu’er’s remains, most of which were already crushed and pressed together into a bowl. The spilt medicine had seeped through the white cloth onto those crushed bones.

As she focused on the bones, Ji Yunshu’s heart almost stopped and her brain began to buzz. The two bandits hurriedly gathered the bundle up again and ran off. She stood there for a long time before turning back, her footsteps becoming faster as time went on…

When she entered the room, Mo Ruo and Jing Rong were sitting inside with sombre expressions. Ji Yunshu swallowed before she spoke in alarm, “I think I might have made a mistake about something.”

Mo Ruo replied, “Not ‘might have’. It’s definitely!”


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