Chapter 368 - The Hawker Selling Salted Fish

Chapter 368 - The Hawker Selling Salted Fish

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Xiao Yu was shocked and could not move an inch. It was as if he was just struck by lightning.

The Great Sage was all well, why did he die so suddenly?

Wei Yi pouted arrogantly as he saw Xiao Yu’s reaction. As if the situation were not bad enough, he tried to worsen it by saying, “He is dead, the Great Sage is dead, all of them are dead and no one is left.” He was deliberately teasing Xiao Yu.

Done speaking, he let out an evil laugh and glanced at Xiao Yu . Then he walked past him with the steamed buns in his hands and bounded to look for Ji Yunshu.

Just when he came out from the kitchen’s door, Wei Yi detected an extremely unpleasant odour. He could not help but pinched his nose and frowned. There was an old man carrying two baskets of salted fish, walking over with strenuous effort. He was poorly-dressed with messy hair and a hunched back.

Wei Yi’s kind nature surfaced. He kept his steamed buns in front of his robes and hurriedly offered to help. “Grandpa, let me help you!”

The old man coughed twice, then scolded him gently, “You are the old one, not me.”


This voice sounded so strong and energetic!

Wei Yi was stunned for a moment and his outreached hands wavered mid-air. He was unsure whether he should take back the offer to help.


The old man placed the salted fishes on the floor and lifted his head to look at Wei Yi, revealing his face from behind a curtain of hair.


Wei Yi widened his eyes and his expression resembled a sloth. Gradually, a truly grateful smile appeared on his face. “Mo…”

Mo Ruo stopped him before he could even say it. “Young Master, even if this one is old, I have not lost my strength. I can help myself.”

“You are…”

“Young Master, your face looks good, you are someone with good fortune.”

Wei Yi was confused. ‘Did I really mistake the old man as Mo Ruo?’

Finally, Xiao Yu woke up from the pain of the Great Sage's death and caught up with the rest of them. He glanced at Mo Ruo and covered his mouth in disgust as he said, “Who are you? You're here to deliver the vegetables? Why have I not seen you before? And why do you stink so badly?”

“Master, I'm here to send the salted fish. It's no surprise that the odour stays on my body. The old man Zhang who used to deliver vegetables is sick. I'm here to help.”

“Oh.” Xiao Yu waved his hand, “It's fine. Hurry up and bring the salted fish in.”

“Yes!” Mo Ruo replied.

Xiao Yu tugged on Wei Yi, preparing to bring him back, but someone hit his neck just as he turned around. Xiao Yu fainted on the spot, flopping on the floor like a salted fish.

Mo Ruo stood up straight and stretched his body.

Wei Yi’s eyes shone bright, excitedly said, “Brother Mo Ruo, it’s really you? Why are you here? Are you here to bring me and Shu’er back?”


“There’s nothing good over here. They are as bad as you. They forced me to drink alcohol and hurt Shu’er. We…”

“Shut up!” Mo Ruo scolded.

“Keep your voice low and don’t let anyone find out.”

“Oh,” He shut up, feeling wronged.

Mo Ruo glanced at the direction of the kitchen vigilantly. Fortunately, no one paid attention to their side. Then, he pointed at Xiao Yu, who was still lying on the floor, and ordered Wei Yi, “Quick, carry him and follow me.” He then walked towards the nearby hut that was used as a storeroom.

Wei Yi did not question anymore, swiftly dragging the heavy body of Xiao Yu and followed Mo Ruo into the hut.

Once the door was closed, Wei Yi did not forget to ask, “Brother Mo Ruo, why do you stink so bad?” He held his nose tight.

“Let’s not bother about this now. How are you?” Mo Ruo asked.

“I’m really good!”

“How about Teacher Ji?”

“She is assembling the bamboo slips.”

“Bamboo slips?” Mo Ruo was confused, but he did not question further, “Bring me to her now, this guy is going to wake up really soon. I can’t stay any longer, otherwise I’ll be found out.”

“Yes, I’ll bring you to Shu’er. She must be very happy when she sees you, and she is definitely hungry.” Wei Yi was still thinking about the two steamed buns he was carrying.

Mo Ruo hurriedly begun to remove his clothes layer by layer and threw them aside. Seeing this, Wei Yi instantly shut his eyes and turned around. “Brother Mo Ruo, Shu’er told me that there are differences between males and females. You cannot remove your shirt in front of me.”

Puke! I am about to vomit a full mouthful of blood!

Are you a bloody female?

With no better option of reacting, Mo Ruo rolled his eyes at Wei Yi.

“What is in your mind?” At the same time, he pointed at the unconscious Xiao Yu, “Quickly remove his clothes.”


“Huh what? Hurry up.”


Wei Yi reluctantly squatted down and took off Xiao Yu’s clothes without understanding anything, all this while with his pinky fingers held up showing his disgust. He then threw the clothing at Mo Ruo.

After Mo Ruo put on the clothes and fixed his initially messy hair, he removed the fake mustache on his face and wiped on some ashes. Now he looked exactly like a bandit!

After much havoc, the two of them successfully avoided the people in the kitchen and headed for Ji Yunshu. On the other side, there was only Xiao Yu left lying naked on the floor.

At this moment, Ji Yunshu was done sketching the deceased’s forehead and mandibular according to the size and shape of the bones of the skeleton. The sketch just had to be touched up. She had no confidence in accurately portraying the image of the deceased.

‘It is impossible to finish this in five days time!’ She thought to herself.

“Shu’er.” Wei Yi hopped in.

Following behind him, was Mo Ruo with his head lowered.

“Where did you go?” Ji Yunshu asked.

“I went to find you some steamed buns.” Wei Yi took out the steamed buns from his shirt and handed it over.

“You can have it.”

She handed it back and her gaze caught the man who came in with Wei Yi. After a few seconds of inspection, her eyes widened suddenly.

It was Mo Ruo!

She clenched her fist and steadily told the two bandits in the room, “The two of you go ahead and boil some water for me. I will need it later. And it has to be a big bucket of water.”

“How about a small bucket?”


“Half a bucket?”

“No, if anything goes wrong, your boss will definitely chase after you.”

The two bandits looked at each other and shrugged, and got ready to go ahead. One of the bandits stopped after a few steps, then started examine Mo Ruo with his squinted eyes. Something’s not right!

“Didn’t brother Xiao Yu go out with that idiot? Who are you?”

Mo Ruo replied with an irritated expression. “Brother Xiao Yu’s stomach hurt so he went to the toilet. He asked me to bring this boy back and look after him.”

“Why have I not seen you before?”

“I am new.”

That guy looked at him again. It was normal to have new people come and go, not to mention here in the gang. Nothing much could possibly go wrong. He then yelled at one of the people to prepare the hot water.

But there were still two other people guarding the room. They both had two big machetes in their hands that made them look like the imperial guards who guarded the gates.

Ji Yunshu, hence, raised her voice on purpose and spoke to Mo Ruo, “Come over and help me to arrange the things here.”

“Yes,” Mo Ruo replies. He moved to her side and started keeping the things on the table nonchalantly. He lowered his voice and said, “It seems like we worried too much. Look at the two guys, they listen to you so well.”

Ji Yunshu skipped the question.

“How did you get in?”

“By disguising myself as the hawker selling salted fish.”

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