Chapter 361 - A Long And A Short Shadows

Chapter 361 - A Long And A Short Shadows

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“Is this White Warbler Cream?”

Zhao Qing was surprised, “How did you know? This medicine was given to my father a long time ago by a famous healer in exchange for my father’s wine. He then passed it down to me.”

Prescription? Famous healer? In exchange of wine? Ji Yunshu smirked, finally figuring out the perpetrator behind the drinking habits of Mo Ruo’s father. What was more amazing was that the old master actually left that prescription to his son as if it were some treasured heirloom!

“Why are you laughing?” Zhao Qing queried.

Ji Yunshu shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

Zhao Qing turned to leave, but whipped around unexpectedly, only to ask Ji Yunshu, “Do you trust Zhao Huai?”

Hmm? “Why do you ask that?”

“What if you discover the truth behind the skeleton in the urn, but he ends up eating his words and refuses to let you go?”

Ji Yunshu thought about it, but made no comment as she leaned further into the dry haystack behind her and closed her eyes.

Receiving none of the answers that he sought, Zhao Qing left, the door clicking shut behind him.

In that dark, musty woodshed, Ji Yunshu muttered to herself. “Zhao Qing, oh Zhao Qing, aren’t you the one who doesn’t trust Zhao Huai? You wouldn’t have asked me to investigate Jiu’er’s death otherwise.” Nobody knew what she had truly intended.

Not long after, the doors to the woodshed opened again. This time, Wei Yi almost collided headfirst into one of the large wooden pillars as he was pushed in by Xiao Yu.

Ji Yunshu opened her eyes at his entrance and saw that he was clutching several steamed buns. Sweating profusely as he made his way in, Wei Yi sat down by Ji Yunshu’s side as the door closed behind him. She asked concernedly, “Wei Yi, are you alright?”

Wei Yi shook his head, “I’m not hurt. Shu’er, look, I brought you some steamed buns.” The buns were white and plump, but his five fingers had been planted deeply into their flesh, leaving distinct marks. Wei Yi stuffed a bun into Ji Yunshu’s hand, “You must be hungry, Shu’er. Quick, eat it while it’s still hot, quick.”

Ji Yunshu shot a wary look outside, lowering her voice, “Did you send that cloth and chain out of the village?”

“Mm, I did.”

“How did you do it?”

“I put it beneath this old grandpa’s basket, then he pulled the cart outside. Shu’er, they didn’t discover anything, so don’t be scared. I was very careful.”

Ji Yunshu heaved a sigh of relief, patting his head, “That’s good.”

Wei Yi chuckled, cozying up to Ji Yunshu, “Shu’er, aren’t I great?”


“Then let’s play hide-and-seek again next time, shall we? It’s fun.”



“Be a good boy, Wei Yi. Eat first.”

Wei Yi nodded, placing the steamed bun into his mouth. He suddenly noticed the bottle Ji Yunshu was holding. He pointed at it, “Shu’er, what’s this?”


“Medicine?” Wei Yi scratched his head, then continued confidently, “That’s right, Shu’er’s back was injured. Is this medicine for you?”

Ji Yunshu nodded.

Wei Yi put down his steamed bun and grabbed her bottle, saying, “Let me help you put on the medicine, Shu’er.” He reached out for Ji Yunshu’s gown, preparing to pull it away.

Ji Yunshu was much faster, however, and pressed down on her own robe, holding her shoulder and tilting her body away, “Wei Yi, you can’t.” She refused.

“Why?” Wei Yi did not understand. His brows were furrowed, his face was not filled with his usual childlike wonder, but worry.

Ji Yunshu’s mind spun, words forming in her throat and getting stuck there. She did not know how to explain these things to Wei Yi. Hearing no reply from her, Wei Yi reached out again to tug at her outer robe.

Ji Yunshu held firmly onto her garments, pivoting and turning her back to Wei Yi, “Wei Yi, men and women should not mingle. Do you understand?”

“I understand - Mother told me this before. She told me that I cannot see a young lady’s body until we’re married; but Shu’er, your entire back is covered in blood. I’m worried about you, Shu’er. Aren’t you going to be married to me someday?”

These words stung Ji Yunshu’s heart; she wasn’t sure if she should feel touched or troubled. Even though the wounds on her back had clotted, it did not mean that her back was fine; it needed medicine, otherwise, it would start to hurt like hell. She clenched her fists, tilting her head to look at Wei Yi behind her. She bit her lips, saying unreluctantly, “Wei Yi…”

Mm? Ji Yunshu could not say what she really wanted to, but settled, “Fine, then help me apply the medicine.”

Wei Yi nodded earnestly. Ji Yunshu undid her robes; it was fortunate she was wearing men’s clothing and could still preserve some dignity even when she exposed her back. The full extent of her injuries was revealed as her garments slid down to her lower back. Her entire back was bright red, littered with congealed blood. Some of her wounds had begun to bleed as the scabs peeled away with her robes - it was a terrifying sight. How did she endure all these? Even a man would have fainted from the pain.

Wei Yi’s heart sank as his eyes began to water unknowingly. He lifted his wide sleeve and wiped away his tears, pouting, “Shu’er must be hurting so much.”

“It’s not painful.”

“Shu’er’s doing this again. Didn’t I already tell you? Shu’er must not hide your feelings, whether you’re sad or unhappy. If you’re in pain, just tell me, Shu’er. I won’t laugh at Shu’er.”

Silly boy, always warming my heart. Wei Yi was extremely gentle and careful as he applied the cream, in case he accidentally caused Ji Yunshu more pain. He moved slowly but with precision, dabbing at her wounds bit by bit. Ji Yunshu bit her lips and winced at the occasional sting.

Mo Ruo’s father’s prescription was as amazing as Zhao Qing had described. Her wounds stung initially when the cream touched her skin, but her pain disappeared quickly thereafter, leaving only a cooling, comfortable feeling.

The two of them knelt one before the other, their shadows reflected on the grass behind them under the clear moonlight, one long and one shorter.


Xiao Yu snuck up to another bandit, nudging him with his elbow, “Have you heard about the Great Sage’s story?”

That bandit scratched his head blankly, “What Great Sage? I’ve only ever heard about the Great Heavens.”

“Crap, what nonsense. That Great Sage is a monkey - it’s a story about the monkey becoming a god. He was an orphan born from a stone, and can transform seventy-two times. He’s amazing.”

“Monkey? And he knows magic?”

“Not magic, celestial powers!”

That bandit was muddled. Xiao Yu began to recount what he had heard from Wei Yi at the outhouse with pride, showing off as he described every detail.

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