Chapter 353 - A Human's Hand

Chapter 353 - A Human's Hand

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Zhao Huai knew his own little brother like no other; if there was something he wanted, he would take it even if it cost him his life. The burning arrows outside could also raze this place down in a heartbeat. This place was entrusted to him by the previous gang leader, their father - there was no way he would let it go to ruin by his hand.

Hence, Zhao Huai began to stall; he said, “Fine, I’ll give you those two men, but that little scholar might not even be able to move now.”

“What did you do?” Zhao Qing questioned.

“Nothing much. That frail scholar couldn’t take a little pain; he almost died. But relax, I won’t let him die. When he’s awake, I’ll have someone bring him and that fool out here.”

Zhao Qing was not sure whether or not to trust him; he was still suspicious.

Zhao Huai continued, “You and I haven’t met in a year. No matter what had happened, the past is the past, let bygones be bygones. We are brothers, the same blood flows in our veins. Let’s take this opportunity to reminisce. Oh, the wine we brewed together five years ago is ready to be opened today.”

Several bandits lugged multiple wine jugs in, placing them at one end, “Boss, the wine was extracted from the orifice on the wine urn.”

“Mm. Bring two bowls here.”

“Yep!” The wine and drinking bowls were all prepped.

Zhao Huai lifted the entire wine jar with his muscular arms, pouring out two bowls of wine. He gave one to Zhao Qing, “This jar was opened only today. Try some.”

Zhao Qing did not refuse. He gulped down that bowl in one shot. In that split second, Zhao Huai directed a look to one of his more trusted aides who nodded in understanding, leaving the room unnoticed with several others.

Zhao Qing flung his bowl onto the table once he finished, “You’d better bring those men out. I don’t care if they’ve been hurt, even if they’re on their deathbed.”

“Why are you so impatient? I’ve already told you I’ll return your men, but you haven’t seemed to have tasted this wine. Just drink another bowl.” He poured more wine into another bowl.

Zhao Qing did not have the patience to banter, “Stop with your tricks. Bring them out, or I’ll have my men outside shoot.”

“Fine, I’ll give you your men.” Zhao Huai immediately ordered for Wei Yi and Ji Yunshu to be brought to the hall.

Wei Yi and Ji Yunshu had just been dragged to the woodshed then. The cold, humid air seeped through Ji Yunshu’s wounds, jolting her awake in pain. She opened her eyes to find herself in Wei Yi’s arms. His outer robes were draped over her back in place of gauze to stop her bleeding wounds.

“Shu’er, are you awake?” Wei Yi was both frightened and anxious, as he dabbed away at the corner of his eye with his sleeve.

Ji Yunshu opened her mouth and tried to look up at him. She reached out backwards to feel her back; her wounds had stopped bleeding, but her hands were stained with old blood. She scoffed, “Wei Yi, don’t be scared, I’m fine. This is paint, remember? I’ve told you this before.” Ji Yunshu had told him about the paint on her back once when they were still in Jinjiang.

Wei Yi shook his head, “I don’t believe you. Shu’er, you’re really bleeding - let’s find Brother Mo Ruo, okay? I’ll bring you to him, don’t be afraid.”

Ji Yunshu muttered, “We can’t leave. Wei Yi, can you promise me something?”

“Shu’er, I can promise you anything.”

Ji Yunshu mustered the effort to raise her head off his shoulder, “Tear a piece of cloth off.”

“Mm,” Wei Yi tore off a piece from his own gown without hesitation, handing it to Ji Yunshu.

Ji Yunshu lied flat on her stomach. She dipped a finger into her own blood, drawing out two sentences messily onto that torn piece of clothing, then folding it and stuffing it into Wei Yi’s hand. She then unfastened the chain she wore on her ankle, likewise pushing it into Wei Yi’s hands.

“Shu’er, why did you remove the chain I gave you?”

“Wei Yi, listen carefully, I have little strength left. If… if you have the opportunity afterwards, put these two… things into… into the vegetable cart delivering to the Gaoshan Village, if not, onto the delivery man who supplies the Gaoshan Gang and ask them to send these two items out of the village. Do you understand me?”

“Bring it outside?”

“Yes. You need to sneak it out without anyone knowing.”

Wei Yi nodded, “Mm, don’t fret, Shu’er. I’ll definitely succeed.”

The metal chains on their door began to rattle as he finished. Wei Yi quickly stuffed those two items into his sleeve before the door was open. Two bandits walked in, pulling them up carelessly despite Ji Yunshu’s injuries.

“Don’t touch my Shu’er!” Wei Yi pulled Ji Yunshu into his arms as he yelled.

“Come on, someone wants to see you.” The two of them were pushed from behind, trudging along to the hall where they were just before.

Ji Yunshu recognised Zhao Qing the moment she entered. Zhao Qing subtly shook his head as their gazes met. Ji Yunshu understood his intentions, lying on Wei Yi’s back wordlessly. Zhao Qing then nodded at Ba Hu, gesturing for him to bring Wei Yi and Ji Yunshu out of the hall. Ba Hu was stopped by Zhao Huai’s men, however, as soon as he moved from his spot.

“You can have the men, but…” Zhao Huai drawled, “We haven’t even finished this wine that we brewed together. Why not leave when it’s empty?” He was trying to stall for time!

Zhao Qing gestured calmly for Ba Hu to retreat. Zhao Huai had already picked up another wine jar, pouring himself yet another bowl of wine.

But, it was not just wine that flowed out of the jar; a greyish-white thing appeared as well - a joint! “What’s this?” All eyes fell on that bowl of wine.

Zhao Huai grabbed that lackey bandit who had served the wine, pointing towards the thing sitting at the bottom of the bowl. He questioned interrogatively, “What is this? Why is there such a thing in my wine jar?”

That lackey bandit was frightened out of his wits. He stuttered, “Boss, this one really doesn’t know.”

“This wine was personally brewed by me back then - there’s no reason for something like this to be in the jar. The jar’s been sealed for five years. Speak, was it you who put it inside?”

“No, boss, it really wasn’t me. I wouldn’t dare even if you gave me a heart of steel.”

“You dare argue?”

“Boss, it really wasn’t me. I don’t even know what this creepy thing is.”

Zhao Huai had no chance to speak as a steady, but feeble voice floated across the hall, “That’s a scaphoid bone. It’s the bone lying in between the capitate bone and the radius.”

They turned towards the voice to see Ji Yunshu leaning against Wei Yi. She huffed and pant weakly, her eyes losing their focus, what a pitiful sight.

Zhao Huai pushed that lackey bandit aside, striding towards Ji Yunshu asking, “Scaphoid bone? What’s that nonsense?”

Ji Yunshu replied, “It’s a small bone part of the wrist - one of the carpal bones.”

“Carpal bones?”

“In other words… it’s a bone from a human hand.”


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