Chapter 349 - I Am Not An Idiot

Chapter 349 - I Am Not An Idiot

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The carriage was about to depart, but Ji Wanxin suddenly rushed up. Despite the terror she felt, her reddened eyes showed her concern for Jing Rong’s injury.

While Mo Ruo made Jing Rong take some medicine, she asked, “What can I do to help?”

“Sit and stay there.”

She obediently sat on the side and sobbed in a small voice while wiping the tears from her red-rimmed eyes. The carriage raced through the forest in the direction of Shanhuai county.


In Gaoshan village, on top of a mountain.

Ji Yunshu was roused by the pain. She reached for her temples and massaged them before opening her eyes. Her vision became clear gradually.

She was thrown inside a firewood shed. The place was littered with firewood, but it was wet. The shed had known better days, but it the floor was now uneven and filled with puddles.

She discovered that her clothes were all wet and smelled moldy. Her nose wrinkled at the stench. She got up and took two steps, but the sounds of iron chains rang out. She looked down and noticed chains binding her feet, making it difficult for her to move around.

“Where is this?”

She had no recollection of coming to such place. The last thing she remembered was sitting in the carriage and then fainting fainted after detecting a strange smell.

Who could have done this? Her brain resumed its functions at lightspeed. Suddenly, she was hit with a realization.

“The Gaoshan gang!”

As soon she came to a conclusion, voices outside could be heard. “How is he?”

“Don’t worry. I kept a tight watch on him.”

“You were dozing off. If you let the First Master learn of it, he would skin you alive. If that man escapes, this will be the end of us.”

“I know. I know! Except for the three walls, the only exit is guarded by me. Escaping ain’t an option.”

“It best be like that!”

The conversation between the two men could be heard at the door. Soon, they decided to enter. Ji Yunshu sat back on the floor. She could feel the chill seep in through her feet and spread to her body, causing her to shiver.

At that time, the door opened.

A tough and impatient man walked in. He saw that Ji Yunshu was awake and snorted. “Quite the tough lad! Already awake, huh?”

Ji Yunshu glanced at him with indifference and realized the man was one of the bandits who escaped earlier.

“How did you escape?”


“Are you asking me?”

Ji Yunshu was in no hurry. She stirred the straws underneath a few times until she reached the wet and cold ground.

“You have no knife on you, not even a broken piece of jade. If you actually had some kind of weapon in your possession, you wouldn’t need to wait in the inn instead of escaping. The only possibility is someone gave you a knife, am I right?” Ji Yunshu stated in a stoic manner.


Da Chui swallowed his saliva. “That guy is clever. What’s the whole point of saying this?”

“Was that knife given to you by the woman who was with us?”

“She didn’t give it to us but dropped it.”


Of course, not!

Ji Wanxin should have a fear of sharp objects and wouldn’t carry one on her. Instead, she always had on her a handkerchief. So, it was inconceivable she would give them a knife. So, finding one and pretending to drop it near them was a more realistic possibility.

In this world, too many coincidences are unnatural.

Suddenly, Da Chui realized he was engrossed in her nonsensical talk. At once, he revealed a terrifying appearance in an act of intimidation. The scar on his forehead became more obvious with his contorted expression.

He kicked Ji Yunshu and warned her, “Your Father, I’m not here to chit-chat with you. I am just here to check if you haven’t died yet. If you died, our First Master would kill us to give you and that idiot a funeral.”

Idiot? Wei Yi?

Ji Yunshu’s tone became urgent. “Where is he?”

“Now you’re worried?”

“What did you do to him?”

As she spoke, she got up. Despite her small stature, she seemed to exude an oppressing aura which made Da Chui recoil.

He stepped back and blurted out, “That idiot had more freedom than you. At this moment, he is enjoying himself.”


At that moment, in a large room in the village, cheers and shouts spread out. The room had an almost full attendance of bandits. All of them were drinking. Many were drunk; Some were making noise on the table; And others were toasting with wine jug left and right. This scene was similar to one seen in public baths.

On a conspicuous chair covered by a tiger pelt, sat a man. His appearance was rough and tyrannical. He had the body build of a typical buffed wrestler. He was wrapped in clothes made of tiger pelt. He had one hand hidden and one of his feet was resting on a chair. At a glance, one could see the flagrant similarity with Zhao Qing. He must be Zhao Huai, Zhao Qing’s older brother, Gaoshan Gang’s boss. He was currently watching Wei Yi surrounded by his men.

Wei Yi was swaying, barely able to keep his balance. His expression was constantly changing and both cheeks were blushing. He was drunk to the point he spilled wine on his clothes.

“Drink! Drink more!”

“Drink again!”



The bandits continued to urge Wei Yi to drink. Even when his mind was muddled, they made him drink again and again.

“I don’t want to drink anymore.” Wei Yi shooed them. He retreated but was pushed forward by someone. His unstable gait made him stagger. He stumbled against the table.


“Idiot, here, some more to drink.” Someone forced wine into his mouth.

He couldn’t swallow it all, causing the alcohol to spill out of his mouth. This angered the bandit, who proceeded to give Wei Yi a slap across the face. Wei Yi fell heavily onto the floor.

He placed his palm over the area where he had been hit. His eyes reddened as he bit on his lips bitterly. Surprisingly, he neither wept nor whimpered a peep.

Zhao Huai observed him. Then, he got up from his chair, shoved his jug to his subordinates and walked to Wei Yi. The bandits parted on each side to give way to their boss.

When Zhao Huai stood in front of Wei Yi, his vicious stare fell on Wei Yi. The next moment, he stepped on Wei Yi’s chest as if he was stepping on an ant.

“Let me go! It hurts,” Wei Yi lamented.

“It hurts?” Zhao Huai laughed. He took another wine jug and tilted it. The contents were poured out, drenching Wei Yi’s white brocade clothes.

Wei Yi shrank his body with both hands grabbing Zhao Huai’s foot. He wanted to lift the foot, but his strength was sorely lacking. He was in a very pitiful state.

Zhao Huai bent down and pinched Wei Yi’s cheeks twice. “An idiot is still an idiot. No power to resist at all.”

“I am not an idiot!” His words were unclear because his cheeks were still pinched.

“Then, what are you?”

“I… I am not an idiot.” His voice weakened as he spoke with a lack of conviction.

It made for an excellent excuse for everyone to jeer and laugh at him.

“Truly an idiot.”


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