Chapter 345 - To Have Him Becoming a Mass Murderer?

Chapter 345 - To Have Him Becoming a Mass Murderer?

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The innkeeper slapped his thigh in regret as he explained. Oh, how he had suffered!

Ji Yunshu could empathize with him. She looked down at Zhao Qing, pointing a delicate finger in his direction, “Then who is he?”

“That’s the Second Master of the Gaoshan Gang.”

“The Gaoshan Gang?”

“That’s right!” The innkeeper summarised what he knew about the Gaoshan Gang and their business to Ji Yunshu.

She listened intently, “Then, the First Master and the Second Master have always had a bad relationship?”

“They had a big fight a year ago - their relationship only worsened since.”

Ji Yunshu nodded, beginning to understand what had to be done. Although she could have cared less about Zhao Qing, she had only wanted to clear up any misunderstandings before she took action. She had to - if this dragged on any longer, Jing Rong and those men would definitely pick a fight with each other. There was bound to be bloodshed, and death!

Ji Yunshu’s mind spun, “Innkeeper, do you wish for your inn to return to its former glory?”

Return to its former glory? “Is the young master implying that those men will never come again?”

“And if so?”

The innkeeper could not hide his excitement, “If that’s so, then my entire family will pay their respects in gratitude, young master!”

“But, there is something you must help me with.”

“Please speak, young master.”

Ji Yunshu whispered something in his ear. That innkeeper was startled, but quickly nodded and headed off to prepare what was needed as Ji Yunshu entered her room and picked something up, about to head downstairs.

Before she could make it down however, Mo Ruo suddenly appeared before her, drunkenly peering over the railing while taking another swig of wine before addressing Ji Yunshu, “You won’t solve any problems by heading downstairs now. Jing Rong’s there, relax.”

“And to have him become a mass murderer?” Ji Yunshu questioned accusingly.

Mo Ruo smiled, “Sometimes, there is no other way.”

“But he is not Prince Yi!” With his personality, he can’t kill whoever stands in his way like Jing Yi.

Mo Ruo was almost jolted sober, shocked to the point that he paused his drinking, but only for a moment. He laughed, “That’s true. Jing Rong is not Prince Yi; that’s not his path to take.” Mo Ruo stepped aside, letting Ji Yunshu pass.

Jing Rong had already ordered his men to kill so many of the Gaoshan Gang members today, exactly like how Jing Yi would act. Ji Yunshu could not help but worry now that Jing Rong had ordered his men to kill on sight - what if Jing Rong turned out like Jing Yi?

Lang Po noticed Ji Yunshu as soon as she stepped downstairs, “Teacher Ji?”

Jing Rong immediately turned around. He berated, “Go upstairs.” Ji Yunshu did not listen, hastening her steps instead.

Zhao Qing looked on curiously. That scholar looked as slender and fair as a woman!

Jing Rong moved to hold Ji Yunshu back as she approached, warning her, “I’ll say it one last time. Go upstairs.”

Ji Yunshu looked at him with her clear sparkling eyes, “It’s not your responsibility to rid the world of bandits. Don’t soil your hands.” Jing Rong remained silent as Ji Yunshu circled around him to stand before Zhao Qing.

She met his curious gaze fearlessly, smiling, “For this little inn in the forest to have customers and make a name for itself, providing themselves and their customers with a roof over their heads, is a blessing. But for the Second Master to bring his men here and deny others of this safety; for them to be unable to drink when they can, unable to sleep where they can, it’s a curse. Could the Second Master take it as an act of kindness, giving these weary travelers a good night’s rest in preparation for their long journey tomorrow.” Ji Yunshu did not hesitate nor mince her words.

These flowery words were lost on those uncouth bandits! Zhao Qing, however, was another case as he patiently listened, “So there are not just soldiers and servant dogs amongst you, but also a little scholar. This one likes those flowery words, but this one is not leaving today. What roof, what good night’s rest - before this Zhao Qing, all of that is bullshit. Right now I am the king, I am the law.”

Ji Yunshu only smiled, “The Great Lin extends north to North Liang, west to Yi City, East to the Han Pass, and south to Wanjiang - all these fall under the Great Lin’s jurisdiction. Everything and everyone must abide by the Great Lin’s laws.”

“Laws? Don’t talk to me about laws - if the government was capable, they would have sent men here a long time ago.”

“So, the Second Master is refusing to leave?”

“What can you do?” He was provoking her!

Although Ji Yunshu was the epitome of calmness, Jing Rong could not stand to watch the woman he loved to be treated this way and stepped forth. Suddenly -


“It’s itchy!”

“Yes, it’s so itchy, itchy all over!”

“My hand’s turned red - it's covered in red spots!”

Several voices began to ring within the crowd. Very quickly, Zhao Qing began to itch all over. He scratched his arm quizzically, pulling up his sleeve to reveal little red spots spread all over his own body, “What’s happening?”

Only Ji Yunshu, Jing Rong, and his men were spared; the others began to itch crazily, scratching themselves furiously.

Jing Rong scooched over to Ji Yunshu, asking, “What’s going on?”

“I had the innkeeper fill white wine-soaked grass with arrowroot powder before burning it into ash and spraying it all over the first floor. Once you come into contact with it, your body will begin to swell up and itch.”

“Why didn’t I notice anything?”

“Because those ashes are colourless and odourless.”

“Then why are we itch-free?”

“When I came downstairs, I sprayed some ginger juice onto you, Lang Po, and your men’s bodies. That’s why you’re alright.” This woman was incredible! Jing Rong was proud.

While the two of them were engaged in their conversation, Zhao Qing had been getting increasingly enraged and sore. Fuming, he questioned Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong, “What have you done?”

Ji Yunshu replied accordingly, “This is a kind of poison. Once you come into contact with it, it will penetrate your bones, causing an unbearable itch if mild. In severe cases, it will cause your skin to rot away as you become a living corpse.”


“But this is not an incurable illness.”

Zhao Qing stretched out his hand, “Give me the antidote.”

Ji Yunshu ignored him, “You can have the antidote, but you need to promise me one thing.”

Hmm? Zhao Qing was shocked. He scratched as he asked, “What thing?”

“To never ever visit this inn from this day on.”

“What if I refuse?”

“Then you and your men will itch yourselves to death!” An outright threat!

Zhao Qing was not Zhao Huai. He could not bear to debate with Ji Yunshu when his own brothers were suffering - neither face nor pride did matter in the face of camaraderie. He agreed cooly, “Fine. Bring us the antidote.”

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