Chapter 337 - A Good Bowl of Chicken Soup

Chapter 337 - A Good Bowl of Chicken Soup

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After a good while, a light bulb lit inside Wei Yi’s mind as if he thought of something very important. He turned to tug at Jing Rong before speaking, his earlier anger disappearing in a flash. “Big Brother, where is Shu’er? Big Brother Mo Ruo said he would bring me to find Shu’er. Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?”

Not only is this guy way too talkative, he was even long-winded.

Jing Rong had long been tempted to punch Wei Yi to the moon. In fact, he had only decided against it because he had been afraid that Ji Yunshu would allow the latter into her carriage afterwards. It simply wasn’t worth letting the guy receive the benefits in the end.

He had no choice but swallow his rising irritation and reassured Wei Yi. “Don’t worry, your Shu’er is right behind us. You’ll be able to see her once we reach the inn.”



His joy was boundless. Impatient as he was, Wei Yi proceeded to lean out the window, propping himself up on the edge with his hands before locking onto the carriage behind them and beginning to shout.

“Shu’er~!” His mellow voice sounded loud and clear.

Inside the carriage behind, Ji Yunshu heard someone’s voice in the distance. Her ears perked up as she listened carefully.


Isn’t this Wei Yi’s voice?

As Ji Wanxin lifted the window curtain, having also been alerted by the voice, she was greeted by the hysterical sight of Wei Yi hanging out the window

She felt as if she was looking at a rare animal. She tugged at Ji Yunshu and said, “Yunshu, quickly look. Young Master Wei is shouting for you.”


“How can Prince Rong let him lean so far out the window? This is too dangerous!” Ji Wanxin exclaimed in concern.

Leaning on the carriage wall, Ji Yunshu had been about to lift the curtain to take a look, but Jing Rong had already pulled Wei Yi inside. When she finally did look outside, she saw nothing at all.

“You should have seen it.” Ji Wanxin sighed and spoke with reluctance.

Ji Yunshu smiled in response.

She let go of the curtain. Ji Wanxin added in an unfathomable tone, “With what happened to his family, Young Master Wei is too pitiful.”

Ji Yunshu said nothing.

“You brought him all the way to the capital. Between you two…” She didn’t finish speaking, leaving her words in suspense.

Ji Yunshu was intelligent enough to understand the hidden meaning behind Ji Wanxin’s words. With a smile, she retorted, “There is no one else by his side except for me. I treat him as my family.”

“What are his thoughts about you? Father had yet to break your engagement with him. What’s more, Lord Wei and Madame Wei have passed away. Fact is you are still engaged.” Her tone was no more than a reminder.

“I know,” bluntly said Ji Yunshu.

Ji Wanxin asked again, “Since you are still engaged, what about your relationship with Prince Rong?”

Finally, she asked her burning question.

What about my relationship with Jing Rong? Well, that of a normal boyfriend and girlfriend!

Ji Yunshu however, did not voice her internal thoughts, only saying, “Second Sister, you’re too eager for gossip. Let me repeat myself, the walls have ears, so I won’t say anything more. Be careful of your words lest people overhear you.”

“I am only concerned for you.” Ji Wanxin paused a bit before continuing. “With how well Prince Rong treats you, it would not surprise me if you told me that the two of you are together. In the end however, the differences in status between a prince and a coroner are simply too large. These differences would only serve to create issues between the two of you, causing your feelings to fray with time.”

What a good bowl of chicken soup! But all in vain!

Ji Yunshu listened to her words of advice with a faint smile tugging at the corner of her lips, but didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, the occupants in the front carriage were oblivious to the conversation between the two women. The moment Jing Rong had dragged him back into the carriage, Wei Yi had begun throwing a tantrum at the former. “What are you doing? I want to go to Shu’er! Why are you stopping me?”

“Don’t you know that was dangerous?”

“I know.”

“You know but still did it?”

“I like her, so I think of her. I just want to get out of the carriage right away and go to her. I don’t want to sit with someone who stinks of alcohol like you!.”

The heck?! Damn guy, isn’t that smell coming from you and Mo Ruo?

Jing Rong couldn’t stand such provocation. He balled his hands into a fist. His eyes burning with anger as he glared at Wei Yi. He was about to vent out when Mo Ruo woke up.

Mo Ruo’s eyes hadn’t even opened before he turned and complained, “What are you being so noisy for? Quarrel yourself to death!”

He opened his eyes slowly and shook the wine jar. It really was empty. He frowned at the discovery and threw the empty jar out of the window.

“That jar is too small. That Jing Xian is too stingy,” he cursed.

Wei Yi and Jing Rong watched Mo Ruo with impatience as he threw out his wine jar. Mo Ruo then turned his head and stared at Wei Yi in a drowsy manner before suddenly commanding. “Go fetch me some wine.”

Wei Yi seethed with rage. In a bad mood, he kicked Mo Ruo. “Go get it yourself, drunkard!”

“What did you say?”

“I said you are a drunkard.”

“Repeat it again.”

“Drunkard, drunkard, drunkard!!”

The way he said it seemed as if he was singing the song “Ninth Sister, Ninth Sister, beautiful little sister!”

Mo Ruo turned green. He swatted Wei Yi’s head ruthlessly and roared at him, “Damn brat, are your wings big now? Daring to talk back - I’ll use bigger needles for your next acupuncture treatment.”

Already being timid by nature, Wei Yi’s brief courage was immediately broken by Mo Ruo’s threats. He shrank back and pouted. “If you have the ability, kill me. Then, I will come back and haunt you.”

Oh my! Did this guy eat explosives today? Or did he eat bear’s heart or leopard’s gall to have such courage?

Wei Yi had no fear when bickering with Jing Rong, whereas with Mo Ruo, he barely could retort. Mo Ruo did not think before he spoke like Jing Rong, speaking his mind without giving a damn about the consequences. As a result, his words were much more crude and cruel. In an argument, he would lose to no one.

While Mo Ruo and Wei Yi argued, they failed to notice Jing Rong’s worsening mood. Jing Rong was gripping his knees as their quarrel rang in his ears, his impatience showing on his expression.

Damn you, what kind of ruckus are you creating in my carriage?

The noise was incessant and the bickering endless. Finally, Jing Rong could no longer endure it. Just as he was about to give these noisy men a lesson, the horse neighed loudly as the carriage rocked dangerously. Being on the verge of flipping over, the carriage spared none of its occupants from the violent motions.

Due to the size of the carriage, the end result of the bumpy ride was a pile of humans consisting of Jing Rong on the bottom, Mo Ruo in the middle, and Wei Yi on top. At that moment, Jing Rong’s anger had blasted through the roof, but he chanted to himself to endure it.

Finally, the carriage came to a stop as they heard a malicious voice shout, “Get off the carriage! This is a robbery!”

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