Chapter 336 - I Couldn't Ask For More

Chapter 336 - I Couldn't Ask For More

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Ji Yunshu felt ashamed for them!

She was heading towards the carriage in front when Mo Ruo stopped her, holding out a letter between his fingertips and waving it in front of her. With narrowed eyes, he complained, “Really, you! Going off to visit beautiful sights alone, leaving me to take care of that silly boy without even leaving some money. Merely leaving us a letter; can it be exchanged for wine to drink?”


Ji Yunshu could only take back the letter. Without saying anything, she went to look for Wei Yi.

Looking at her departing figure, Mo Ruo smiled and elbowed Jing Rong. He teased, “You brat, you’re not angry are you?”

Jing Rong rolled his eyes at him and said calmly, “Why would I be angry?”, all the while looking in Ji Yunshu’s direction.

Mo Ruo braced himself and sat on the front step of the carriage. He propped his leg up and casually took a swig of wine. Looking blearily at the sky, he slurred, “Originally a pair of mandarin ducks traveling together, turned into a flock of ducklings following the leader.”


Jing Rong couldn't be bothered to reply. He stood by the carriage waiting for Ji Yunshu to return.

Ji Yunshu walked up to the carriage in front and drew the curtain to see Wei Yi sprawled inside. He was sleeping soundly, hugging an empty pot of wine.

“Wei Yi?” she gently called out while patting him. There was no response.

Looking at Wei Yi's flushed face, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The corner of her lips couldn't help but pick up with a faint indulgent smile.

She walked back to Jing Rong, saying, “He really is drunk.”

Jing Rong glanced over and said, “Alright, you get on the carriage. This prince will travel with him and take good care of these two drunkards.”

The first referred to Wei Yi; the second, was, of course, Mo Ruo!

Thus, Jing Rong dragged Mo Ruo down from the carriage and headed towards the one Wei Yi was in.

At this time, another carriage came out from the capital to join the group. It rolled to a stop and a woman's silhouette poked out.

It was Ji Wanxin.

She got down and happily approached Ji Yunshu. Holding her hand, she said, “Yunshu, I’ll travel with you.”

“This is…?”

“I’ve been at the capital for a long while and feel like going back to Jinjiang. I heard you’re going to Yufu county and must pass by Jinjiang, so I hurried to catch up to you,” she said with a gentle smile. How lovely!

Ji Yunshu nodded understandingly but asked, “Are you going back alone?”

She sighed, “Although Big Sister didn’t become the crown princess, she wanted to stay. So she let me go back alone.”


Ji Wanxin took out a handkerchief and patted her head. “It’s really hot.”

“You should get into the carriage quickly and take care not to get heatstroke.”

She obediently agreed. Just then, she noticed Jing Rong and Mo Ruo beside the carriage ahead. With a faint smile, Ji Wanxin daintily picked her way over to them and curtsied, “Greetings to the prince.”

Jing Rong did not want to converse much, and only said, “No need for formalities in the wilderness. Second Miss Ji is sickly and we’re in a rush to set off; best to quickly get into the carriage.”

“Alright.” She smiled with her head lowered demurely.

Jing Rong hauled Mo Ruo up the carriage and called for a guard to take up the reins. Ji Wanxin also pulled Ji Yunshu into her carriage. Just like that, the journey began with conversation and laughter.

Day turned into dusk as they traveled from the highway to the small backroads. The dense, rustling foliage of the forest gave relief from the scorching sun; the gently swaying branches and dappled rays of sunlight were like something out of a gorgeous landscape painting.

In the carriage.

Mo Ruo was slumped on the seat, long succumbed to an alcoholic stupor while Jing Rong napped at the side.

The carriage suddenly jerked violently. Jing Rong opened his eyes and glanced outside. This section of mountainous road was rugged and covered with small stones. The driver was also much more careful and didn’t dare to whip the horse, for fear of startling it and overturning the carriage.

The soundly sleeping Wei Yi also woke up; the jolt from the carriage made him hit his head hard. Rubbing his head, he opened his eyes blearily.

When his vision cleared, he saw Jing Rong before him and asked angrily with pursed lips, “Why did you hit me?”

The heavens stand witness, he, Jing Rong had his hands in his sleeves the whole time!

With a cold glare, he said, “This prince does not do such things.”

“What things?”

“Taking advantage of others when they’re vulnerable.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means not being a dishonorable person.”

“What does dishonorable mean?”

“It’s…” Jing Rong suddenly realised something and could not help but lose his sternness and smile.

But Wei Yi was still earnestly waiting for an answer. He rubbed his head, shifted closer and asked again, “Tell me, what does dishonorable mean?”


“Tell me!”

“Petty.” Wei Yi pouted and crossed his arms huffily.

Looking at how Wei Yi was behaving, Jing Rong finally understood why Ji Yunshu’s rare smiles were so often seen when she interacted with Wei Yi.

Indeed, Wei Yi was too adorable! So adorable, it was almost likable!

Ah ptui! [1. Spitting sound. Similar to saying ‘touch wood’ to ward off bad luck]

Jing Rong quickly cast that thought out of his head. This prince is pure manly man. You peon... this is my love rival.

He straightened his face and gave Wei Yi a kick. “Sit further away. You stink of alcohol.”

Hearing that, Wei Yi tugged on his own clothes and gave a large sniff. He wrinkled his brows in disgust and huffily accused Jing Rong again. “Was it you who poured wine on me?”


“Must have been you.”

Jing Rong couldn’t be bothered to continue arguing. He pursed his lips and said, “Right, it was me. You sit properly. You can clean yourself up when we reach the inn.”

Wei Yi gave a huff and glared fiercely, but was totally ignored by Jing Rong.

Suddenly, Wei Yi noticed that Mo Ruo was also in the carriage. He raised a hand and put it under his nose, then let out a sigh of relief, saying, “Thank goodness he’s not dead.”


Hearing this, Jing Rong could not decide whether to laugh or cry.

Who knew Wei Yi would turn his head and start interrogating, “Was it you who knocked brother Mo Ruo out?”

“Right, it was me.”

“You’re a bad person.”

“Yes, I’m bad.”

“I’m not going to talk to you anymore.”

“I couldn’t ask for more.” Jing Rong smiled.

If he were not worried about the shenanigans these two drunkards would get up to, he would not be in this carriage stuffy with alcohol fumes. Now he really would rather be ignored; the silence would at least be more comfortable.

With that, Wei Yi actually turned around and ignored Jing Rong. With arms crossed in front of his chest, he looked adorable!

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