Chapter 333 - I Don't Want You In This Fight

Chapter 333 - I Don't Want You In This Fight

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Ji Yunshu had almost made a complete recovery in the past week. She got out of bed today, resting lazily in the yard and enjoying the rare sunshine. She sat propped up against a cushion, her brown almond-shaped eyes fluttering close. The gentle marmalade hues of sunrise lit up her tiny face and sculpted profile, giving her a gentle glow as if an artist had meticulously brushed and coloured this living painting.

If not for her male dress and hairdo, such a woman would surely enthrall throes of men! Several servant girls stood shyly in a corner, stealing looks at her gleefully - that scholar was even prettier than a woman!

Ji Yunshu smoothed out her brows; her back had begun to hurt and throb again. Luckily Mo Ruo’s medicine was very effective in controlling her pain, otherwise, she would probably already be dead. Before she could crease her brows, a shadow appeared overhead. It bent down, sweeping her up in a princess embrace as they headed towards the house.

Jing Rong held her as if she weighed nothing at all. He put one foot across the sill, shutting the door with the other foot in one smooth motion, keeping those prying eyes away.

He could steer their eyes away, but not their conversation - ever since that Teacher Ji was hurt, his Highness never left his side. Even if he were to leave the estate, he would always make a hasty return;

“Your Highness, doesn’t really like… men, does he?”

“His Highness is like a changed man ever since Teacher Ji’s arrival at our estate. I’ve never seen him treat anyone like he treats Teacher Ji.”

“See, His Highness must like men.”



Someone had smacked that servant boy’s head harshly from behind. He grabbed his skull reflexively, swearing, “Who? Who was it? Which idiot…”

He turned around, only to meet Lu Jiang unexpectedly. He froze, stunned.

“Housekeeper Lu, I’m… I wasn’t cursing at you, I…” He stammered, bowing profusely.

Lu Jiang pointed accusingly at the gaggle, remanding, “Have you all nothing better to do? Did you want me to throw you all out this instant?” They were well aware of Lu Jiang’s character, and they quickly ran away while they still could.

Lang Po strolled over as the servants dissipated. He nudged the fuming Lu Jiang, “What’s wrong? Who is it this time?”

Lu Jiang was lost deep in thought as he stared at Ji Yunshu’s locked doors. He turned to Lang Po, “Since you’re always by His Highness’s side, make sure to give him a few subtle reminders if you can, lest unwanted rumours travel to His Majesty’s ears. That would not be any good.”

Lang Po quickly realized what Lu Jiang was referring to. He smiled wickedly, “My dear Lu Jiang, did you think either of us could stop what His Highness wants? What’s more, I think Teacher Ji is great - such an old man like yourself would never understand young love.”

“Rubbish! I’m just worried about His Highness’ prospects.”

“Worried?” Lang Po’s smile disappeared as he sighed, “Now that His Highness has volunteered to investigate the missing relief silvers at Yufu and is preparing to leave, the capital is as good as Prince Yi’s. It would be difficult for His Highness to even return to the capital. What prospects would he have?” Both Lang Po and Lu Jiang sighed in unison, troubled, unlike Jing Rong and Ji Yunshu who were having a ball in their room!

Jing Rong gently placed Ji Yunshu on her bed. He sat down beside her, feeling much more reassured looking at Ji Yunshu’s flushed face. He could not help himself but praise, “Mo Ruo does have miracle hands; I’m not worried anymore now that you’re alright.”

Ji Yunshu smiled, “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“How could I not worry about this troublemaker? If I weren’t watching over you, you’d cause a ruckus in the blink of an eye. Ji Yunshu, this Prince must have owed you in our previous lifetime, so I have to repay you with this life.”

Ji Yunshu clasped his hands, a flicker of worry passing through her face. She pouted, asking, “Jing Rong, did you ever think that going to Yufu might be a blessing in disguise?”

“Why mention this?”

Ji Yunshu explained, “His Majesty has brought up this issue of the relief silvers all of a sudden, pushing the responsibility onto you and Prince Yi, with the intention of only keeping one of you. In reality, he is also trying to protect the other. In all of history, the strong survive while the weak are eliminated; it’s every man for himself. Now that the Crown Prince has passed away, His Majesty is probably also afraid of losing another son, therefore resulting in this situation. The court today is filled with Prince Yi’s men - it would be no time before he becomes the ruler.”

“Are you implying that Jing Yi should be Emperor?” Jing Rong refuted.

“If we were to consider the makings of a king, he is lacking, but as an official, he is talented. Not all Emperors of past have been the most upright of men, or the bravest of generals, neither of which Jing Yi is, but…” A gush of emotions overwhelmed her, eyes flickering.

She continued, stumbling over her words as she tried to keep her tears from falling, “I don’t want you in this fight.”

Jing Rong stopped as his brain froze. He took her hands in his, consoling, “I know what you’re worried about, but Yunshu, if Jing Yi were to become Emperor, many people would die. So he cannot become the Crown Prince, and never the Emperor.”

“Do you have to?”

“Yes, I must.”

Ji Yunshu could only stare at him.

“This trip to Yufu is indeed not ideal, but we will definitely return to the capital together, especially since the ‘Lin Capital Case’ has yet to be resolved. The fight between Jing Yi and I is unavoidable, but Yunshu, I promise you, I will give you the life that you desire. When the throne lies in the hands of those who are worthy and deserve it, we will sail the seas and see the world together.”


Ji Yunshu was touched, but also astonished, “Did you mean… the Sage King?”

Jing Rong made no comment, implying that it was true. He spoke after a while, “This trip to Yufu is set in stone. You don’t have to worry about whatever happens next - I have my own plans. All you have to do is rest and recover before we leave in two days.”

Ji Yunshu nodded bashfully.


With a wine jug in each hand, Mo Ruo teetered into the palace’s South Gate. Several guards wanted to give him a hand, but thought better about it - Mo Ruo was known to have a high alcohol tolerance, he wouldn’t fall into the lotus pond!

He stumbled his way to Tongren Hall, greeted by the fragrance of fine wine. Bi Lu quickly caught him before he fell, “Master Mo, please be careful.”

“I’m fine!” He swept him away with a wave of his hand.

“You have bad timing, His Highness has just gone to take a rest,” Bi Lu kindly reminded him.

Mo Ruo had never bothered with these formalities. He pushed his way through the hall, the smell of medicinal herbs overpowering his own stench of alcohol.

Jing Xian was lying in his chair, covered by a blanket as he rested. He said as Mo Ruo stumbled before him, “Are you here to collect the wine I brewed for you?”

Mo Ruo took another glug of wine as he sat, “No, I’m here to bid goodbye.”

Jing Xian slowly opened his tired eyes, “Where are you going?”

“Yufu County.”

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