Chapter 329 - Touring Youfu

Chapter 329 - Touring Youfu

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When Mo Ruo returned to Yuhua pavilion, Wei Yi was sitting on the doorstep, waiting for him. He was staring dazedly into the distance, hunched with elbows on his knees and chin resting on both hands.

Seeing Mo Ruo's figure, he jumped up and rushed towards Mo Ruo like a bird startled into flight.

Seeing that figure rush towards himself, Mo Ruo practically went green with dismay.

Had he just seen a ghost?

Since when did Wei Yi start waiting for him at the door? And with such an expression of happiness.

Unexpectedly, Wei Yi tugged on his sleeves and shook it vigorously. He chased for an answer, “Big brother Mo Ruo, why didn't you bring me to visit Shu'er? Why? Why…?”

A nonstop string of ‘whys’ bombarded Mo Ruo. Sweat beaded his forehead. He dabbed at his forehead with his sleeve, pushed Wei Yi aside and entered.

But Wei Yi was like a piece of sticky candy, following behind with an endless litany of “why?”.

“Big brother Mo Ruo, tell me, did you go visit Shu'er? Did something happen to Shu'er?”

Mo Ruo finally had enough of it. He gave him a push. His wine cup also fell and shattered into tiny pieces.

“Gone, gone!”

What? Ji Yunshu is gone?

Hearing this, Wei Yi was shocked. His face turned white as a sheet and he collapsed to the floor with a thud.

He bumped into an apprentice behind him, and all the herbs the other held were spilled onto the floor.

“Ugh! Young Master Wei, do you not have eyes on the back of your head?” exclaimed the apprentice.

Come on, who in the world has eyes on the back of their head? Unless you're a monster!

Wei Yi sprawled on the floor with limbs akimbo, dazedly looking at the ceiling. His face was ashen and tears glimmered in his eyes.

Mo Ruo was shocked by his actions. He refocused his eyes on Wei Yi, who was lying on the ground.

Wei Yi burst into tears and smacked the ground in frustration. “ You said it! Shu'er died! My Shu'er, my Shu'er is dead!” He wailed.

“Hey hey hey, when did I say that your Shu'er died?”

“You did! You said it just now.”

“No, I didn't!”

“You did say it!”

The two started to dispute. The volley back and forth was like watching a heated tennis match.

Mo Ruo put his hand to his head, finally understanding where Wei Yi was coming from. Pointing to the shattered cup on the floor, he said, “I was talking about the broken cup.”

Wei Yi immediately stopped crying. He gave the shattered cup a glance, then looked piteously at Mo Ruo. “I thought Shu'er was dead. What would happen to me?”

Mo Ruo rolled his eyes. “If she had died, wouldn't I have lost out?”

“Why? Does Shu'er owe you money?”

“She owes me a favour. So, she can't die.”

“Of course Shu'er can't die, Shu'er must live to a hundred,” Wei Yi said earnestly.

One standing, one seated. The two talking back and forth were adorable!

Mo Ruo couldn't be bothered with him anymore. In a blink, his desire for wine rose again and he headed upstairs with hands clasped behind his back.

Soon after, two apprentices helped Wei Yi up from the floor.

A voice floated down from upstairs, “Little Wei, quickly warm a pot of wine for me.”

Wei Yi lifted his sleeve and wiped his tears, then…

Patted his butt and left to warm Mo Ruo’s wine. After about half a stick of incense had burned through, Wei Yi ran up to the loft with five pots of wine in his arms to see Mo Ruo sleeping in a bamboo chair.


Wei Yi heavily put down the wine pots in front of Mo Ruo, cursing, “Drink to your death!”

Mo Ruo turned over. Without looking, he took up a pot of wine and started drinking blearily.

Looking at Mo Ruo’s deplorable state, Wei Yi pursed his lips and turned to go downstairs. Who knew…

“Little Wei!” A shout rang out.

Wei Yi stopped and turned around, saying, “I’ve warmed five pots of wine. It’s enough. Anyway, I won’t…”

“Do you want to leave the capital?” Mo Ruo stopped him mid-sentence.

Wei Yi nodded without a thought. “Yes, of course, I want to leave. But I want to leave together with Shu’er.”

“Good. Then leave with your Shu’er.”

“Really?” His eyes were as big as saucers

Mo Ruo took another swig of wine from the pot and said ambiguously, “Really. We leave the capital together to tour Yufu, visit the mountains and lakes.” His voice became weaker and weaker, then -- silence.

No matter how Wei Yi tried to rouse him, there was no response.

Wei Yi couldn’t be happier. Back in the room, he bounced around happily, packing his things, full of anticipation for leaving the capital, touring the hills and lakes…

At the General’s mansion

Ji Wanxin had just returned from the Prince Rong residence and met with a situation. People from the Shen family were here! The Shen family had come to visit with gifts.

“Miss, where did you go? First and second young masters are looking for you everywhere! Now the Shen family are here and want to see you.”

Ji Wanxin was not happy. With a downcast face, she said, “I’m going back to my room. If anyone asks, say I’m not feeling well.”

“Miss, this…” The maid was very troubled.

Ji Muqing’s voice suddenly cut across. “Are you really unwell? Or just trying to escape?”

Ji Wanxin purposely stepped back, wanting to keep her distance, but Ji Muqing insisted on stepping closer.

After several days cooped up in her room, this woman had indeed become much fairer. She insisted on coming up close as if afraid no one knew how fair she was.

“Ji Wanxin, oh Ji Wanxin, these days I haven’t been policing you, you’ve been too carefree. Why, did you go to Prince Rong’s residence again? Seen Prince Rong? Just now, wasn’t it also people from the Rong Estate that sent you back? How did I not know that you were so close with Prince Rong?”

“I don’t understand what Second Sister means!” She said with her head lowered.

“Don’t understand?” Ji Muqing let out a sarcastic laugh and continued, “Do you take me to be a fool? You take the facade of visiting that wench, but really are looking for Prince Rong. With your abilities, you hope to get on Prince Rong’s boat? Dream on!”


Ji Wanxin’s eyes turned red. With a lowered head and pursed lips, she said, “Big Sister, you’ve misunderstood.”

“Did I misunderstand you?”

“I only went to the Rong Estate to see Yunshu. She has not been feeling well lately, so I…”

Ji Muqing interrupted her before she finished, “Enough, don’t pretend in front of me. Would I not understand your thoughts? You grew up with me, I know what you’re thinking just from your eyes.”

Embarrassed, Ji Wanxin did not want to continue talking to her. She could only walk around, saying, “Big Sister, I don’t feel well and will leave first.”

“Stop right there!”

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