Chapter 322 - Why Should This Prince Help?

Chapter 322 - Why Should This Prince Help?

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“Teacher Ji, ah, Teacher Ji. I hope you will enjoy those 40 paddles.”

His treacherousness was not much different compared to a vile petty man. His devious expression on his face completely didn’t match his unusually elegant facial features.

The Supreme Court Chancellor inquired, “Your Highness, what if Teacher Ji doesn’t hit it?”

“He will.” Jing Yi declared with conviction. He sneered, “His sense of justice is as important as his life. Hence, he will absolutely want to solve this case. As for how and when this can be done, this Prince has already made the arrangements.”

“What if he accepted to receive those 40 paddles?”

“Even ordinary people can’t stand 30 paddles, don’t even mention his frail body receiving 40. Not to mention Prince Rong won’t stand by if he actually gets paddled. At that time, Prince Rong will certainly come to find this Prince. When he does… I will force him to go to Yufu and investigate the missing disaster relief money. While he’s busy investigating, this Prince will be able to take full control of the capital. Hmph! Isn’t he always so concerned about Teacher Ji? I will fulfill his wish and send him to Yufu County together with Teacher Ji. Isn’t that a good deed?”

As he laughed, he titled his cup 90 degrees, pouring away all of its contents onto the floor.


The Supreme Court Chancellor was like a dog - laughing and agreeing to Jing Yi all the time. In fact, he was filled with disgust.

Meanwhile, the Capital Governor went to Bamboo Creek Garden immediately after leaving the Supreme Court.

In the past two days, Jing Rong stayed there, sticking to Ji Yunshu brazenly like gum. If she was drawing inside a room, he will be in the courtyard practicing his swordplay. If she was in the courtyard watering the plants and grooming her flowers, he will be sitting at the porch reading letters. When mealtime came, he would fill her bowl with food, and when it was time to sleep, he would shamelessly drill onto her bed and hugged her using the reason that he was too cold.


Therefore for the past two days, Jing Rong had eaten her tofu on many occasions. Ji Yunshu had no other way but endure it.

When Jing Rong saw the Governor, he knew it was about the case and his face darkened.

“Your Highness!” The Governor clasped his hands in greetings.

Jing Rong squinted at him and hummed. Both of his hands were clasped behind him as he walked to a stone bench in the courtyard and sat down. Then, he scooted over to Ji Yunshu and picked up a brush she put on the stone table. He doodled on her drawing, turning the painting which was once filled with beautiful plum blossoms into an unsightly one.

While he was feigning to be preoccupied, he was secretly paying attention to Ji Yunshu’s conversation with the Capital Governor. Despite straining his ears, he could only catch fragments of the conversation.

“Teacher Ji, the Supreme Court Chancellor told me the evidence is insufficient. I’m afraid that even if I submit a request again, we will face the same result, so…”

“He didn’t agree?”

“Mm!” The Governor explained quickly, “Teacher Ji, if the case was rejected again, we can…”

Ji Yunshu understood his meaning. She interrupted him, “I know this is making things difficult for you. However, since I already agreed to her plight, I must help her get back the justice for her daughter. I cannot renege on my words.”

She was also worried about it. If the Supreme Court Chancellor rejected the request, she had no other way to proceed with the case.

The Capital Governor was in the same state of mind because that request for an appeal had been made by him.

Ji Yunshu rubbed her stomach as she scowled. After contemplating the problem a moment, she raised her eyes and suddenly inquired, “Milord, what if we investigated it privately?”

“It’s possible…” His words were interrupted promptly.

Jing Rong jumped in the conversation. “That won’t do. The Imperial Court won’t register the case. The local yamen will not follow suit either and no one will collaborate with your investigation. Not to mention, the Qiao family will have no reason to answer any of your questions. Nothing legal will be reported and the magistrate of Yufu will not receive you.”

This was simply like playing a game on your own!

Even while he spoke, he didn’t lift his head. He continued to doodle on the paper. Ji Yunshu fell in contemplation, then she walked towards him. She happened to lower her head and the sight almost infuriated her to death. Her beautiful and realistic painting had been destroyed by his doodling.

That guy, he dares to draw a turtle on it! And it actually looks so ugly.

She snatched back the brush and chided at him. “A turtle on a plum blossom, this shows your lack of aesthetic.”


He laughed out loud but quickly resumed back to his stern appearance. “You also know that a turtle and plums blossoms don’t match together, so why do you care about this case?”

She could see the meaning. “I know you’re saying I’m being too meddlesome, but I cannot reject this case.”

“This is the Supreme Court’s business, not yours!” He reminded her.

He added in the same serious tone, “At present, the Supreme Court had rejected the request as this Prince has expected. If you’re thinking about asking me for help, it’s impossible. The Great Lin’s laws stipulate that a person without the corresponding position couldn’t meddle with official matters or tasks outside of his field of duty. This is what we call don’t meddle in affairs that are not part of your position. It’s not possible to use my authority to force the Supreme Court Chancellor to accept the case. Otherwise, what’s the point of having rules and laws? Besides, have you never think that the Supreme Court Chancellor might be right and this case wasn’t a miscarriage of justice? If all the mothers of any deceased were to come and request a reinvestigation because they were unconvinced, there will be no end to this.”

Ji Yunshu remained silent for a moment. His words caused waves inside her heart. She squeezed out, “But what if it was truly as that mother said?”

“Maybe, maybe not, but that has nothing to do with you.”

“You obviously noticed there was something fishy with the case. Are you really going to ignore it?”


No one back down. They glared at each other. The smell of gunpowder was in the air.

The Governor noticed the impasse. He rubbed his hands together not knowing whose side to take. The heavy atmosphere was suffocating him. After a long moment, he advanced timidly and leaned toward Ji Yunshu. “Teacher Ji, there is a way.”

Huh? Ji Yunshu turned to him. “What way?”

“That is…”

“Shut up!” Jing Rong snarled at him suddenly.

The oppression in his tone deterred Lord Yi from speaking further, making him tremble. The latter lowered his head and didn’t dare to make a sound. Jing Rong knew what the Governor was about to say.

With scary expression, he gestured at Lord Yi. “Governor, you may go.” He unleashed a tyrannical order to withdraw.

The Governor was worried to tread in these muddy waters. The fear of pissing off Jing Rong further made him ran away without looking back.

Ji Yunshu looked at Jing Rong. “What other way is there?”

“You don’t need to know.” His tone was firm. His expression contained a hint of warning. “In short, you better listen carefully. Since the request for an appeal was rejected, you are forbidden from involving yourself in it. If you don’t listen, this Prince will tie you up and shut you in your room - lest you poke your nose where you shouldn’t. And I am not joking!”

The next moment, Ji Yunshu tried to walk away from him, but he blocked her.

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