Chapter 315 - Gamble

Chapter 315 - Gamble

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Ji Wanxin asked in confusion. “Green shell? How come I have never heard of such a thing before? The doctors who treated me previously had never once prescribed anything close to that name.”

Ji Yunshu was about to explain to her, but Jing Rong suddenly cut in.

Acting like a knowledgeable person, he said, “Green shell is a ten-year-old medicinal ingredient that is very difficult to grow. Due to its rarity, the price is quite hefty. It is known for its property of warming the internal body which is quite beneficial for your weak body.”

Oh? How strange for this guy to suddenly speak up.

Ji Wanxin didn’t hear a word he said because she was too shocked. She didn’t expect he would speak to her.

She became flustered. Her palms started to sweat, and she bit on her red lips. Then, she talked with a soft voice, “This humble woman didn’t know your Highness is so knowledgeable.”

“Not at all. This is all due to being with Yunshu for a long time. I just picked up a few things here and there, not to mention having some general knowledge about autopsies.”


Jing Rong actually called Ji Yunshu intimately in front of Ji Wanxin. He was obviously doing it on purpose.

Ji Wanxin felt her heart twist in pain. However, she didn’t show any hint of it. She acted as if everything was normal. “Yunshu has always been intelligent. Not only does she know about bones, but she had also solved many cases and had some knowledge of medicine.”

“That is a matter of course.”

“I can’t compare to her.” Ji Wanxin depreciated herself, but she immediately added, “I also greatly admire your Highness.”

Jing Rong didn’t mind her words. He reached for his cup of tea and asked, “Oh? Why do you admire this Prince?”

Ji Wanxin’s red mole seemed to be more radiant as her expression changed. “Your Highness’ bearing and aura are unlike others. I thought all sons of the Emperor would be cold and lofty, but your Highness feels amiable.”

Amiable? Which of your eyes saw this Prince being amiable?

Nevertheless, her flattery made him feel good. His gaze switched to Ji Yunshu, and he poked her with his chopsticks. “This Prince always treats people with friendliness, but I treat you even better.”

Ji Yunshu rolled her eyes at him, but she didn’t respond.

He didn’t care about her attitude. He got up and said, “You two have fun chatting. This Prince will go back first as I need to handle some matters.” Then, his gaze moved to Ji Yunshu. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Unexpectedly, instead of asking him to stay, she turned to Ji Wanxin and asked, “Did you come here on a horse carriage?”

Ji Wanxin replied, “I didn’t dare to disclose my whereabouts, so I walked here.”

“Oh!” Ji Yunshu looked at Jing Rong. “Since you’re passing by the General mansion on your way back, can you send my second sister home as well? It’s already dark outside, I don’t feel reassured letting her go back alone.”

Ji Wanxin hurriedly interjected, “Yunshu, don’t trouble Prince Rong with this. The General mansion is nearby. I can walk back.”

“Out of the question,” she vetoed. Then, she glanced at Jing Rong.

In fact, Jing Rong didn’t want to. He didn’t mind lending his horse or his carriage as long as the person who used it was Ji Yunshu. It was another matter if it was Ji Wanxin. However, that woman was his future wife’s sister. Technically, he would have to call her older sister later. Therefore, he conceded and said kindly, “Alright.”

Ji Wanxin tried to suppress her leaping joy and lowered her eyes to hide it better.

While the maidservants helped Ji Wanxin with her cloak, Jing Rong approached Ji Yunshu and stealthily grabbed her hand.

“If you do this again, I won’t let you off next time.”

Ji Yunshu teased him, “A fine time, beautiful scenery with a beauty by your side, aren’t you secretly happy?”


She interrupted him before he could say anything else. “Be careful on the road.” She pushed him away.

His face darkened, but he left in big strides after glaring at her. Ji Wanxin bid her goodbye and trotted behind Jing Rong.

Ji Yunshu watched Ji Wanxin. Her gentle eyes gradually turned gloomy.

Shi Zijin had appeared at the entrance and asked with puzzlement, “Why did you give her the opportunity to be with his Highness?”

Ji Yunshu answered, “It’s a gamble. I want to see if my assumption is correct or not.”

Although Shi Zijin was bound to never understand her mistress’ mind, she wasn’t a person to ask many questions.

On the way back, sitting in the carriage, Ji Wanxin was extremely nervous. Her head was lowered. She was fiddling with her fingers, not daring to move in anything other ways as if afraid of disturbing Jing Rong.

He squinted at her and asked, “Are you scared?”

She shook her head.

Seeing her reply, he felt like chatting with her for a bit and glanced at her with an inquiring look. “This Prince heard your father betrothed you to Shen Changqin of the Shen family.”


“This Prince has seen Lord Shen a few times and he is indeed a fine man.”

“Your Highness is jesting.” Without realizing it, she kneaded her fingers even more.

Jing Rong chuckled but no longer speak.

After a moment, she took her courage to lift her head and gazed at him with loving eyes. “I remembered the first time I met your Highness. It was when you came to our compound as an honored guest.”


After that, there was no follow up. Jing Rong clamped up and did not continue the conversation.

Ji Wanxin didn’t insist on.

The carriage arrived quickly at the General Mansion. She disembarked and went into her residence.

When Jing Rong returned to his estate, he was welcomed by Lu Jiang.

“Your Highness!”

“How is the investigation?” He immediately asked.

Lu Jiang shook his head. “We didn’t find any lead on the missing disaster relief money. It was as if it has vanished into thin air. Many people have been sent to investigate with no result. In addition…”


Lu Jiang’s expression sank. He confessed to Jing Rong, “Your Highness’ guess was correct. All the official dispatched to investigate that matter has been killed on their way to Yufu county. There were no survivors.”

Huh?! This was out of Jing Rong’s expectations. He only wanted Lu Jiang to investigate the officials dispatched to understand the situation but to think that they were already dead...

He took a deep breath and crossed his hands behind his back. He strode into the reception room, lost in his thoughts.

Lu Jiang followed behind. He didn’t dare to disturb his master’s thinking. After a long while, he finally couldn’t hold it.

“Your Highness, did you ask me to investigate this matter because you are intending on going to Yufu?”

Jing Rong ignored Lu Jiang’s question. He mumbled in bewilderment. “Exactly what is hiding behind this case? Money cannot fly away on the road if the chest hadn’t been opened. Furthermore, it didn’t even go through any hands. Then, how could it be gone like that?”

At that moment, Lu Jiang heard him. He brazenly spoke up, “Your Highness, maybe the money had never left the capital and the chests were empty from the start?”

“Impossible!” Jing Rong denied immediately. He added, “The chests have been checked and verified by the Ministry of Appointments and the Ministry of Rites before they were sealed. So, this is an unthinkable possibility.”

“This is too strange.”

“The strangest point is those officials. Why did they all die?”

Lu Jiang had no answer. This case was getting stranger and stranger.

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