Chapter 310 - I Want Shu'er

Chapter 310 - I Want Shu'er

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Mo Ruo visited Kong Yu? Ji Yunshu was not surprised as she looked at him, “You wanted to let her leave?”

Mo Ruo smiled, “No, not leave, but to elope. That night, I wanted to bring her out of the palace and escape the capital. This way, she would no longer need to marry the Crown Prince, and I would promise her that even if we had to run for the remainder of our lives, I would never let her get hurt, but-”

Ji Yunshu finished before he could, “But she refused. If she really left, the Kong Family and Yuhua Pavillion would both be implicated. She couldn’t let that happen and leave just like that. More importantly, she didn’t want to live the life of a fugitive, nor … live the rest of her life pining for Jing Rong.” Each word reflected Kong Yu’s true feelings.

Mo Ruo gave a snide grin, “In the end, I am only but her friend - her deepest feelings could never be shaken.”

“She was lucky to have a friend like you.”

“Perhaps!” He inhaled sharply, asking Ji Yunshu seriously, “Could you tell me what she told you when she chose to step onto the road of no return?”

“What should she be telling me?”

“The only reason you were at Zhaoxian Hall was because Kong Yu must have given you a token to enter the palace. The two of you must have talked.” He was right! Mo Ruo asked again, “Could you tell me?”

Ji Yunshu’s throat tightened, “I’ve told you before - with the Crown Prince dead, she didn’t want to live anymore. What’s more, spending the rest of her life in the inner palace was simply another form of torture.”

“You know you can’t talk your way out of it with these superficial reasons.”

“All you need to know is what I’ve told you - don’t ask me about the rest.” Ji Yunshu was firm, keeping the fact that Kong Yu killed General Yuchi and the Crown Prince a secret. In any case, Kong Yu had already committed suicide, why tarnish her reputation further by slapping the title of a murderer onto her?

Mo Ruo was not a stubborn man, he clearly knew that there was something between Kong Yu and Ji Yunshu, a secret which Ji Yunshu would never reveal even if he asked. He smiled and nodded, “Sure, then let her rest in peace.”

With Mo Ruo ending the conversation, he picked up his teacup and downed it in one shot.

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t drink tea?”

“Mm, I wanted a change of taste.” A change? Mo Ruo put down his teacup and left, hands behind his back.

Wei Yi was still in the courtyard, arms folded, kicking away at the stones on the ground, pouting in silence. He scoffed as he saw Mo Ruo enter the courtyard.

“Come, let’s go back, you rascal,” Mo Ruo waved his sleeves, but Wei Yi ignored him.

“Rascal, boy … Wei Yi?” There was no response.

Mo Ruo walked straight up to him and sat down beside him, reaching out to touch his hand, “Are you still angry? I didn’t do it on purpose. How about this, if you return with me, I’ll give you something that you’ll like for sure.”

Mm? He’s going to give him something? Wei Yi’s eyes widened in anticipation, “What is it?”

“What do you want?”

Wei Yi scratched his chin. As Ji Yunshu exited the room, he pointed a slender finger at her, raising his tone, “I want Shu’er!” His tone was so loud and clear that it penetrated the walls. Even the servants outside could hear it.

Ji Yunshu unknowingly smiled as she walked over and patted his head lightly, “Why are you so loud? Were you afraid no one could hear you?”

Who knew that Wei Yi would stand up, a large grin plastered on his face, “Shu’er, I want you.”

Pfft - Ji Yunshu immediately blushed.

Mo Ruo almost rolled on the floor with laughter and he grabbed Wei Yi by his collar, “This rascal, we’ve only been apart for two days and your skills have greatly improved. Look, you’ve embarrassed your Shu’er.”

Wei Yi looked at Ji Yunshu innocently, “Shu’er, did I say something wrong?”

If not what? Luckily, Ji Yunshu was quite understanding of his naivety and she smiled, “No, Wei Yi didn’t say anything wrong. But, you must return to Yuhua Pavillion with Mo Ruo today - then I won’t be angry with you anymore.”

“But I don’t want to leave you.”

“Be a good boy, I’ll visit you.”

Wei Yi was unwilling as he pleaded with his eyes, “Brother Mo Ruo, I don’t like you anymore, can I not go back to Yuhua Pavillion with you? I want to be by Shu’er’s side, can I?”

“No!” Mo Ruo was no Ji Yunshu; firstly, he had no such patience, and secondly, he wasn’t as caring. His tone grew firm, “Without you at Yuhua Pavillion these past two days, it’s been too quiet. Didn’t you say that you wanted … your Shu’er? Follow me and I’ll give you your Shu’er.”


“Of course!”

Ji Yunshu was skeptical, how would you give Wei Yi one of me? Mo Ruo finally dragged Wei Yi away from Bamboo Creek Garden like a little chick. It seems like the only one who could really cure Wei Yi, was Mo Ruo.

At Yuhua Pavillion. The little servant boy Ah’Li welcomed them expressionlessly, pointing nervously towards the backyard, “Teacher, it’s so good you’re back, that … that …”


“That thing’s has been delivered!”

Mo Ruo understood. Wei Yi tugged on to his robes anxiously, “You said you’d give me Shu’er if I came back with you. Where’s Shu’er? If you lie to me, I’ll never believe you again.”

“Who’s lying to you? Follow me.”

Mo Ruo pulled him towards the backyard, where a colourful paper figure was placed next to the large tree. Yes, a lifesize paper figure! That was the paper figure specially delivered and prepared for Wei Yi.

“See, that’s your Shu’er. Whether you want to hug her together while eating, or sleeping, it’s up to you.”

Wei Yi seethed, clenching his fists tightly and glaring angrily at Mo Ruo, “I’m never playing with you ever again - you lied to me!”

Wei Yi stomped furiously into his own chambers, with Mo Ruo calling out behind him, “I didn’t lie to you. This is Shu’er - I even picked her name myself. If you’re not happy with that name, then call her Dong’er, Lan’er, or even Xiang’er, you can pick one yourself, hmm?”

“No!” Wei Yi slammed his door shut. Mo Ruo’s devious facade faded away and he stared at Wei Yi’s door with an unreadable expression in his eyes.

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