Chapter 308 - Escorting the Bride Home With an Eight Carriers Palanquin

Chapter 308 - Escorting the Bride Home With an Eight Carriers Palanquin

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The Rong Estate.

After Wei Yi woke up, he went back to sleep. Currently, he was still confined to bed despite his objections. Ji Yunshu had yet to sleep however. She kept waiting for Jing Rong at the estate’s entrance.

By the time Jing Rong returned from the palace, it was already early morning the next day.

When he saw her thin body at the entrance, waiting there while trembling and shaking from the cold, his heart squeezed in pain. He couldn’t wait to immediately take her into his arms and rub her body to spread some warmth.

“You didn’t sleep?”

She nodded her head in response.

He rubbed her head. “Didn’t I say that no matter what happens, there is me? You don’t need to worry.”

She stared back at him but didn’t respond.

Jing Rong took the time to recount in detail his conversation with Jing Yi. “He was reluctant to take the risk because of the unexpected situational change at this critical juncture. If Imperial Father ordered a thorough investigation, there is a possibility it could be traced back to him. The risks are far too great. He couldn’t afford to gamble.”

“What if he decide to put up a fight regardless?”

“Then, this Prince will play with him. Let us see who will get to see He Wu Chang and Bai Wu Chang first.”

Ji Yunshu pushed him away in annoyance when she heard him boasting. “You’re still in the mood to jest?!”

“This Prince is serious.” Jing Rong showed a serious expression.

She glared at him because what he said was worrying.

However, Jing Rong smiled at her. “How come the usually clever Teacher Ji is so stupid today?”

“What do you mean?”

“You might not understand what kind of person is Jing Yi, but that doesn’t mean I don’t. This time, his plan was successful with the Crown Prince’s death being his greatest reward. Even if you didn’t make a deal with him, he could still readjust his plans and make Lord Zhang sing a new tune in order to accuse me of pressuring him to frame the Crown Prince for the fire in Chengqin Hall. You’re thinking, ‘how can my imperial father believe that?’ It doesn’t matter if my imperial father believes it or not. Jing Yi is a cautious man who calculates each of his moves, taking into account even the unforeseen. Hence, this Prince can say with certitude that he won’t make Zhangbo say otherwise. There’s only you who fell for it and got anxious.”

Yes, she was a fool. It could only blame she was too apprehensive. Who could have guessed what the final outcome would be? In that one in a million chance that Jing Yi decided to fight for it, the result would have been the defeat of both parties.

Jing Rong warned her as he saw her lost in thoughts. “The matter of you concealing the Crown Prince’s plans for rebellion cannot be pardoned. Although this was done in order to save me, it has caused the Crown Prince to bear the crime of burning Chengqing Hall and resulted in his death. This Prince can’t help but be upset about it. I won’t allow you to do it again. If there is a next time, be prepared for various kinds of punishment.”

He then flickered her forehead, causing her to scowl in pain.

Ji Yunshu rubbed her forehead as she glared at him. “You hitting me like that, what if I become dumb? How are you going to compensate me?”

“If you’re dumb, then let it be. I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life.”

“No good!”

No good? Jing Rong frowned and grabbed her hand. He then pulled her to him, showing her an evil smile. “How about we give it a try before you shape your opinion?”

Ji Yunshu’s eyes shifted in shyness and her ears turned red. She pushed him away. “The Crown Prince’s funeral is still ongoing. Your Highness should keep some decency.”

“Oh? So… you’re saying that we can try it after the funeral?”

She swore this wasn’t what she meant. Your Highness, you’re thinking too much!

Seeing her frustrated and shy appearance, he revealed a smile and hooked up her chin, peering deep into her eyes. “Little beauty, can you give me your answer? After the Crown Prince’s funeral is settled, concentrate on investigating the Lin Capital case. No need to pay attention to anything else. If there are any problems, this Prince will be there for you.”

Ji Yunshu fell into silence.

“After the Lin Capital case is closed, this Prince will marry you, escorting through my doors with an eight carriers palanquin.”

His words were spoken in all seriousness.

Her heart quivered. She had never taken the time to truly think about this problem. In fact, she didn’t dare to think too deeply about it, even trying to avoid picturing their relationship beyond the present. For her, the title of Princess Rong was akin to iron chains shackling her life to the capital.

Jing Rong interrupted her thoughts. He didn’t give her the time to agree or not. “It will still take a few days. This Prince will be busy during this time. If you want to, you can let Wei Yi accompany you when you return to Bamboo Creek Garden. However, Lang Po will still follow you to keep watch on you.” He said bluntly.

She wanted to refuse, but Jing Rong had quickly left the courtyard, striding away with confidence. She pouted but didn’t say a word. Her fingers were making invisible circles several times until Wei Yi patted her shoulder lightly which snapped her out of her daze.

Wei Yi rubbed his eyes. He stared at the western sky which still carried a bit of the dawn’s afterglow. “Shu’er, good morning.”

Hey! It’s already morning.

“I’m hungry.” He rubbed his belly to show his meaning.

She supported her forehead, realizing that guy was simply a glutton. Hungry was a word that always hung on his lips. Ji Yunshu decided to bring him back to Bamboo Creek Garden for breakfast. Of course, Lang Po followed them closely.

He was quite diligent to accomplish the tasks Jing Rong had ordered him to do.

The next two days, Jing Rong was occupied handling the Crown Prince’s funeral.

Jing Yi also didn’t find Ji Yunshu to remind her of their deal. Therefore, the past two days were very peaceful.

During these days of rare peace, Ji Yunshu had unsealed new coffins and continued to reproduce the portraits of those corpses.

As for Wei Yi, he stuck around her, following her like a shadow. He was quite playful and chattered constantly, giving some life to her quiet environment. He often helped her mold clay or grind ink. His courage grew enough for him to actually go fetch some ribs or other bones in the coffins for Ji Yunshu. After doing so a few times, he was now used to it and at ease.

He was no longer the scaredy-cat who would weep at the sight of a dead body. There was one time he started to observe a skull while groping his face with keen interest.

He even muttered, “My face seems bigger than his, but my eyes are a bit smaller. Oh! My nose is taller and the mouth… It seems smaller too. Why is that? Why are there so many differences? He can’t speak, and he doesn’t have any meat. Is it because he was too hungry and lost too much weight? How sad!”

He pursed his mouth, his mind filled with questions.

Ji Yunshu heard his muttering and her hand trembled. The brush almost veered off course. She nearly ruined her drawing with an accidental stroke. Her hand had to stop.

She had to admit Wei Yi’s blabbering were hilarious. Anyway, since she was interrupted, she put down her brush and looked at Wei Yi.

Wei Yi was holding the skull with his gloved hands. He studied the skull in all its angles before frowning and touching his face.

Ji Yunshu threw a question at him. “What are you looking so intently? Where do you think it is different from you?”

“Everything is different. Nothing looks like me.”

He answered her. He took the skull and placed it in front of Ji Yunshu. Then, he pointed out, “Shu’er, why are we different?”

“You want to be like him?”

Wei Yi nodded. He poked at the skull. “Thin like this is good to look at.”

He spoke with envy.

Ji Yunshu almost spat out blood.

Bro, there is nothing comparable between you and a dead man to start with. That thing is dead and has turned into a skeleton while you’re alive with flesh and warm blood.

Even so, she was laughing inside. Her eyes shifted away, lost in thoughts. Then, her hand reached for a clean brush, and she drew something on the skull.

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