Chapter 306 - I Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

Chapter 306 - I Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

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Lang Po had summoned a doctor in the time Jing Rong took to place Wei Yi on his bed. After a brief examination, the doctor shook his head. This scared Ji Yunshu, “Teacher, how is he?”

The doctor shook his head.

“Is it serious?”

He shook his head once more.

Before Ji Yunshu could say anything again, Lang Po interrupted, “Teacher, you have to say something! He is lying on the bed - surely we should be able to know if he’s dead or alive?” Is he still alive? Having spent two nights together, Lang Po was equally worried.

The physician sighed, “He’s alright.”

Phew… That’s a relief!

“But…” the physician continued.

The entire room broke out in cold sweat, countless pairs of eyes fixed upon the physician, who explained further, “His pulse is steady and normal, but he seems to have been pumped full of some strange medicine, causing a part of his brain to behave abnormally. However, I’m not too sure about the details.”

“His brain?” Lang Po was confused as he looked at the unconscious Wei Yi, “He’s always been an idiot, so shouldn’t a problem with his brain be understandable?” That was true by all accounts!

The physician narrowed his eyes, “So this young master has always been slightly silly, no wonder. But this young master’s brain is still quite unusual even from my experience - it seems like his brain has been soaked in a medicinal bath by someone.”

Ji Yunshu asked, “Are you implying that he will become like everyone else?”

“This one cannot say for sure; has this young master always been seeing a physician?”


“What amazing physician could have such skills? To cure such a disease?”

Who else but Mo Ruo, who spends his days with fine wine and ladies? Ji Yunshu did not answer his question directly, but asked instead, “Then, Teacher, other than these findings, have you discovered anything?”

The physician nodded, “There’s nothing else. His brain abnormality could be said to be serious, but also not serious at the same time. In all my years as a physician, this is the first time this one has encountered such a case and so I am inadequate in evaluating it. If Teacher is worried, then this one suggests having a second physician take a look.”

“Many thanks.”

“This one would write up a prescription for the young master to drink; if he is not in pain anymore, then there is nothing serious to worry about.” Jing Rong sent someone to prepare the prescription, and night quickly fell in the hustle and bustle. Ji Yunshu remained by Wei Yi’s side, afraid something untoward would happen to him if she even looked away. Jing Rong stayed by her side, until Lang Po tiptoed in and whispered something in his ear.

His brows furrowed, and he walked over to Ji Yunshu, “Imperial Father has summoned me. I need to make a trip to the Palace; I might not be back tonight.” Ji Yunshu nodded.

“When Mo Ruo feels better tomorrow, this Prince will summon him to examine Wei Yi properly.”


Jing Rong knew that Ji Yunshu was worried about Wei Yi, and this worry was much like that for a loved one, for a family member, and so he was the least bit jealous. Just as he creeped out of the room, Ji Yunshu caught up to him, holding onto his hand. Jing Rong stopped momentarily and turned to look at her, “Stay here, don’t worry. Leave everything to me.”

“Jing Rong…”

“I know what you’re worried about. It’s alright - I don’t take unnecessary risks, much less gamble on uncertain odds.”

Ji Yunshu nodded, her hand clasped by Jing Rong as she attempted to retract it. She was enveloped in his embrace, his lips falling on her ear as he said, “Yunshu, we have been through so many things together, but you have never once fully trusted me. Just this time, you should believe me.”

With tears brimming in her eyes and hands tightly wrapped around Jing Rong’s waist, she nodded. Jing Rong bent down and planted a light kiss on her forehead, loosening his grip and left for the Imperial Palace.

By the time Ji Yunshu returned to the room, Wei Yi was already awake. She asked, “You’re awake! Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Wei Yi scratched his head and he blinked a couple of times. He sat up in bed, licked his dry, cracked lips, and pointed to a teapot on the table, “I’m thirsty.”

Ji Yunshu poured out some water for him. Wei Yi gulped down several cups, then rubbed his belly, “I’m hungry.”

Ji Yunshu ordered for some dishes to be prepared, and Wei Yi wolfed down multiple bowls as if he had never eaten. He did not look sick at all! When he was all fed and satisfied, he broke out into a large grin, “”Shu’er, I’m full.”

“Is your head still hurting?”

“Not anymore,” he shook his head.

“That’s good,” Ji Yunshu heaved a sigh of relief.

With his clear and expectant gaze, Wei YI stared closely at Ji Yunshu, reaching out to tug on her sleeve as he asked softly, “Shu’er, will you ever leave me?”

Ji Yunshu shook her head.

The Imperial Palace.

Qi Zhen Emperor had finally regained his health, and he was able to leave his bed and sat on his dragon throne with Zhang Quan’s assistance. He coughed, speaking directly to Jing Yi and Jing Rong who stood before his throne, “Do you know why this Emperor has summoned you today?”

Jing Yi volunteered, “Is it about the Crown Prince, Imperial Father?”

“That imbecile is no longer the Crown Prince,” Qi Zhen Emperor seethed.

“Yes, this Son is wrong - it is about Imperial Brother.”

Although Qi Zhen Emperor called him ‘imbecile’, how could he not be sad? In front of his two outstanding sons, however, he was furious at Jing Hua’s ineptness. He sighed, “Jing Hua is already dead. Even though this Emperor has stripped him of his title, he is still this Emperor’s son. His funeral rites must still be carried out befitting of his Crown Prince status, so that he doesn’t leave too uncomfortably.”

He glanced at Jing Yi and Jing Rong as he spoke, “Which one of you would be willing to manage Jing Hua’s funeral rites and procession? This Emperor would not have peace of mind if this matter were to be handed over to the Han Academy.”

Jing Yi wanted to gain credit, but before he could step forward, Jing Rong had made his move and intercepted, “Imperial Father, please hand the task to this Son.” In all these years, this was the first time Jing Rong had ever sought a royal decree, startling Jing Yi.

Qi Zhen Emperor nodded, “Mm, then this matter is now in your hands.”

“This Son understands!”

Qi Zhen Emperor dwelled no longer on Jing Hua, and he moved on to another subject entirely, “These few days, several court officials have submitted appeals describing the disappearance of the silvers the court has sent to various provinces for emergency relief. This has angered the people, and this Emperor is equally puzzled - how have all these silvers gone missing without a trace? If they had been embezzled by the officials, then they could still be traced. But these relief silvers were delivered directly to the local government, so there would be no chance for those greedy provincial officials to pocket any. None of the men sent to investigate have brought back any results; it is a strange situation indeed.”

Qi Zhen Emperor did not bring this up without reason, especially before Jing Rong and Jing Yi.

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