Chapter 305 - What Are You Afraid Of?

Chapter 305 - What Are You Afraid Of?

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At the Rong Estate.

As soon as Jing Rong came back, he encountered someone, and that person blocked his way boldly.

“The punching bag has returned!”

Wei Yi’s voice resounded loud and clear. He was still holding a big peach blossom and was flaunting at him. At his side, Lu Jiang kept tugging at Wei Yi, trying to stop that young master from acting inappropriately.

Wei Yi paid him no heed and continued to say, “Big Brother, quickly look. The flowers here can’t compare to the pretty peach blossom I picked up.”

Once again, he swayed the peach blossom in front of Jing Rong.

Jing Rong’s expression didn’t show any ripples. He swatted away the branch with the peach blossom lightly, to stop Wei Yi from continuing to shake it in front of him, then he looked toward the rear court. He turned his gaze toward Lu Jiang, “Where is he?”

Lu Jiang replied, “Near the corridor in the rear court.”

“Take care of Wei Yi, don’t let him come over.”

“Yes, your Highness!”

Then, Jing Rong proceeded in the direction of the rear court.

However, Wei Yi was like a piece of gum, sticking to Jing Rong. He was adamant in following Jing Rong. Lu Jiang had no other choice but to drag him away and coax him like a little kid. “Young Master Wei, come with me. Let’s go eat candies.”

“Don’t wanna.” Wei Yi pouted.

“You don’t want to eat sugar figurine?”


“How about we go fly some kites?”

“I don’t want to.”

Lu Jiang was having a headache. That guy isn’t human! He is acting like my frigging ancestor! However, Lu Jiang continued to ask with patience. “Then, what do you want?”

Wei Yi rubbed his smooth chin and pondered a moment. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled as he declared, “I want to eat tofu pudding.”

Lu Jiang almost choked on his saliva. He took a few breaths before agreeing, “Fine. Then, let’s go eat tofu pudding.”

Without delay, he brought this ancestor out to buy tofu pudding.

Meanwhile, Jing Rong went to the rear court. Ji Yunshu was already waiting for him in a pavilion.

Her slender body stood at the entrance of the pavilion near an outdoor corridor. A feeling of desolation shrouded her, causing anyone to have soft feelings at the sight of her appearance. He suddenly had the urge to run up to her and hold her into his embrace. As sudden the urge came, as quickly, he repressed it because there were too many misunderstandings that led to their estrangement, creating a gap in their genuine feelings.

Ji Yunshu noticed Jing Rong coming toward her. She tightened her grip on her lapel subconsciously because his gaze was too serene. It caused her to panic inside.

Finally, he stopped in front of her.

“Are your injuries recovering?” She asked in concern.

Jing Rong went next to her. His gaze averted toward the bamboo grove in the yard. He lightly nodded.

She raised her hand, wanting to grab his sleeve, but her hand stopped midair, unable to go forward. “How is Mo Ruo?” her voice was laden with repressed emotions as she asked.

“Not very good.”

“What about you?”

Jing Rong stiffened as he lost his voice for a moment. He glanced at her face furrowed with worry. He hardened his heart and said, “This Prince is fine.”

Years of stubborness had led him to be unable to admit his mistakes nor show weakness. At that moment, his words caused Ji Yunshu’s heart to ache.

Silence fell between them.

After a moment, Jing Rong decided to be blunt. “I heard from Mo Ruo you met with Old General Li?”


“What did he say to you?”

She shook her head. “Nothing of importance.”

“Then, what did you talk with him about?”

“I told him to never return to the capital.”

“What did you talk about with Kong Yu?”

“Nothing of importance!”

It seemed as if she was stubbornly repeating herself.

He asked once more. “Then, what did Kong Yu say to you?”

Her heart sank, but she softly uttered, “She wanted me to tell you that her choice is her own, and you have nothing to feel guilty about. If there is a second life, she would still make the same decision and act the same.”

Jing Rong smiled. “Since you do not want to tell me some things, I won’t pry further.” He paused a moment before continuing, “I want to ask you one last thing. Does the Crown Prince’s rebellion have anything to do with you?”

She stated firmly, “No.”

“It’s good that his revolt had nothing to do with you. Tell me, what did you agree on with Jing Yi?”

The question finally came!

Jing Rong looked at her in earnest. The expectation in his beautiful eyes could be clearly seen. However, they both remained calm which was quite shocking considering the sensitive topic.

Instead of answering, she threw back a question. “Do you really want to know?”


He didn’t put on a pretense. He wanted her honest answer; he wanted the truth.

Ji Yunshu took a deep breath. She felt as if her throat shrunk and she was choking. The words rolled on her tongue, but nothing was said for a long moment. Finally, she was ready.

“Prince Yi told me that he could save you. However, to save you, the Crown Prince had to take the fall. He also promised me he wouldn’t take the Crown Prince’s life. In exchange, I must leave you and follow him instead. If I didn’t agree that very day, he would had you killed in prison. I had no other choice but to agree to his conditions. I don’t want you to die. I don’t want to look at you dying without doing anything!”

She felt her throat constricted, and the words difficult to choke out. “I… I really didn’t want… you to be the second Ji Pei. I don’t want you to die in front of me.”

She was terrified, terrified of losing her loved ones. She didn’t want to feel that helplessness of watching her love breathing his last breath in front of her and be powerless to change it.

Jing Rong was shaken by her words. Then, his heart was washed by anger but quickly replaced by distress. It made him scowl. “Are you really leaving me?”

Ji Yunshu met with his gaze. She shook her head. “I once said this life I can’t be apart from you.”

“Then, what are you afraid of?”

His words made her feel sour.

The next moment, Jing Rong spread his arms and pulled her into his embrace overbearingly. His chin rested lightly on top of her head.

“Yunshu, don’t be afraid; There is me. With me here, there is no need for you to worry about anything. From henceforth, let me handle all those troublesome matters for you,” he declared with confidence.

Those words surpassed any vow of undying love. He held her tightly in his arms, afraid that at any moment, his dearest person would suddenly disappear.

The warmth of his embrace gave her energy as if she had her batteries swapped. Previously, she was reaching her wit's end, but the instant he hugged her, she felt her spirit rise and her exhaustion vanished.

Right! What did she need to be afraid of? She had Jing Rong, so there was no need to handle everything on her own.

While they were hugging each other tightly, they didn’t notice Wei Yi’s presence not far from them. He was still holding a few branches of peach flowers, but his radiant smile had gradually faded from his visage. His joy was replaced by feelings of loss and sadness.

An uncomfortable sensation surged within him, filling his heart and making his head buz. It annoyed him, making his head feel painful. He bite his lips. His legs softened, causing him to stagger back a few steps. His back knocked against the wall which he held onto for support, but the pain was such that he had to crouch down.

He let go of the flowers to hold onto his head.

Lu Jiang, who was out for a while to buy the tofu pudding, came right at that moment. Shocked by the abnormal scene, he threw away the tofu pudding and ran to Wei Yi.

“Young Master Wei, how are you feeling?”


“Where is the pain?”

“My head!”

“This…” Lu Jiang became flustered.

The commotion they made alarmed Jing Rong and Ji Yunshu. When Ji Yunshu looked to the side and saw the situation, she immediately rushed to Wei Yi.

She crouched next to Wei Yi and questioned him urgently.

“Wei Yi, how are you feeling?” The worries could be felt.

When he heard her voice, Wei Yi slowly raised his head. His pale lips trembled as he tried to speak. “Shu’er… It hurts… I… Am I going to die?”

“You won’t.”

“I…” He had yet to finish speaking, but a new wave of pain caused him to faint.

Jing Rong ordered Lu Jiang, “Hurry and bring the doctor here!”

Without delay, he pulled up the unconscious Wei Yi and carried him on his back into the house.

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