Chapter 300 - Kong Yu's Death

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“Then why did you kill the Crown Prince this time?” Ji Yunshu asked under her breath.

Kong Yu did not flinch, or even deny, “Miss Ji is indeed clever.” She let out a bitter laugh, “I guess, this must be a sign from the heavens. Someone who has sinned cannot hide it forever.”

“Didn’t you decide not to hide it? Otherwise, you would never have let me enter the palace.”

Kong Yu took a deep breath as she met Ji Yunshu’s gaze, “Miss Ji, you’re not me, so you would never understand. To protect someone, I would even die. I know the Crown Prince could have never planned the fire at Chengqing Hall, but this is a crime he must bear in order to save Ah Rong. Only with his death will the opportunity to reverse the situation be eternally deprived of him.” It was a ridiculous reason for murder, but it was so true and sincere, so touching.

Ji Yunshu’s eyes were brimming with tears and she turned away to look at the floor. After a long while, she finally said, “You knew that there was no turning back.”

Kong Yu was honest, “I knew. From the moment I accidentally killed Yuchi General, I knew that there was no turning back for me.” Her voice trailed off weakly, her clear eyes betraying no emotion.

Ji Yunshu felt a lump in her throat, “Then, do you regret it?”

She smiled and shook her head, “I don’t.” She continued, “Miss Ji, can you promise me two things?” She looked at Ji Yunshu sincerely, pleading.

There was no hesitation as Ji Yunshu nodded, “Speak your mind.”

Kong Yu answered, “I hope that you can help me send Juan’er out of the palace; I don’t want her to spend her life in the palace.” This was the first promise.

Ji Yunshu agreed readily.

“If there comes a day when Ah Rong becomes embroiled in a never-ending struggle, I hope that you can help him, help him turn back.” This was the second promise; Kong Yu was a clever woman, as she had predicted what was about to happen.

Ji Yunshu nodded, “I promise you.”

“Thank you.” Kong Yu was finally at peace. She suddenly clutched her chest, furrowing her brows, as blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth. Ji Yunshu barely caught her as she collapsed to the ground, still smiling.

“Why?” Ji Yunshu asked in astonishment.

“This... this is my own decision, I won’t regret it. Ever since… I wed the Crown Prince, I was prepared to make this decision - I must serve penance for my own mistakes.”

“But you didn’t have to,” Ji Yunshu choked.

“There was no other choice. Miss Ji, please… could you promise me one more thing?” She used the last of her remaining strength and grabbed onto Ji Yunshu’s hands.


Kong Yu’s pale face was flushed as she continued, “Please… tell Ah Rong, if… if there is a next life, I will still love him conditionally, still… keep by his side… please also tell him that he doesn’t… doesn’t have to feel apologetic nor sorry towards me. I did all these things… willingly.”

“Miss Kong…” Ji Yunshu’s tears fell uncontrollably.

Kong Yu’s unfocused gaze fell on the rain outside and she smiled, blood continually pouring out of her mouth and over her neck and gown, “I think, I think I see a peach blossom forest. There is someone… sitting under a peach blossom tree, looking up at the falling peach blossoms, he’s… he’s waiting for me, so I’m running… running towards him, I can slowly… see his brows, eyes, nose, lips, and…” Her voice grew feebler and more slurred. Her hand slowly slid down Ji Yunshu’s hand, her eyes slowly closing, still smiling as she grew limp in Ji Yunshu’s arms.

“Miss Kong?” Ji Yunshu could barely be heard over the rain, and Kong Yu failed to respond. Ji Yunshu’s eyes were red from crying and overwhelming pain; at this moment, she had lost all reason as she sat trembling.

When she finally shifted her gaze away, she saw Mo Ruo standing at the gates. He stood there stiffly in disbelief, staring at Kong Yu. He stumbled backwards, then approached them, gently placing Kong Yu into his own embrace as he read her pulse.

“Arsenic!” Mo Ruo let out a cry of despair, as he removed his fingers from Kong Yu’s wrist, carefully caressing her deathly white face.

It took a long time before he raised his bloodshot eyes at Ji Yunshu, “Why?”

Ji Yunshu sniffled, swallowing all her remaining tears as she stood up, “With the Crown Prince dead, she must not have felt like living anymore.” Ji Yunshu lied! She had decided to hide everything, including the fact that Kong Yu had killed Yuchi Lin and the Crown Prince.

“Then, what did she tell you?”

Ji Yunshu shook her head as she turned to leave, not even glancing back at Mo Ruo.

She walked out into the rain, out of the palace, onto the streets as if she had lost her soul, as if nothing mattered anymore. The heavy rain blinded her as she walked into passerby after passerby, her slender shoulders knocking into one person after another.

Her body could not tolerate it anymore, and her weakened body was flung backwards by the force of an incoming passerby but she was thrown into someone else and both of them fell to the ground together. “Ah!” The person Ji Yunshu ran into let out a sharp cry, knocking some sense into Ji Yunshu simultaneously.

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