Chapter 282 - Too Bad, Such a Pity...

Chapter 282 - Too Bad, Such a Pity...

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“If he is harmed in any way, I will kill you!”

The killing intent emanating from Jing Rong was palpable. He was quite agitated, and his fists were tightly clenched.

The more he was agitated because of Ji Yunshu, the more pleased Jing Yi grew.

Jing Yi parked himself in front of Jing Rong, towering him with condescension. He grinned maliciously. “You are now a criminal. Don’t you know your life is hardly a guarantee?”

Jing Rong felt his throat constricted. He pressed his lips together until they were as thin as a thread. He could only grip onto the wooden barrier to vent his helplessness. Mustering his strength, he used the barrier to prop up his cumbersome body. There was an iciness seeping through his eyes which made onlookers shudder.

Jing Yi stepped back in a hurry. He shivered.

“You should know how I am. I do what I say. You touch him; I will kill you.”

This was a naked threat.

Jing Yi regained his smirk. “Are you threatening me? Good. I want to try something. I’ll watch and see if you can kill me after I kill him.” What he said wasn’t empty words. He was ready to end Ji Yunshu’s life.


“Do you dare gamble his life?”

Jing Rong felt stifled as if his heart was being squeezed. He was trapped. Jing Yi had Ji Yunshu’s life in his hand. The threat was no hot air. He could deliver what he said.

“What should I do so you release him?”

“It’s very simple. If there is a breakthrough with the current matter Imperial Father has ordered me to investigate, I will naturally release Teacher Ji… Well, as long as you sign the confession…”

Jing Rong’s expression shone. He was about to voice his thoughts, but Ji Yunshu cut him off.

“Don’t believe him. Your Highness is innocent. If you accept to bear the responsibility of regicide because of me, I will be damned for all eternity.”

Jing Rong looked at her. “I can’t let anything happen to you.”

“I will be fine,” she vetoed. Then, she directed at Jing Yi, “Prince Yi, this lowly one understands a few things about the laws and rules of Great Lin. I would like to ask which ones correspond to trespassing into the prison?”

Urgh! Jing Yi swallowed his words at her question.

Ji Yunshu continued. “According to rule number 32 of the Great Lin’s code of laws: Any individual who enters the prison with a weapon, kills a law enforcer and/or participates in a jailbreak will be sanctioned to death. This lowly one had no weapon, didn’t kill any law enforcer and didn’t help any convict escape. At most, this lowly one is guilty of duping law enforcers.”

“Good… What a clever mouth. No wonder Prince Rong treats you as a distinguished guest, going as far as protecting you.”

“If your Highness wishes to kill me, are you ready to bear the infamy of killing an innocent randomly?”

Justice was on her side, she could be bold and confident. There was nothing to fear.

Fortunately, in the past, Magistrate Liu in Jinjiang would send her a few books. In addition, through processing numerous legal documents and cases, her interest was piqued and in her leisure time, she would read through the Great Lin legal code.


“Teacher Ji is a gifted scholar. Fine. Since you have mentioned the rules and laws, this Prince will comply accordingly. I will spare your life. Although life can be spared, the punishment cannot be forgone.” He snapped his fingers.

An imperial guard answered his summon.

“Send Gentleman Mo out of the palace. As for Teacher Ji, keep him in the interrogation room. This Prince will personally… interrogate him.”

“Yes, your Highness!” An imperial guard led Ji Yunshu to the interrogation room.

Mo Ruo flung back his sleeves and was pushed out of the prison. “Prince Yi, Teacher Ji was brought into the palace by me. If you want to interrogate him, then interrogate me. There’s no need for you to make things difficult for a scholar that has no strength to strut a chicken,” he urgently spoke.

A scholar?

Jing Yi’s expression darkened. “From what this Prince can see, he isn’t a simple scholar but a very intelligent person.” His words contained a deeper meaning. Then, he gestured. “You haven’t sent Gentleman Mo away yet?”

Four imperial guards made their moves and dragged the struggling Mo Ruo away.

Jing Yi turned back and said, “Rest assured. After I’m done with the interrogation, I’ll escort him safely outside the palace.” He left straight for the interrogation room after he was done speaking.

Once Jing Yi was out of sight, Jing Rong stopped enduring and kneeled down. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

Inside the interrogation room.

Ji Yunshu was tied to a bloody wooden stake. She shrunk back when Jing Yi arrived. It was a dim room with the constant stench of blood, rot and mold. Ji Yunshu wrinkled her nose and panted in discomfort. Her keen nose picked up too many stimuli causing her to feel a rising nausea.

Jing Yi held his hands behind his back and walked towards her. He stared her down from head to toe. The corner of his mouth slightly curled up.

Then, he extended his fingers to lightly stroke Ji Yunshu’s ear. She moved her head away and glared at him.

The more she resisted, the more interested he became. His hand continued to wantonly trace her ear, then her fair cheek until he reached her faint scar.

“Teacher Ji, you wore a mask before, but now without the mask, your appearance leaves me breathless.” He sounded like a farmish wolf that wished to gnaw her to the bone.

She struggled to avoid the touch of his fingers, but Jing Yi grabbed her jaw and raised it higher. He examined her while uttering, “This is clearly the face of a beautiful woman, but to disguise yourself as a man… What a waste.”

“Let go!” Ji Yunshu spat out.

His grip became stronger instead.

“This Prince doesn’t understand why the Ji family wanted to send Ji Muqing into the palace to be the Crown Princess instead of you. Too bad, such a pity…”

Too bad your sister!

Ji Yunshu sneered. “Prince Yi, would you like to know the reason?”

“I am all ears!”

“Because an intelligent person would not rack their brain scheming to seize power and status that did not belong to them.”

“What are you insinuating?”

“Don’t tell me I wasn’t clear enough? What your Highness is doing is not to grab the Crown Prince’s position so you can be the Emperor? However, since ancient times, princes like that only ever see one of two fates - revile by the people or a life lost amidst the intrigues and faction fights.”

History was fraught with such anecdotes, even the outstanding Qin Shihuang cannot escape the struggle of throne fight.

Her words continued to fuel Jing Yi’s interest.

This woman is very interesting. He raised her jaw a bit higher. He lowered his head and faced her unyielding, icy eyes.

“What a glibbed tongue. This Prince is very fond of your speech. Miss Ji’s intelligence and unyielding temperament awe me. Leaving such a clever woman at Jing Rong’s side is truly a waste!”

Emphasizing that it was a waste and a pity every-so sentence made it seem as though he was sincerely woeful about it.

“Why don’t you follow this Prince? You can be my distinguished guest at the Yi Estate. You might not need to be fretful and on edge all day long.”

Spit! I don’t give a damn.

Ji Yunshu bit her lips and violently twisted away from his vice grip. “Since your Highness does not intend to kill me, are you bringing me here only to state theses? Why don’t you get right to the point?” she bluntly remarked.

Jing Yi chuckled. He stepped back. His treacherous smirk reappeared hung on his face again. “Miss Ji, aren’t you very good at making deals with people? How about we make a deal?”

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