Chapter 281 - If you touch a single hair, I will kill you!

Chapter 281 - If you touch a single hair, I will kill you!

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“You’re injured. It is painful?”

Jing Rong shook his head. “Don’t worry. I won’t die from these minor injuries.”

How unreasonable!

This wasn’t the first time Jing Rong tried to be brave by minimizing his problems.

If they weren’t separated by the prison fence, this pair of unfortunate mandarin ducks would have rushed into each other’s embraces and cried bitterly.

As a spectator, Mo Ruo squinted his eyes while feeling depressed. He squatted down and took out a white medicine bottle, which he placed on the floor. “This medicine was specially made by me. You two should quickly settle your things because it isn’t suitable to stay here for a long time. Prince Yi might come at any moment.”

Ji Yunshu used her sleeve to wipe her tears, took the medicine bottle, and opened it. She wanted to smear some of the medicine on Jing Rong’s wounds, but he lightly pushed her hand away.

“Mo Ruo is right. Quickly leave.” He paused before continuing, “Prince Yi cannot kill me. He has yet to hear what he wants from me, so nothing serious will happen to me. After a while, Imperial Father will summon me. At that time, I will report the situation clearly. If he believes me, I will be released again.”

Ji Yunshu asked, “If he doesn’t?”

“Then, it is the will of heaven,” Jing Rong said carelessly.

Suddenly, his tone became serious as he said, “Yunshu, promise me that you won’t involve yourself in this matter. Furthermore, if something goes awry, leave the capital with Wei Yi immediately. Lu Jiang and Lang Po will escort you to a safer place. Afterward, never come back to the capital.”

His words sounded like his last will.

Ji Yunshu shook her head and stubbornly said, “You will be fine. I won’t let anything happen.”

“Yunshu, listen to me… As soon something happens to me, you… must leave the capital while it’s safe. Without me… Jing Yi will not let you go. Imperial Father too… As long as you are safe, I don’t care about anything else… even death.”

“Don’t say that!” Ji Yunshu reprimanded him. “You have always protected me, be it in Jinjiang or now. How can I leave the capital by myself at this time when you need me the most? Didn’t you say that you wanted us to hold hands until our hair turns gray?”


“To hold hands until our hair turns gray… It’s a promise that will never change no matter what.”

Jing Rong tightly held Ji Yunshu’s hand, and his eyes turned redder, storming with emotions.

Ji Yunshu breathed in before she said with determination, “I will find the evidence to save you.”

Covered in injuries, Jing Rong gradually had no strength left to speak, and his leaden body slumped over the wooden barrier. He opened his mouth and moved his cracked lips, but there were only muted words.

Mo Ruo urged her, saying, “The most important thing now is to go find evidence. Since that old fox dared to assassinate the Emperor, he must have put lots of effort into it.”

“What sparked the fire wasn’t the lanterns but the iron wires that supported them. Those wires must have been smeared with explosive powder. The heat from the candles must have caused the explosion and fire to start. Those iron wires are the only evidence.”

“You mean you want to scavenge the iron wires.”

She nodded.

Mo Ruo’s expression changed as he frowned with worry. “Chengqing Hall is in complete ruins now, and the evidence must have turned to ashes. Besides, how are you going to get in there?”

It was an important point to consider.

After a moment of pondering, Ji Yunshu’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Don’t forget that there is that person in the palace.”

“Kong Yu?”

When Jing Rong fell into a predicament, Kong Yu had immediately sent a letter. It was obvious that her desire to save Jing Rong wasn’t smaller than Ji Yunshu’s. With Kong Yu’s help, it wouldn’t be too difficult to access the ruins of Chengqing hall to search for evidence.

Suddenly, Jing Rong became agitated. He wanted to say something, but speaking was arduous. His expression was unclear. After a moment, he uttered, “I… remembered something very important.”


He continued, “Using only… the lanterns and wires to kill the Emperor? There are… too many uncertainties.”

They were chilled by his words.

Ji Yunshu was shocked. Her brain suddenly went at full throttle. “You are saying that…”

“Perhaps… his target… is not Imperial Father,” Jing Rong gradually muttered incomprehensibly.


After those words came out of his mouth, they suddenly heard footsteps echoing through the prison corridor. The sounds were dangerously approaching them. Mo Ruo became alert, and he pulled up Ji Yunshu quickly.

Ji Yunshu hurriedly covered her head with her cloak and silently retreated behind Mo Ruo. Soon after, Jing Yi arrived in haste. He was filled with killing intent and glanced around. When he saw that Jing Rong was still in his prison cell, he let out a sigh of relief. Then, he raised his hand. A resounding slap hit the imperial guard who had blocked Ji Yunshu and Mo Ruo earlier.

He snapped, “Why didn’t you notify this Prince of Gentleman Mo’s arrival? He is of noble character, so how could this Prince let him come to this filthy place filled with ignoble criminals.”

His slap was very ruthless, leaving behind the imprint of his five fingers.

The Imperial Guard had his head lowered and apologized, saying, “This lowly servant knows his mistake.”

“Guards, drag him out and cane him 50 times.”

“Yes, your Highness!”

The guard got dragged away to met his punishment. It was obvious that he was going to be made into an example.

Mo Ruo watched the play unfold in front of him while sneering inwardly at how retarded Jing Yi was.

“Isn’t he just a lowly imperial guard? Is there a need for Prince Yi to be so nervous? I just came for a little visit. That’s all. First, I didn’t bring anything. Second, I didn’t take anything out.” He spread out his empty hands, appearing all innocent.

Jing Yi smiled. He shifted his gaze to Jing Rong. “Gentleman Mo has unique privileges. You can go almost anywhere inside the palace, but those imprisoned in the imperial prison have committed felonies. If one of them escape, this Prince would also be punished. Since you only came here to take a look, I suggest you leave quickly.”

“Certainly,” Mo Ruo replied perfunctorily.

He tugged at Ji Yunshu to leave. However, when they passed by Jing Yi, the latter suddenly grabbed her arm and yanked her back.

Leniency wasn’t in his vocabulary, and he used great strength.

She staggered a few steps back. Due to the violent momentum, the hood obscuring her face slid down. The tie on her cloak also came loose, and the cloak easily dropped to the floor. Her countenance was revealed.

Mo Ruo wanted to pull her behind him, but a guard blocked him.

“Oh! It’s Teacher Ji.” Jing Yi raised an eyebrow with feigned surprise. “What a surprise! I didn’t know you had such a good relationship with Prince Rong - braving dangers and taking great risks to go into the imperial prison. How admirable. This Prince envies Prince Rong for having such a loyal aid.”

“I am the one who snuck in. This has nothing to do with others.”

She twisted her body, but her movements were restrained by the vice grip on her shoulder.

“Very well!” A vicious expression loomed on his face as he ordered, “Guards, capture him!”

At once, the imperial guards detained Ji Yunshu.

“Let her go!” Jing Rong bellowed with all the strength he could muster.

Jing Yi smiled even more treacherously. It appeared he had gotten Jing Rong’s weak spot.

“Let him go?” His predatory smile intensified. He pointed at Mo Ruo. “Gentleman Mo has special privileges, so it’s normal that no one can obstruct him wherever he goes in the palace. Unfortunately, Teacher Ji doesn’t have that privilege. The crime of entering the imperial prison without authorization is a capital offense.”

The hands resting on the wooden fence suddenly tightened, and a furious roar was heard. “If you touch a single hair, I will kill you!”

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