Chapter 28 - The Wei Family's Proposal

Ji Yunshu returned to her residence through the backdoor of West Side courtyard. She had just arrived in her courtyard when she chanced upon Luan’er standing outside and crying with worry.

When Luan’er saw her miss return, she had to blink twice, “Miss, you have returned.” Luan’er was tense.

Ji Yunshu usually took her time, but this time, she stared at her maidservant with narrowed eyes, “What happened? You’re always bustling with energy. Didn’t Lord Liu send someone to inform you that I wouldn’t be back for the night yesterday?” This girl, every time there was an emergency, she would get all emotional and anxious!

However, Luan’er vigorously shook her head, “It's not about that. It’s… The Wei family has come. R-right now, they are in the front hall. Just a moment ago, Master’s servant came and told me to quickly bring you there to meet the Wei family.”

The Wei family? It seems they had come to propose marriage! That ravenous wolf seriously made his move too fast. He was determined to marry her off quickly. She took a deep breath. It looked like she won’t be able to take a nap. I really have shitty luck today!

Ji Yunshu entered her room and quickly changed out of her male clothing. Then, she rolled her hair into a simple bun and put on some makeup before leaving for the front hall.

Inside the front hall, a group of people sat in a rough circle. With a quick glance, Ji Yunshu saw that the table was filled with all kind of different sized boxes. It must be the Wei family’s betrothal gifts.

Ji Shuhan noticed her arrival right away from where he sat, in the centre of the hall. Every time he saw her, his face would distort into a fierce appearance, but this time, he displayed a very benevolent appearance, “Yunshu, why did it take you so long to come? Your Uncle Wei and Aunt Wei waited for quite some time.”

Ji Yunshu looked at the Wei couple and bowed, “Uncle Wei and Aunt Wei, Yunshu is late. I hope you will forgive me.”

The Wei family had yet to speak, when the dignified looking Ji Muqing interjected, speaking in an affected manner, “Little sister is too spoiled. It’s already the hour of the snake. Did you just wake up?”

“Muqing, don’t be rude.” The words came from the Ji family’s Old Madame, Ji Yunshu’s paternal grandmother. The Old Madame was attired in dark purple silk and bluish-green satin. Embroidered onto her gown were exquisite phoenixes and peonies from a well-known embroidery shop in Suzhou. Her grey hair was rolled into a bun, combed into an extremely elegant and dignified style, decorated with jade, pearl and golden hairpins - each item the epitome of luxury. On her neck hung a necklace made out of 99 white jade pearls, coiling around her neck into two rows. The most eye-catching jewelry were the silver phoenix bracelets on both of her wrists - stories were that they were bestowed by the deceased emperor when he was still alive and were exceedingly precious.

The Old Madame’s appearance shocked Ji Yunshu; if archaeologists were fortunate enough to dig out her skeletal remains, it would turn into big news within the archeology circle. Therefore after thinking it over a few times, if she really could return to the modern world, she absolutely must record the place the Old Madame would be buried.

In any case, speaking of strange matters, the Ji family’s descendants were originally numerous and prosperous. Ji Shuhan had married four wives, yet they all died from an illness in rapid succession. Now, the Ji family’s household matters were completely grasped by the 60-year-old Old Madame Ji. 

After Old Madame Ji reprimanded Ji Muqing, she addressed Ji Yunshu, “Ah! Yunshu! For the matter of your marriage, your father and I have already helped you settle it. We have agreed to the Wei family’s proposal. In the future, when you marry, you will go to the Wei Mansion. You must keep calm and not cause a ruckus, lest you make a fool out of yourself.”

Ji Yunshu did not reply but it was already extremely clear in her heart - the most intelligent person in the Ji family was not Ji Shuhan, but that Old Madame who put on a facade of compassion and virtue. In her youth, perhaps, she must have been quite a ruthless mistress! If not, how could she sit at this position so stably, and for so long? 

Between the time when Old Madame spoke, Madame Wei was observing Ji Yunshu. Her appearance was proof of the endless satisfaction she had. She got up and amiably pulled on Ji Yunshu’s arm, gently smiling at her, “This child’s appearance is truly remarkable. I’ve often heard about you from your grandmother and father. As expected, slender and elegant, truly a match with our Yi’er.” 

She turned around and swept the hall with a glance. She was baffled. “Yi’er was just there a moment ago. Where did he disappear to in such a short time?” 

Lord Wei stated, “He must have run out just a moment ago.”

“That child. Today is his marriage proposal. Instead of looking at his soon-to-be bride he’s just running off to play?” Madame Wei was grumbling, but immediately 'consoled' Ji Yunshu. “Yunshu, don’t mind him. Yi’er might be rude, but he has a good heart. You are surely a kindhearted and an intelligent child. Don’t take offense. After you marry into our family, you need to be very tolerant and get along with him. You must not avoid our Yi’er.”

She had not even passed through their doors yet; this kind of flattering was too unreal! “Aunt Wei is teasing me. How can I, Yunshu, turn my back on Young Master Wei? A daughter’s wedding has always been the parent’s command. The matchmaker said that marrying into your home is my good fortune.” As she spoke, she raised her head and glanced at her father.

As expected, that ravenous wolf was extremely satisfied with her words! 

Madame Wei was also extremely satisfied. She nodded firmly, her eyes filled with love. Her foolish son will now soon have a wife!

Ji Shuhan stroked his beard and said to Lord Wei, “Lord Wei, you know that my daughters are my heart and flesh.”

‘I understand. If someday, you need help, you only need to tell me.” Lord Wei nodded.

“If you say so, then I’ll feel reassured. Then this marriage is settled. As for the money and the wedding gifts, we can take our time discussing it.”

Lord Wei smiled and momentarily showed a grand and imposing appearance, “My wife and I only have Yi’er. Our Wei family absolutely doesn’t lack any in terms of monetary gifts, and neither will we scrimp.” In saying so, he took a load off Ji Shuhan’s mind. There were only two reasons to marry a daughter: money and status!

Ji Yunshu stood obediently in the middle of the hall. She kept quiet, and to herself. Both families were in heated discussion over the preparations of her wedding, and her attention wandered until the Old Madame called her, “Yunshu, it would be better if you go inside to find Young Master Wei and have a nice chat with him. As for your wedding, your father and I will arrange everything for you.”

Madame Wei also hastily added, “That’s a good idea. It’s better if you go find Yi’er. You two should meet first.”

It just so happened that Ji Yunshu did not want to stay either. She simply greeted them and obediently retreated. The sharp-eyed Ji Muqing curved her phoenix eyes and did not let Ji Yunshu leave her sight until she had left.

Ji Yunshu was finally released from her abyss of suffering. She took in a deep breath of the cold fresh air and patted the place on her sleeve that was pulled by Madame Wei. My sleeve is all wrinkled! Madame Wei must be afraid that her daughter-in-law would run away!

She yawned. She was now beyond tired and had no intention of searching for Wei Yi. She would rather go back to her courtyard and take a long nap. She still needed to go to the memorial hall this afternoon! Just when she passed through a long corridor near the backyard, she heard mocking voices, “An idiot also knows how to write? This is truly an oddity in this world.”

That voice, wasn’t that the voice of her obstinate and troublesome third brother, Ji Yuanzhi?

Third Brother, Third Brother! Who is this idiot? Why is he in our home?” This time, the voice belonged to Ji Lingzhi, Ji Yunshu’s eight-year-old fourth sister.

“He is the Wei family’s idiot. In the future, he will be Third Sister’s husband.”

“I don’t want that kind of idiot as my brother-in-law. I don’t wanna…”Ji Linzghi’s sharp and shrill voice was absolutely ear-piercing.

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