Chapter 266 - You Want to Fight? Bring It On!

Chapter 266 - You Want to Fight? Bring It On!

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After discussing the weather and other gossip, Ji Wanxin returned home. Upon her return, she was splashed with icy water and, in an instant, was completely drenched. She was stunned by the suddenness of it and could only stand there motionless - hair disheveled, thoroughly wet and water dripping down all over her body.

She truly cut a sorry figure.

Ji Muqing let out a sinister laugh. She threw the empty basin down on the ground. A nefarious smile sketched over her face as she walked around her little sister. Her eyes observed her from all angles. “I told you before we came here that you are not allowed to be in contact with that tramp. Didn’t you hear me or do you take my words for air?” she snarled.

Ji Wanxin didn’t respond.

But the following moment, Ji Muqing grabbed her jaw and raised her it. She forced Ji Wanxin’s pallid face in her direction.

“Today’s lesson is only a warning. If there is a next time, you won’t be splashed with ice water. I’ll use boiling oil instead.”

She tightened her grip and yanked Ji Wanxin’s face to the side. The force was enough to destabilize Ji Wanxin’s weak body. Without surprise, she fell to the ground and scraped her palms trying to break her fall. Blood spilled out, and a scorching pain ensued.

Satisfied with her misdeed, Ji Muqing strutted away.

For a long time, Ji Wanxin couldn’t get up, but slowly, she moved her body. Suddenly a coughing fit overcame her and she felt a great discomfort in her chest. Her white, slender fingers clenched into a fist, but her sickly face didn’t show any other expression, except for the usual haggard one.

Her personal maidservant helped her up and felt how cold her young miss was. “Miss, are you alright?” the girl sobbed.

She rushed Ji Wanxin inside, heated the room with the stove and warmed her with a quilt. She also went to find a doctor to examine her young mistress. Despite her quick actions, Ji Wanxin fell sick and became bedridden for several days.

By the time she got better, it was time for Ji Muqing to enter the palace. Not long after she went into Chuxiu Palace, her behavior was completely unbridled. She forcefully occupied the best room and demanded to be served by her four maidservants. Furthermore, her ego was so inflated, she did not cease showing off her wealth. Naturally, the hairpin Concubine Xiao bestowed upon her was the recurrent object of her tales of vanity. Although everyone seemed to fawn over her, on the inside, they loathed her to death.

It happened one day. She heard that all the flowers in the imperial garden had bloomed. Thus, she changed into new clothes and took off with her two palace maids. Baskets in hand, they plucked countless flowers. Since it was now springtime, many people had come to admire the renaissance of the flowery garden. Concubines who met her politely greeted her and spoke a few words out of courtesy. However, what they received in response was contempt and getting snubbed at.

“Later when I become Empress, those old hags will all be sent into the Cold Palace,” she snorted and continued to pluck flowers.

Suddenly, she noticed a purple-colored rose. Her eyes sparkled at the rare sight - usually such flowers were red.

She was jubilant at the thought of possessing such rare flowers, but two palace maids barred her way before she could pluck it.

“Young Lady, this flower cannot be touched!”


“This flower…”

Her words were abruptly stopped by Ji Muqing’s ruthless push. In the blink of an eye, Ji Muqing had already plucked the purple blossom and raised it to her nose to take a whiff of it. The fragrance permeated her nose, refreshing her mind.


The next moment an overbearing voice was heard.

The two palace maids were frightened. They dropped the baskets of flowers on the ground, scattering its content everywhere. Such a mess was the least of their worries. They kneeled and begged for forgiveness. “Princess, have mercy! We deserve to die.”

Ji Muqing stood next to them, stupefied at their overreaction. In her distraction, she couldn’t react in time to what was coming at her.


A resounding slap, served with great ferocity, landed on her face. Furthermore, the purple rose was snatched back by the other person.

Jing Xuan looked painfully at the flower she painstakingly groomed for two years. She was distraught, and glared at Ji Muqing.

“From which wild mountain did that barbaric woman come from? How dare she pluck this Princess’ flower? How brazen!”

Ji Muqing was consumed by fury. All reason flew out of the window, leaving only impulsivity. She put her hand on her injured face and bellowed, “Barbaric woman! Do you know who I am?!”

“This Princess doesn’t care who you are. You took my flower - you should be beaten as simple as that!”


Another slap ensued.

Ji Muqing’s face turned redder and her anger continued to be fuelled by Jing Xuan.

You wanted a fight? Bring it on!

“You dare hit me?! You-” She raised her hand, about to retaliate.

Unfortunately, the palace maid beside Jing Xuan timely pulled Jing Xuan away and took her place to bear the brunt of Ji Muqing’s attack. “She is a princess, but who are you? You plucked the princess’ flower, and still dare to hit her? Are you seeking death?”

Servants were almost always just like their masters. Ji Muqing suppressed her anger, but her tears kept spilling.

Jing Xuan was not a person who would simply leave things at that. She stroked her flower with regret. Her tears were as quick to trickle. Then, she glared at the other two palace maids and ordered, “Both of you, grab her. I want you to bury her here - let her be fertilizer to my flowers!”

The palace maids shook their heads strongly, unable to fulfill her order.

Jing Xuan’s temper flared. “What are you waiting for? Do you expect me to do it myself?”

“A-as you wish.” They got up promptly and were about to capture Ji Muqing, when Ji Muqing chided.

“You dare touch me!”

“Miss Ji, we…”

Jing Xuan pushed away the two maids, interrupting the other’s words. She was taking matters into her own hands.

“If you won’t do it, this Princess will!”

She grabbed Ji Muqing’s clothes and pulled them, but at that moment, Jing Yi arrived.

“Stop, Jing Xuan!”

Jing Yi came over. His face was cold and severe as usual. He exuded a masculine temperament and, coupled with his handsome countenance, it was hard for people to detach their sights from him.

Jing Xuan immediately tugged on Jing Yi’s sleeve and started to complain. She showed him her plucked flower. “Imperial Brother, look at this. I spent two years grooming it and with great difficulty, it finally bloomed today, but who would have known that suddenly a barbarian would pluck it.”

“If it has been plucked, it has been plucked. It’s only a flower, why are you making things difficult for other people? Calm down.”

“Imperial Brother…”

“Alright, don’t cause trouble.” Jing Yi then turned to Jing Xuan’s servants and ordered, “Send her back to her palace hall.”

“Yes, your Highness!” The palace maids curtsied and escorted her. “Princess, we should go.”

She got rid of their hold and shouted with anger. “Imperial Brother! Why are you helping an outsider? I am your blood-related little sister.” She turned to Ji Muqing and yelled, “You better watch out. Next time I see you, I’ll peel off you skin!” She left immediately after spitting out her threat.

Ever since Jing Yi’s emergence, Ji Muqing had been observing him without blinking.

Jing Yi looked back and asked in a cool voice, although concern could be felt in his tone, “Does your face hurt?”

She woodenly shook her head, then hurriedly curtsied. She bit her lips lightly, acting all bashful. “It no longer hurts. You must be Prince Yi? This humble girl is the Ji Family’s daughter of the main wife, Ji Muqing. I pay my respect to his Highness, Prince Yi.”

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