Chapter 260 - Disciplinary Officer

Chapter 260 - Disciplinary Officer

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Li Zhao, oh Li Zhao, it’s still too early for you to win in a battle of wits and ruthlessness against Ji Yunshu! Who knew that rascal still overestimated himself; he narrowed his eyes, hiding his initial fear, “Don’t try to scare me - let me tell you, our estate doesn’t welcome people like you. Hurry up and scram.” He tried to push Ji Yunshu towards the gates as he spoke.


Before he could even reach the corner of Ji Yunshu’s sleeve, Li Zhao was propelled forward by something hitting the back of his head. He flapped to regain his balance but ended up falling backwards and sprawled out on the ground. His originally overfilled fishing basket was inadvertently crushed as his rear landed on it. “Damnit~” Li Zhao winced in pain, massaging his buttocks.

Uncle Ge wanted to help him up but was pushed away by Li Zhao, who picked himself up off the floor with difficulty. He then shouted angrily into the distance, “Which fool was that? Who dares to stone this Young Master? Are you sick of living? Come out and face me!”


Another stone flew across, this time hitting Li Zhao square in the forehead. Li Zhao was knocked unsteady by the force of the blow, falling to the ground once more.

Ji Yunshu was speechless as she watched this scene unfold. ‘Tsk, tsk tsk! Li Zhao, are you sure you’re not putting on your own show? Sorry, but I didn’t bring my video camera - your dreams of being crowned ‘Best Comedian’ are unfortunately dashed!’

Li Zhao panted as he picked himself up once more, this time he angrily pointed into the distance, fuming, “Who is trying to be funny? Do you believe that this Young Master will curse your entire family, ancestors and descendants? Do you believe you will be buried deep into the ground?”


“This rascal, do you want to bury this old man?” That voice was both deep and strong, undertones of fury evident as it echoed across the yard. But, only his voice was heard - he was nowhere to be seen. How strange!

However, Li Zhao’s face turned white at hearing this voice, his legs trembling much harder than before. He stammered timidly, “Grandfather, your grand… your grandson has no such intentions! How could I dare bury you? Please don’t get mad - I was just spouting nonsense, grandfather you…”

“Idiot, get out of here! Seeing you makes me irritated, just like your useless father!”

“Yes, your grandson will leave now.” Li Zhao hurriedly disappeared out of sight in an instant, leaving his fishing rod and the now flattened fishing basket behind.

Ji Yunshu was shocked speechless! So the one who spoke was none other than the ‘eccentric’ Old General Li as coined by Jing Rong!

Uncle Ge cleaned up the yard, bowing towards Ji Yunshu, “Teacher Ji, our Young Master has been a disgrace.”

She shook her head, “It’s alright!”

“Please follow this old servant this way, Teacher Ji,” Uncle Ge led her further into the estate grounds.

They turned a corner to reach a pavillion sitting centrally in the courtyard. A single lantern was lit in the pavillion, the lantern and its flame swaying unpredictably in the wind. Uncle Ge brought her into the pavillion and left swiftly after, not saying a word.

There was a folding screen dividing her and a large silhouette that seemed to be sipping tea. After a long time, Old General Li finally spoke from the other side of the screen, “Please have a seat, Teacher.”

Ji Yunshu paused. She sat down wordlessly, recalling Jing Rong’s earlier reminder.

That voice spoke again, “The tea on the table has just been brewed, please have a taste, Teacher.”

“Many thanks, Old General Li.” She picked up the teacup, fanning her slender fingers over the teacup. Moist steam from the hot tea comfortably wet the tip of her nose slightly, the overflowing aroma pleasing her senses. She took a sip, “It’s a wonderful tea; although the first notes are bitter, there is a refreshingly sweet aftertaste.”

“Does Teacher Ji know his teas?”

“No, I’ve just had many and picked up a few phrases to show off, hopefully the Old General doesn’t mind.”

“Teacher Ji does have a different charisma. I’ve heard that Teacher is a wise and smart man; to have an opportunity to meet with Teacher tonight is this old man’s honour!”

Ji Yunshu set down her cup and lowered her head humbly, “The Old General flatters me too much. Rather, it is this young one’s honour to have tea with the Old General Li who has swept the battlefields countless times in the Great Lin’s name in this pavillion tonight.”

The laughter of Old General Li could be heard through the screen as Ji Yunshu finished her sentence, “This old man is nothing more than a barbarian; Teacher has too high praise for this man, but I do not hate what I hear.” He raised his cup, “Today, let this old man toast to Teacher Ji with tea instead of wine.”

Ji Yunshu reciprocated the toast and took a sip. Old General Li finally appeared from behind the screen. Dressed loosely in black and red, his sleeves were tapered to his sides but they rippled gently in the wind. Even though he was over 67 years old, his charisma was accentuated by his stature and build, looking much like he had on the battlefield.

Ji Yunshu rose immediately, her hands clasped together, head bowed. Old General Li sat down slowly, leaving Ji Yunshu standing with the same pose. He picked up the teapot from the table and poured himself a new cup of tea.

Of course, Ji Yunshu did not falter, since Jing Rong had already prepared her for this situation! But this weird old man was really too eccentric; first hitting Li Zhao from the dark, then toasting to her with tea instead of wine while isolated by a folding screen, then now, leaving her to stand in greeting. Jing Rong did not exaggerate!

After a considerable amount of time, Old General Li rapped on the table, “Please have a seat, Teacher.”

“Many thanks to the General,” Ji Yunshu picked up her robes and sat down.

Just as she sat down, Old General Li began, “I’ve heard that the Emperor abolished the position of Disciplinary Officer back a few years ago on the basis that if there were any provincial cases to be reopened, they could directly submit an appeal to the Supreme Court. Hence, he increased the power and responsibility the Supreme Court holds, and now even the Ministry of Justice must work in their favour.”

It was true; one must have patience when speaking with the General. By right, they should be discussing the ‘Lin Capital Case’, but they have barely even scratched the surface. No wonder those who hear his name on the battlefield would flee before the battle would even begin - it would take too long to get to the point!

Thankfully however, Ji Yunshu had heaps of patience. So you want to run around in circles? Sure, this one will play along! She asked, “Why does the General suddenly bring this up?”

Old General Li squinted his eyes, wrinkling his forehead even more than he had already. He looked at Ji Yunshu seriously, asking, “If His Majesty decides to reinstate the post of Disciplinary Officer, who does the Teacher think would be a suitable candidate?”

Hm? Ji Yunshu contemplated, “It looks like the General already has someone in mind.”

Old General Li chuckled and took a sip of tea, “Teacher Ji is wiser than most men; the cases you have handled might not number in the hundreds, but it is still a substantial amount. This old man feels that it is the most appropriate if Teacher yourself were to be promoted to the post of Disciplinary Officer.”

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