Chapter 255 - Promise of Eternity

Chapter 255 - Promise of Eternity

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That wound was very small - it was easy to miss if one was not meticulous. According to Ji Yunshu’s years of experience, the wound was fresh and there had to be a significant amount of blood loss when initially inflicted. But by then, Ji Wanxin had already withdrew her hands back into her sleeves, “Yunshu, don’t worry - there’s nothing wrong. I’ll take my leave first.” She turned around and left hurriedly.

Ji Yunshu stood still, lost in her thoughts for a very long time. A frightening notion flashed through her mind, but it dissipated in a second. She shook her head and felt she was overthinking again, “How could it be possible?” Yes, how could it be possible? How could Ji Wanxin have pushed Ji Muqing, and inadvertently cause Miss Liang’s death? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

She exited the room, her frustrations momentarily swept away by the sight of the red lanterns in the courtyard. The smattering variety of lanterns in the courtyard shone brightly, but also blindingly. A bittersweet smile crept across her face unknowingly, until Jing Rong’s figure appeared once again in her sight. She backed away instinctively towards the study, but was stopped in her tracks by Jing Rong, who had put his hand across the doorway to prevent her escape.

Jing Rong looked down at the woman standing a head beneath him, smirking, “Why are you running? Are you afraid I would eat you up in the middle of the night?”

“A little bit,” Ji Yunshu replied honestly.


Are you a transmigrator too? Ji Yunshu raised an eyebrow and gave him a glance, “I still have some things to do - so you should go and rest first.”

“It’s already this late; you should rest too.”

“I… -” Jing Rong swept her up into his arms before she could finish, stirring up emotions in Ji Yunshu that she never knew existed.

“Put me down.”

“No can do!”

Ji Yunshu was placed on the bed; as soon as her back touched the soft blankets, Jing Rong came over, kneeling above her, “What should I do? It hasn’t been long since I left, but this Prince is already regretting having to wait till our wedding night - how about tonight…”

“No way!” Ji Yunshu grabbed the clothes in front of her chest protectively, sputtering nervously, “Y-you can’t be like this.”

“Why not?”

She opened and closed her mouth, barely eking out, “It’s… it’s too fast!”

Pfft-! Jing Rong chuckled, unsure what to make of the woman lying under him; he was not sure whether to laugh or cry, but did not want to give her up either. He frowned playfully, “You consider this fast? Did you know that before a prince welcomes his consort, the two would often never meet? But you and I have already been spending every day and night together for almost three months now, starting from Jinjiang to the Capital - is that still too fast?” Yunshu, dear Yunshu, this Prince feels that we are going too slowly; what should I do so that we can quicken this pace?

Who’s spending every day and night with you! Ji Yunshu gritted her teeth, her gaze tender but also stern, “If you continue to behave this way, I will make you kneel on the washboard!”

“What?” What is a washboard? Jing Rong was baffled.

Ji Yunshu continued, “It’s alright if you don’t fancy the washboard - there’s still the keyboard, or the remote control, but no changing the channels.”

“Huh?” Jing Rong was truly confused; he already did not understand the professional terminology she used during the autopsies, so why were there so many peculiarities with kneeling as well? “Woman, you are too mischievous. This Prince has knelt before my Imperial Father, the Buddha, but never before the people you mentioned. Who are they to have this Prince kneel in front of them? Unless, it’s a deity who bestows offspring? If so, then this Prince will kneel immediately.”

Kneel my foot! The corners of Ji Yunshu’s eyes and mouth twitched in disbelief. As expected, while it is difficult to communicate with people of the past, it is interesting at the same time as well. Ji Yunshu could not help but laugh. To Jing Rong, her laugh was as beautiful as the gentlest of a spring afternoon, as untarnished and pure as a pink peach blossom in full bloom.

“Yunshu,” he suddenly called out lovingly.

Ji Yunshu’s smile faded bit by bit at his voice, her last defences finally crumbling down as she met Jing Rong’s straightforward and intense gaze.

Jing Rong’s charismatic sculpted features turned slightly worried at Ji Yunshu’s gaze, his long slender fingers reaching out once more for her cheek. “Yunshu, I hope to raise our children and grow old together in this life. This Prince vows to never leave your side no matter the obstacle - this promise is eternal.”

Ji Yunshu’s eyes reddened, her tears falling onto his fingers as he finished his declaration. How could her gratefulness be possibly measured? Her smile returned, tears of joy streaming down her face.

She nodded after a long while.

Jing Rong pulled her into a backhug, removing her hair ornament from her crown. Ji Yunshu’s long black hair cascaded down onto the pillow and Jing Rong’s arms.

That night, the two of them slept comfortably in loose robes; Ji Yunshu had never had slept this comfortably in this life.

The next morning, she woke and turned to find Jing Rong’s arms still tightly wrapped around her, fast asleep. The sunlight streaming through the window fell onto Jing Rong’s profile, and Ji Yunshu reached out towards his long lashes, lightly touching them. She quickly drew them back, but was caught by Jing Rong.

He opened his eyes to see the flustered Ji Yunshu in front of him, a knowing smirk spreading across his thin lips, “You naughty little thing, it’s only morning, yet you can’t keep your hands to yourself?”

“Prove it!” She blushed indignantly, flinging her covers off as she got down from the bed, her long robes and flowing black hair swept up in one fluid motion. With her back to the light, Jing Rong stared wordlessly, thoroughly mesmerised. This woman is beautiful beyond compare; her beauty is peerless!

Ji Yunshu straightened her crumpled robe, putting up her hair with a silver hairpin. She then cooly turned around and said, “It’s time to wake up - you should be leaving.”

Oh my god, what a role reversal! Aren’t these words supposed to come from a cool and haughty male protagonist in those romance novels? Jing Rong stretched lazily instead, his hands behind his head, sitting comfortably in bed. He answered Ji Yunshu casually, “This Prince can’t bear to rise in this beautiful morning.”

Ji Yunshu turned around and narrowed her eyes at him. Sleep then! Sleep tight! Unwilling to lose, she tossed out a retort, “Actually, pigs are the same!” Pigs are naturally lazy, lazing around despite the bustling and busy morning!

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