Chapter 252 - Of Course, I Am Going After Her!

Chapter 252 - Of Course, I Am Going After Her!

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On their way from the capital yamen to Yuhua Pavilion, Ji Yunshu stopped to buy a jug of wine which Wei Yi carried back. However, contrary to its usual liveliness, the place was covered in gloom and appeared deserted. No, it wasn’t the normal kind of cold and cheerless. In fact, there were no patients at all, and even the usually busy apprentices were currently idly huddling around a stove chatting and gossiping.

Once Wei Yi entered, he hurriedly squeezed himself into their circle with wine in hand. He innocently blinked while sweeping a look at them, squatting like the rest.

Then, he asked them, “What are you talking about? I want to hear it too.” His expression was full of curiosity.

Due to Wei Yi’s sudden arrival, everyone had to make some space for him.

One of them asked him. “Little Wei Yi, where did you go yesterday?”

He grinned. “I went to find Shu’er.”

During the time he lived in Yuhua Pavilion, every single day he kept saying Shu’er this and Shu’er that, and at present, everyone knew Shu’er was Teacher Ji. So, when they heard Wei Yi, no one find it surprising. Contrariwise, someone commented, “Look at how proud you are, no one is going to fight with you.”

Wei Yi beamed a smile. Next, he poked the apprentice next to him with his elbow and returned to the main topic. “What were you saying earlier? Quick, tell me. I want to know…” He looked like a little child thirsty for knowledge.

Several apprentices started to grin with deep meaning. Then, they pointed upstairs. “Do you know who came?”


“Prince Rong. That’s why master has no energy to do anything today, saying something like he was resentful.”

Wei Yi was greatly enlightened. “Oh! He was a punching bag!”

The modern term “punching bag” eluded the apprentices. They looked at each other before shrugging. Shortly after, another apprentice continued, “Our master has had a good relationship with Prince Rong since they grew up together. Maybe they both are…” He chuckled evilly.

The rest followed suit with chuckles and groans, but innocent Wei Yi’s brain had no idea about the hidden meaning behind those words.

However, Ji Yunshu, who was nearby, didn’t miss the subtle allusions to the “good” relations between both men. She didn’t expected that those ancient people were actually quite open. It made her feel she was lagging behind term in term of open-mindness.

She lightly sighed and raised her head toward the attic, then went to Wei Yi. She took the jug of wine he was holding and without a word, she climbed upstairs.

Within the attic.

Jing Rong and Mo Ruo sat opposite of each other. Mo Ruo was shockingly making tea. He threw a piece of charcoal in the stove and placed a teapot filled with water on it. Next, he fanned the stove to make the temperature rise.

The air was suddenly filled with the faint fragrance of tea. A very refreshing scent that soothed the mind.

Jing Rong watched him with amusement and glee before inquiring, “Don’t you like drinking tea?”


“Why make a tea that you won’t drink?”

“Isn’t because of you?!”

Jing Rong was rendered speechless.

Mo Ruo raised his eyes and saw his grumpy expression which made him burst into a laugh. “It not like people can’t kill a pig if they don’t like eating pork.”

Big Bro, how funny can you be? Jing Rong’s mouth curled up, but he didn’t retort.

At that moment, Ji Yunshu had almost reached the attic and heard their conversation. She almost couldn’t restrain her laughter. Fortunately, she didn’t let out a sound. When she arrived, she placed the jug of wine on the table and spoke to Mo Ruo, “Hey! This is the wine you wanted.”

Jing Rong and Mo Ruo looked in her direction. They saw her white and slender fingers slowly rise and touch her clean and neat face. There was no surprise in their expression.

“Sit!” Mo Ruo grabbed the wine and pointed with his chin at a bamboo chair next to them, indicating her to sit down.

Jing Rong’s heated gaze, akin to the scorching flame in February, was stuck to her every move.

Ji Yunshu stated, “There is no need. I don’t plan to disturb you two.”

“Sit down!” Jing Rong uttered.

Mo Ruo acted like a bystander and continued to make tea. Ji Yunshu obediently sat down, a rare moment for her to listen to him like this.

“Did you arrive from the capital yamen?”

“How did you know?” she asked.

The corner of Jing Rong’s mouth rose into an arrogant expression. “Lang Po followed you, so I have an idea of what is going on around you.” He hurriedly added, “That’s right! That person was really not murdered by your eldest sister?”

He obviously didn’t believe the final verdict.

“I didn’t see anything, nor did all those present. In addition, there was nothing peculiar about Miss Liang’s corpse.”

“Her luck is truly good!” Jing Rong remarked.

Ji Yunshu was a bit speechless by his remark.

At that moment, Mo Ruo brought the teapot over and poured a cup which he placed in front of Ji Yunshu while asking her, “Miss Ji, can you guess what we were talking about earlier?”


“This shouldn’t be difficult for you, right?”

Heck, this is hard to guess! God knows what you two big men were gossiping about before I came? However, she pondered a moment and thought of something. “Could it be you were talking about the Emperor’s birthday?”

“Too smart!” Mo Ruo exclaimed with a laugh.

Jing Rong expression darkened as he looked at her. “So, what do you propose?”

“Your Highness is asking for my opinion?”


“But what you intend to give the Emperor has nothing do with me.”

“We are currently in the same boat, so of course, this is related to you.”

“You are you; I am me.” Ji Yunshu retorted in a light tone.

While they were bickering, Mo Ruo was enjoying the wine, that Ji Yunshu had given him, leisurely in a corner.

When Jing Rong heard Ji Yunshu making a clear cut between them, he was far from angry, instead, he found her retort funny. He took the teacup in front of Ji Yunshu and sipped a bit before declaring, “From now on until you leave the capital, there is no need to make everything so clear between us.”

She turned away her eyes and closed herself in silence.

He side glanced at Ji Yunshu and asked her, “Tell me what do you think of my black bamboo writing brush?” Once again, they returned to the main topic.

Ji Yunshu sank into contemplation before seriously giving her opinion. “Your Highness doesn’t plan to expose your tail?”

“Hmm. I like being low-key.”

“Then, present him those valuables.”

Valuables? Jing Rong frowned in incomprehension. “Didn’t This Prince tell you I want to be inconspicuous?”

“Your Highness, don’t you already know how suspicious the Emperor is? Your low-key gifts will stand out from the rest. In the Emperor’s eyes, he will think you are being deliberate. You might as well just send him pompous and precious gifts. Do as everyone does and you will be able to hide your tail and stay inconspicuous.”

Her words had enlightened him. His smile became more radiant as he lowered his eyes. This woman is frighteningly intelligent!

“Good. I’ll do as you say.”

How obedient!

Ji Yunshu took a deep breath before getting up. “I’ll go back to Bamboo Creek Garden first. I don’t want to delay the investigation of Lin Capital case further.”

She turned around and descended from the attic without waiting for Jing Rong to respond.

As soon as she left, Mo Ruo tapped the corner of the table and asked him, “Not going after her?”

Jing Rong creased his brows, but the next moment, he abruptly rose from his chair. “Of course, I am going after her!” Without delay, he ran after her.

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