Chapter 250 - The Low-key Minister Liang

Chapter 250 - The Low-key Minister Liang

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Since this was a homicide case, the runners would naturally want to handle it. Besides, Ji Yunshu had stated the cause of dead which was not off the mark. Thus, the head runner ordered his subordinate to capture Ji Muqing.

“Take her to the capital yamen to await the lord’s judgment.”

“Yes, sir!”

Ji Muqing struggled desperately while yelling that she didn’t kill anyone. As she struggled, some of her pearl hairpins got loose and fell to the ground. Her long hair unfurled, draping messily around her shoulders; It made her appeared even more miserable.

When she saw her big sister being taken away, Ji Wanxin chased after them, but after she had barely taken a few steps, Ji Yunshu had stopped her.

“If she is innocent, nothing will happen to her.”

Ji Wanxin immediately pulled her little sister’s arm. She nervously asked, her heart brimming with anxiety, “Yunshu, although Eldest Sister is usually brash and domineering, she is still our big sister, so you must save her.”

“Right now, there’s no point in saying all of that. Immediately go to the military office and inform Eldest Brother and Second Brother, let them go to the capital yamen.”

“Oh!” She heavily nodded, then suddenly had a fit of coughs and her complexion paled even more.

Ji Yunshu helped her to the carriage and gave a few instructions to the coachman before going back to the rouge store. When she was walking back, Ji Wanxin slightly lifted the carriage curtain. Her sight was locked onto Ji Yunshu’s delicate figure. Then, she discovered with surprise that the scar on the other’s face had already healed! Her forehead creased and she let go of the curtain. Right before the curtain fell, a glimpse of her fair and neat face could be seen twisting into a malevolent expression.

The carriage travelled toward the military office.

Not long after her departure, word quickly spread to the Liang family about the demise of their young miss. The people from Minister Liang’s yamen had quickly encircled the capital yamen. Minister Liang had brought his daughter’s body to the capital yamen, demanding that the murderer pay with his life as to serve as an example.

Of course, Ji Yunshu was also present, but she stood in an inconspicuous place where she could observe the situation without being disturbed.

“Lord Yi, I only have one daughter and she had been murdered! No matter what, you must punish the murderer.” His expression undergone many emotions, finally settling to deep sorrow.

Minister Liang was a low-key man at the imperial court. Although his responsibility lay in the administration of the imperial clan affairs, his presence was almost absent like a shadow. However, due to his subdued behavior, he was very appreciated by the Emperor. In the end, he was someone from the Imperial Clan Bureau who helped the Emperor manage the internal affairs within the imperial clan.

For this time’s Crown Princess selection, he was to be the master of ceremonies. Although he already knew that the Crown Prince’s Princess was chosen, this selection could also serve to select the secondary wife, and he believed his daughter still had the chance to grab a hold of that position. Since the future is uncertain, the Crown Princess might die prematurely, and his daughter could rise to prominence. Unfortunately, all his plans had become naught when he received the news of his daughter’s death. The shock almost made him tumble down the stairs. Therefore, it was quite normal for his emotions to fluctuate from grief to anger.

The Capital Governor, Lord Yi, was a tactful person and also the acting discipline inspection commission secretary which put him in charge of all the small and big matters in the capital. Despite his official rank being on par with the Minister of the Imperial Clan Bureau, the other man often met with the Emperor unlike him. Then, what the point of his official rank, was it only a decoration?!

Lord Yi promptly said, “Lord Liang, rest assured. We will handle this case according to the laws. This Official understand your pain of losing a daughter.”

You understand fart! Minister Liang was consumed by anger and grief. His eyes reddened as he looked at his daughter wrapped in a white cloth. He felt as if his heart was dying.

His gaze shifted to Ji Muqing who was kneeling on the floor. Her appearance was no longer pristine.

He waved his sleeve. “Murderers pay with their lives! My daughter was killed by you, so don’t even think of escaping death!”

How ferocious!

Ji Muqing insisted, “I didn’t kill her. She fell on her own. It has nothing to do with me!”

“What an arrogant woman! This happened in front of everyone, but you still can deny it. Today, I will take your life.” Done speaking, he pulled out a sword from one of the runners and wanted to chop Ji Muqing.

Fortunately, Governor Yi stopped him timely. “Lord Liang, this is unacceptable! Regarding this matter, I will give you an explanation, but in the meantime, reel in your anger.”

“Get out of my way!” He pushed away Lord Yi, raised the weapon and chopped down.

Ji Muqing widened her eyes, and her body collapsed softly on the floor. Her eyes were transfixed on the descending blade.


At the last minute, a small stone hit the blade, deviating from its course. The sword jumped out of Lord Liang’s hands, and fell on the floor. Due to the strong impact, Lord Liang had to retreat back several steps and finally stopped after his shoulder collided against the governor’s arm.

In the next moment, Ji Muqing loudly shouted, “Eldest Brother! Second Brother!” She was like a drowning cat grabbing onto it’s last hope as she got up and rushed to Ji Li and Ji Huan.

Then, they saw Ji Li’s icy face, Ji Huan’s fiendish expression and several sturdy and intimidating soldiers walking through the entrance.

Their postures straight as planks. All of them emanating awe-inspiring presence which simply oppressed the present crowd. If the Governor and Minister Liang didn’t mishear the murderer, she actually called Ji Li and Ji Huan Eldest Brother and Second Brother? So to say, the murderer was none other than the future Crown Princess? However, the last point was not known to the Capital Governor. This was only known by Minister Liang.

The several yamen runners who were at the crime scene before were all stunned. Was that a joke?! Didn’t Teacher Ji say that the criminal was speaking nonsense? How could the murderer actually call Ji Li and Ji Huan brothers?

Ji Li thoroughly protected Ji Muqing behind him, then he narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the corpse. His boots, embroidered with blue jade, turned toward Minister Liang, and he went to him.

His cold voice resounded. “Minister Liang, what does your daughter’s death have to do with my little sister?” He sported an expression that said that ‘this has nothing to do with us’.

Although Minister Liang had never confronted Ji Li, he did know that this man was vicious and merciless unlike his courteous facade. If not, how could he sit so firmly on the seat of the army secretary. However, there was a proverb which said, “Reason makes the world goes round.” Reason was on his side, and besides, he was mourning for his daughter at this moment. With a grim expression, he spoke, “Everyone saw that your sister pushed my daughter and sent her to her death.”

“Where is the witness?”

“Bring them!” Minister Liang gestured.

Immediately, the shopkeeper of the rouge store was lead in along with two other women who were present at the scene. They neatly kneeled to the floor.

Lord Liang ordered, “You three, explain everything that happened. Don’t leave even a single detail out.”

The shopkeeper and the two women looked at each other before the trembling shopkeeper raised her head and started to narrate. “At that time… both young ladies saw a piece makeup that they fancied. The accident took place in a corner of the store. Miss Liang was the first one to raise her hand, and then, they started brawling. Quickly, a crowd surrounded them, but because of that, I couldn’t see clearly everything. I only saw Miss Liang retreat a few steps back. Next, she seemed to stumble on something and… the rest of the story, you know it.”

When she was done, Ji Huan could no longer suppress his temper. He questioned her. “Then, did you witness who pushed her?”

The shopkeeper shook her head. She shrunk her shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”

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