Chapter 246 - Another Day, Another Jug of Wine

Chapter 246 - Another Day, Another Jug of Wine

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Mo Ruo knew what Kong Yu meant. However, he felt that he had told her too much, so he merely shook his head. “Never mind. Let nature take its course.”

He quickly shifted the subject and asked Kong Yu, “That’s right. What about you? How are you these days? Have you gotten used to life inside the palace?”

‘Used to it? Of course not!’

Kong Yu smiled. “The palace is a livelier place than Emerald Retreat. You can say it’s good - The work is well managed, but everything requires more caution or there is bound to be mistakes made. In addition, after I went into the palace, my mother didn’t even come to see me. You know how dedicated she is to the way of the Buddha, so she lacked concern about the worldly matters. Fortunately, there is Jing Xuan, who often comes to chat with me so I can kill some time.” She appeared indifferent, but her words caused people to feel distressed for her.

Mo Ruo began to raise his hand, but ultimately, decided against it and put it back down. He lowered his eyes slightly and said, “If you feel bored, I will visit the palace more often to accompany you.”

“There’s no need for that. Yuhua Pavilion must be very busy. I am fine, just have too much free time. I have to admit that being idle is also a good thing.” She refused without feeling constrained.

“You are always like this - always thinking for other people. When will you start thinking about you?”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?” Kong Yu asked.

She was obviously playing dumb.

Mo Ruo did not intend to push the topic further, but ambiguously added, “In short, you make things difficult for yourself for the sake of others, but in the end, is it worth it?” His words were vague.

However, Kong Yu understood completely. She leaned to the side, dusting off her sleeves while faintly replying, “How can I completely disregard the one dear to my heart? If I let him suffer the consequences of my selfishness, wouldn’t I be a sinner?” She was alluding to Jing Rong’s plan of asking her hand in marriage at the banquet.

Mo Ruo muttered, “So, Jing Rong really went to see you on the night of the banquet?”

She nodded in confirmation.

“Yes. He planned to ask the Emperor for permission to marry me; I refused him. Is it only to help me out of this bind that he would marry me? I would rather he doesn’t help me. Besides, my marriage to Qujiang was far from simple. Everyone knew the Emperor’s intention, so if anything unexpected happened which could derail his Majesty’s plan, it would not be just me and Jing Rong bearing the consequences, even Miss Ji could get implicated.”

Miss Ji?! She actually said Miss instead of Teacher!

Mo Ruo came to a realization. “It seems like you already knew of her identity. That’s mean that you also know about Jing Rong’s feelings?”

She nodded. A sad smile could be seen on her face. “In fact, I already had some guess when I saw her the first time in the Rong Estate.”

“Is that why you were willing to accept Qujiang’s political marriage?”

She replied casually, “There is a reason.” Soon after, she looked at Mo Ruo and added, “Forget it. Don’t mention it again. It’s already in the past. Now, tell me, did you only come to see me?”

“You could say that, and I am quite relieved seeing that you are alright.”

“You don’t need to worry about me. I am fine.”

Mo Ruo nodded then got up. He looked outside and noticed that it was already dark. He mumbled, “It’s so late and I still have to go pick up that little fool?”

“What did you say?” Kong Yu wasn’t able to make out his muttering.

“I said it’s already very late, so I have to go.”

“Then be careful on your way.”

He hummed in acknowledgment.

She immediately called a eunuch to bring Mo Ruo a lantern.

Just before he left, she stopped him, but after a long moment of hesitation, she finally said to him, “If you go to the Rong Estate, please tell him for me that I am very good, and there is no need to worry.” In the end, she added in a self-mocking tone, “I believe he had long stopped worrying about me.”

She felt quite mournful!

His heart ached for her, but he quickly concealed his expression. “Take care of yourself. Don’t think too much about other things,” he advised. Then, he took the lantern from the eunuch and added, “No need to send me off. I’m going.” He immediately left without waiting for Kong Yu to respond.

She let out a heavy sigh. Her eyes gradually reddened from sadness.

A palace maid stepped forward and inquired, “Princess, are you alright?”

“I am fine.” She shook her head to dispel the other’s worry. Then, she went back to her bedchamber.


Meanwhile, Wei Yi was sleeping, collapsed softly nowhere near a bed. His long, furnished eyelashes slightly trembled and his cheeks were red. Yet, his countenance didn’t lose any masculinity. A handsome man, he was!

He was quite tired after playing the whole day with the clay in Ji Yunshu’s possession. Despite his deep sleep, he didn’t let go of the bunch of clay animals he created, hugging them tightly.

Ji Yunshu returned to the room after washing her hands. She took a blanket hung on the dividing screen and gently covered him. He stirred before turning to the side and continued to sleep peacefully.

Bang! Thud!

However, when he turned, all the clay animals were set free, falling off from his bosom and rolling in every direction. Ji Yunshu watched the mess. She wanted to cry but had no tears.

She bent down to pick everything and put them on the table. Next, she lit up a candle and placed it in front of her. Then, she started to organise the paint she would need. After she was done, she took a black brush and painted on the clay animals. Under the glimmer of the light, her lowered eyes were riveted on it, completely absorbed in adding color stroke by stroke.

After a while, a lifelike animal emerged from her skillful hands, not to mention the color hues were gorgeous. It turned out very pretty. Ji Yunshu was in love with the end result. When the paint had nearly dried, she placed the toys on the shelf as decoration.

Suddenly, a sound was heard from outside.

“Miss Ji also knows how to play!”

A cold wind sneaked in, bringing with it the smell of alcohol. She didn’t need to turn back to know it was Mo Ruo.

He went to the table and picked up a small pig. He poked at its head with full interest.

“It’s not just me. Even Young Master Mo had a child’s heart.”

“A bit, only a little bit,” he acted with modesty.

She took back the little pig and put it back on the shelf.

Mo Ruo asked, “Where is Wei Yi? I’m taking him back.”

Taking him back? It appeared that Mo Ruo had accepted Wei Yi as one of his own people.

Ji Yunshu pointed at a place further with her chin. Mo Ruo turned around and saw Wei Yi sleeping soundly with a blanket on.

“Let him stay here today. I will send him back to your place tomorrow.”

“Fine. I’m tired today anyway, so I don’t want to move him.” He yawned. His eyes were bloodshot. He rubbed his glabella and then walked to the door. Without turning back, he spewed a sentence, “Bring a jug of wine too.”

Ji Yunshu greatly admired Mo Ruo’s character. He was free and easy with the loftiness of a man from the jianghu. If he were alive in the modern day, he would be extremely popular.

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