Chapter 242 - The Ji Sisters' Arrival

Chapter 242 - The Ji Sisters' Arrival

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Yu Province.

Green leaves flourished in the trees under the sunny weather. Sunlight spread everywhere, and it was warm and comfortable.

Rumble! Rumble!

A decorated carriage was travelling at its own pace on the mountain roads.

Behind the luxurious carriage were several ordinary vehicles carrying countless small and large chests tightly attached and secured. It gave the impression of a whole family moving away. The coachmen on the luxurious carriage informed the occupants inside, “Miss, we will shortly arrive at Yu Province. It will take another two days before we can reach the capital.”

Soon after, a sharp voice ensued. It was the whining of a woman. “Why is it taking so long to arrive?”

They had been travelling for several days, and there still remained two more days before they would arrive! That was infuriating to death!

The coachman answered, “Miss, the mountain roads are quite bumpy, so we have to reduce our speed.”

“Alright! Enough! Hurry and speed up a bit. Don’t delay our arrival!”

“Yes, Miss!”

Under the woman’s order, the coachman lifted his whip and flogged the horses’ back. The horses let out a painful neigh and accelerated their pace. The carriage picked up its speed, and shook even more from the uneven road. Soon, screams were heard coming out from the carriage.

Black tea had spilled on Ji Muqing’s precious skirt, causing her heartfelt distress; her face scrunched in displeasure. Her hands remained in midair, as she was unable to decide where to put them since her skirt was dirty. “Can’t you hold your tea? Look at what you did to my favorite skirt!” she complained.

Next to her, Ji Wanxin was not faring much better. Her hands were scalded by the hot tea. She put down her cup of tea and blew on her hands while saying, “You can wash it when we reach the capital.”

“It’s easy for you to say that when you’re not the one who was splashed,” Ji Muqing snorted. The anger had caused her complexion to turn red. She continued to complain, “Fortunately, you have not dirtied the clothes I plan to wear when attending the palace. Otherwise, watch out how I would deal with you.”

Oh la la! How vicious!

The gown she spoke off was even more luxurious than the current one: it was a custom design she had ordered from a shop in Qingzhou. It was unique and unrivaled. Ji Wanxin had yet to see it, but she heard pearls and gems were embroidered onto the clothes. Selling even one piece of it would be enough to feed a common family for a whole year.

But won’t a dress covered in precious jewels be heavy? Would the wearer be able to move around in it?

Ji Wanxin glanced at her domineering Eldest Sister, but she did not talk back. She lightly sighed, then she lifted the window curtain and looked at the shrubs and trees on the side road.

She could not conceal her growing anxiety. “Do you know how Yunshu is doing in the capital?”

Ji Muqing became tense when she heard that name. She sternly said, “You better keep in mind that our Ji family doesn’t have anyone called Ji Yunshu. She is our enemy, not a member of our family. If you dare treat her as a sibling, I will not let you off!”

“Eldest Sister…”

“She killed Third Brother, and Grandmother died of anger because of her! This time, she almost killed Big Brother. That kind of person should be tortured in the 18th layer of Hell for eternity!”

Her malice burst forth which was in concordance with her vicious temper.

Ji Wanxin’s anxiety did not diminish. She obviously did not pay any heed to her sister’s words. She insisted, “Eldest Sister, why do you blame her for Third Brother’s death? He was a murderer.”

“Shut up!” Ji Muqing snarled and pushed her in her anger. Then, she leaned forward and warned her sister, “At that time, we had already pushed the blame on that dead Luan’er, yet she refused to let Third Brother off. She sent him to the prison by force and caused him to die so tragically. Obviously, if she had pretended to be ignorant, Third Brother would not have died.”

What kind of logic was that?! That was way too twisted. Luan’er was too unfortunate.

Ji Wanxin knew that when her sister was in a fit of anger, it was useless to reason with her. It would be more productive to clean up the inside of the carriage.

Ji Muqing’s anger continued to flare. She clenched her hands into fists and repeated herself, “Wanxin, listen to me well. That damn girl is our enemy. We must retaliate when we see her. You better drill that quickly into your head.”

Ji Wanxin remained silent.

Because of her silence, Ji Muqing added, “In Eldest Brother’s letter, he said that she is currently living in the Rong Estate.”


“He mentioned that she had solved two big cases in the capital and was noticed by the Emperor,” she snorted. “Isn’t that amusing? It seems that she is now busy helping Prince Rong investigate the Lin Capital case. It’s clear she found a big patron to back her up. I wonder what kind of poison she fed him to make him protect her the same way he did in Jinjiang.” Her words were spoken out of jealousy.

Ji Wanxin was tidying up things, but when she heard the matter between Ji Yunshu and Jing Rong, her gentle eyes suddenly turned icy, and her hand tightly clenched the cup of tea she was holding.

Ji Muqing did not look at her sister. Rather, she jabbed the latter with her elbow and slyly smiled. “That’s right! Does Shen Changqin, the son of the Minister of Rites know that you are coming? Wait until I become the Crown Prince’s consort, Father will then plan your meeting with Shen Changqin.”

“Stop speaking nonsense!” Ji Wanxin twisted away from her elder sister.

“What are you being shy for? Sooner or later, he will be your husband. It’s not like meeting beforehand is against etiquette. Besides, isn’t that one of the reasons why Father wanted the both of us to come to the capital?” Ji Muqing’s tone concealed some hidden meaning.

Ji Wanxin was reluctant to continue on that topic. “You don’t need to worry about the matter between him and me.” She sat down and faintly uttered, “It’s better if you think about yourself.”

“Me? Why?” Ji Muqing pointed at herself.

Her charming eyebrows rose, showing a cute and arrogant appearance. She smiled. “What do I need to think about? In any case, that position is mine. No one can move me since that was the deceased Empress’s edict, and the Empress was the Crown Prince’s birth mother. Moreover, the Emperor’s words are gold - he can’t go back on his words.”

Ah! It certainly could not happen that the Emperor would replace her as the Crown Prince’s consort.

Ji Wanxin spoke with faint anxiety, “But you are going to the capital for the selection of the Crown Prince’s princess. There will be many maidens. If there is an accident, then you…”

Ji Muqing interrupted her with several ‘Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!’ She fiercely glared at Ji Wanxin. “Don’t speak nonsense! What accident? What kind of accident will occur? Everything has long been settled, and nothing can change the fact that I will be the Crown Princess. The selection is only for appearances’ sake. Furthermore, don’t you know how great Eldest Brother’s and Second Brother’s influence are at the court?” Her tone was brimming with displeasure.

Ji Wanxin had only said a few words, but Ji Muqing overwhelmed her with arguments.

Ji Wanxin explained herself, “I was merely telling you so you can make some preparations to avoid…”

“Fine! I know! You don’t need to remind me - I already know. I should not have let you come with me, how annoying!”

Ji Wanxin was used to her sister’s attitude, so she ignored her. Silence filled the carriage as neither wanted to converse with the other anymore.

The carriage sped up so they could reach Yu Province quickly. From there, it would take two days to reach the capital. With their arrival, the maelstrom inside the capital would only intensify.

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