Chapter 238 - Farewell, Sticky Candy!

Chapter 238 - Farewell, Sticky Candy!

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A year’s time meant that she could not take Wei Yi with her away from the capital. Ji Yunshu re-evaluated her situation, and said, “I will live in Bamboo Creek Garden from today onwards.”

“No way!” Jing Rong immediately refuted, continuing, “You have to remain by this Prince’s side, otherwise, if you get into trouble, who will clean up after your corpse?”

This man! Couldn’t you put that in a nicer manner? What a foul mouth!

Brows knit, Ji Yunshu reasoned, “The Lin Capital Case cannot be delayed any further. The coffins are here and quite some distance away from Your Highness’s estate. If I were to travel back and forth, it would waste too much time - I might as well stay here, it’s more convenient.”


She cut him off once more, continuing, “Your Highness need not worry since Shi Zijin is by my side. She will definitely protect me. What’s more, it’s peaceful and quiet here. I would prefer not to be disturbed when I’m sketching these portraits.”

Jing Rong pondered at her words, heaving a deep sigh, and said, “Then, this Prince will have Lang Po serve you.”

This was his compromise!

“Lang Po is Your Highness’s man, Shi Zijin is more than enough for me.”

“The palace will start to get busy this time of year; since I won’t be able to bring him with me into the palace, he might as well stay here. This would give this Prince peace of mind. Don’t worry, he won’t bother you.”

His tone left no room for discussion.

But… busy? What with?

Even though Ji Yunshu did not intend to ask, her curiosity got the better of her.

Jing Rong placed his hands behind his back, almost as if he had read her mind. “Imperial Father’s birthday is soon approaching. Additionally, on the day of his birthday banquet, fair ladies from all states and households would be present for the Crown Princess selection. Everyone has started preparing for it, so this Prince must also crack his brains to prepare good gifts, one for Imperial Father and one for the Crown Prince.”

The Crown Princess selection? Wouldn’t that mean that Ji Muqing would soon enter the capital? All this way from Jinjiang to the capital, she could finally no longer hide from what she had to face.

She turned away, suppressing her thoughts with her movements. “Then Your Highness should quickly go and prepare; there are so many coffins here, it would be bad luck. What’s more, Your Highness cannot stand the stench of corpses and I don’t happen to have any sesame oil-drenched raw ginger with me.”

Why did it sound so awkward? But her words also brought back memories of their first meeting at the Jinjiang memorial hall - she had stuffed a piece of raw ginger in his mouth; he thought it was poison. Just thinking of that brought a smile to Jing Rong’s face. “Then, next time, be sure to prepare it.”

“I will,” she answered.

“Did you have anything else to say?”

She lowered her head. “Not… at the moment.”

Jing Rong itched to say something but held himself back, instead ordering, “Good, then this Prince will leave first. Lang Po will bring a few servant girls over later. Although this place is peaceful, it needs to be redecorated and you need to be looked after. Of course, a room for this Prince must be prepared.”

“What?” Ji Yunshu was shocked!

Jing Rong casually questioned, “Is this Zhuxi Garden not big enough to hold this Prince?”

You are a living Buddha, and this temple is too small!’ She barely stopped herself from spurting out these words.

“Then it is decided!” Jing Rong left, satisfied.

As Jing Rong left, someone else stepped into the courtyard. It was Li Shiyan! He originally should have left with Su Ziluo for Qujiang, but who knew that the Emperor’s guards would personally “escort” Su Ziluo back, and so he could not follow along.

“Shu’er!” He called out from far away.

Ji Yunshu was startled, 'This sticky candy!'

“Why are you still here?”

“Why? Aren’t you happy to see me?” he laughed.

Ji Yunshu shook her head calmly.

“Are these coffins really dating from fourteen years ago?” Li Shiyan was like an excited tourist in the courtyard, scanning around at the sprawled out coffins.

Hmph! He has his sources! Otherwise, how could he have found this place, or known that these coffins were buried for fourteen years?

Li Shiyan knocked a coffin with his finger and exclaimed, “Phoebe wood! This household’s master must have been rich.”

Of course he was rich - these bodies belonged to the Imperial Duke’s household! What’s more, the Emperor had ordered their grand burial. If these 67 servants had Phoebe wood coffins, then the coffins of the Imperial Duke, his wife, and children, must surely be adorned with gold and silver. This would please future archeologists, for sure.

Ji Yunshu narrowed her eyes at him, “Teacher Su has already left the capital. Do you intend to stay here forever?”

“I came to bid you farewell.” He raised his head.

“Is that so? Then Master Li would need to stay safe on your journey.” She spoke in a gentle tone.

Even though sticky candy was a nuisance, he did save her life on Liang Mountain, and could be considered a gentleman.

Li Shiyan was happily taken aback by Ji Yunshu’s soft tone and words. He quickly approached her, raising his brows, “If you can’t bear it, you can ask me to stay. Who knows, this man might remain, just for you.”

Please, no! If there were airplanes here, even if I had to eat only pickled vegetables and buns for a whole month, I would save up to get you a ticket out of here!’

Ji Yunshu took two steps back and sternly said, “Master Li has eyes and ears everywhere - surely you must have heard of the disputes between our two nations. If so, then quickly leave the Great Lin - this is not where you belong!”

“I know!” His lips stiffened, “Even a smart man like Ziluo lost in the end; this Great Lin is truly full of surprises, but…” He gave Ji Yunshu a meaningful look. “It seems like the most surprising of all has to be the unseeming you!”

‘Hey! Are you complimenting or dissing me?’ Ji Yunshu was slightly more on edge.

Li Shiyan’s tone immediately turned lighter. He raised his voice, “Forget it, I’m leaving today; who knows when we will next meet again. But if the chance arises, I will definitely bring you to Qujiang to be my wife.”

Confident! Smug! Li Shiyan was not joking.

Ji Yunshu did not pick any bones with him, and did not bother to react.

Just then, Xiao Luzi ran in, rubbing his hands. He stood afar and addressed Li Shiyan, “Young Master, it’s time to leave.”

“What are you shouting for!” Li Shiyan was displeased.

Xiao Luzi did not stop. “If we do not leave now, we will have to camp in the wilderness when we leave the capital; only by leaving now will we reach Lang Province in time. There is an inn there.”

“I’ve got it, shoo!” Li Shiyan waved his hands dismissively. Xiao Luzi did not budge - he was sure to receive a beating later.

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