Chapter 234 - Goodbye, Ji Pei!

Chapter 234 - Goodbye, Ji Pei!

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Ji Li had a savage expression on his face as he inched closer towards Su Ziluo and sneered, “Weren’t you and my sister the best of couples? Did you not know that those hands of hers not only touched the dead but could also do things to the living?”

Ji Yunshu was such a good artist that changing the features of a man were child’s play!

Of course he knew that! Su Ziluo smiled, “Interesting!”

Interesting! He was a step behind Ji Yunshu’s ploy, and what’s more, he willingly fell into her trap.

Ji Yunshu wiped her tears discreetly and took a step forward despite the pain, explaining, “The man who died in jail was no more than a convict who committed a serious crime. He had a similar build, and even voice, as Secretary Ji and so he was already substituted in jail before your plan even began. You were just a step too late.”

Ji Li finished her sentence, “Thank the heavens - luckily my dear sister is smart and scheming.” He was almost proud.

Dear sister? What disgusting words.

Ji Yunshu could accept his compliments this once, however, seeing as she did save Ji Li’s life.

Su Ziluo kept himself from making a snide remark and grinned slightly, “Hm, at least now I fully understand how I lost. This Great Lin is full of talent!”

Ji Li said, “Ji Pei, your scheme has already been uncovered. Since His Majesty has allowed your safe return, I will not kill you today. But if one day we meet on the battlefield, I will spare no qualms.”

“That day will come!” Su Ziluo smiled.

Su Ziluo and Ji Yunshu were similar in character; when they were in trouble, they would be as calm and clear as the river. Even a man as calm as Ji Li could not help but become anxious in the face of his unfazedness. All Ji Li could do was to strengthen his grip on his hilt and control his anger.

Ji Yunshu glanced over at Ji Li and indicated, “Could Secretary Ji excuse us for a moment?”

“Of course, the two of you haven’t met in two years and must have many things to talk about.” Ji Li brought his men about twenty meters away, all of them turning their backs towards Ji Yunshu and Su Ziluo.

Ji Yunshu called out, “Ji Pei…”

“You better call me Teacher Su,” he interrupted her.

This phrase seemed to push them further and further away from each other until they were almost like strangers.

Ji Yunshu’s eyes reddened and she absentmindedly nodded, “When Teacher Su leaves for Qujiang tomorrow, be sure to stay safe. I’m afraid I… won’t be able to send you off.”

“...I will,” he faintly said.

“If the opportunity arises, I will definitely bring Teacher Su to the vast northern plains. I’ve heard that there are orchids that bloom day and night, the most fierce of horses and goats. As you continue North, there is a large snowy mountain with a small temple that sits at its peak, where the locals swear that all their prayers are answered. One must definitely visit it at least once, next time…”

As her voice trailed off, her eyes grew more and more watery. She trembled slightly.

Su Ziluo hung onto her every word, those images flashing across his mind as he yearned for such a day to come.

The images of such landscape grew clearer and clearer, and at last, their gazes met, and they smiled!

It was as if the thorn between them was extracted from his heart; one waited endlessly for two years, and the other pinned tirelessly for two years! Nothing else mattered anymore.

After some time, Su Ziluo removed the tassel from his sleeve and handed it to Ji Yunshu, “This was left to me by my father, keep it.”

Ji Yunshu reached over to receive it, then took out her other half and joined the two tassels. She kneeled down and secured it at Su Ziluo’s waist. “I think if your father is watching from the heavens, he would wish for you to put your hatred behind and live a good life. Since he left this pendant for you, wear it well.”

As she stood up, Su Ziluo grabbed onto her hands. His hands were always so cold unlike himself; it hadn’t changed all these years.

The two of them stood still looking at each other and said nothing for a long time.

It was time.

Ji Li brought some men over and separated them. A guard brought Su Ziluo away from the tower, with Ji Li at the head of the group. From start to end, Su Ziluo did not once look back.

“Goodbye, Ji Pei.” Her voice was weak.

A shadow jumped down beside her awkwardly - it was Li’er. He stood five meters away, the faint moonlight betraying none of his visage.

“Are you Teacher Su’s servant?”

He nodded, then raised his hands and signed a few gestures.

Ji Yunshu did not understand, “Pardon me, but I’m not sure what you are trying to tell me.”

Li’er did not give up and tried again, but Ji Yunshu still could not make heads or tails out of it. Li’er grew antsy and moved towards her, his anxious features indicating that he wanted to say something, but could not do so. He tried making a few noises, but could not express himself verbally. Ji Yunshu did her best deciphering his gestures, but it was in vain.

Li’er was disappointed. He took a look at the disappearing torch flames, took two bounds, leaped and took off, most likely after Su Ziluo.

Ji Yunshu stared unwittingly at the flickering flames, only leaving the tower when they finally disappeared from her sight. She picked up the last lantern left beneath the tower and walked back to Rong Estate feeling starkly different from when she came - she felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from her chest. It was not a bad feeling.

She saw Jing Rong waiting for her at the Rong Estate gates and could not help but recall what Su Ziluo said.

Did she really have another person in her heart? Was it… Jing Rong?

With this thought, she could not bring herself to meet Jing Rong’s gaze. She slighted her body and tried to enter the gates by getting around him. Instead, her arms were firmly held in place by Jing Rong. She was startled, her lantern almost falling to the ground.

The lights in the yard flickered dizzyingly as the chilly winds continued to blow.

Jing Rong grew grave, “How was it? Have the two of you finished what you had to say?”

She questioned instead, “Your Highness already knew that he was Ji Pei, right?”

“Yes.” He did not hide.

Ji Yunshu furrowed her brows but kept silent.

It was a long while later when Jing Rong asked worriedly, “Did you know that there would be consequences from making a deal with my imperial father? Did you ever consider the repercussions?”

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