Chapter 230 - Big Brother is not the Killer

Chapter 230 - Big Brother is not the Killer

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That thin string strangling Ji Li’s neck slowly cut into his flesh, forming a bloody wound so vicious it almost felt like it would not stop until Ji Li was decapitated.

Su Ziluo coldly remarked, “Leave in peace!”

“Ugh!” Ji Li was struggling desperately for his life, his large eyes almost popping out of their sockets. Never in his entire life had he been so afraid as he shook to his bones from the pain and suffocation.


Not long after, the Ministry of Justice came forward to report that Ji Li had committed suicide out of fear in jail! The news spread quickly, but not widely.

That same day, Ji Huan, who was imprisoned by the Emperor, was released from his holdings. Upon receiving the news of his elder brother’s death, he stood still for quite some time.

“Impossible! My Big Brother would never commit suicide!” He was adamant.

Ji Huan could only accept that his brother was dead when he saw Ji Li’s corpse lying in the jail cell for himself, covered in a white cloth. He suddenly drew his Soaring Scarlet and swung it forcefully with rage, cutting down several wooden pillars in the jail cell and frightening the several people who were present.

“Big Brother!” He knelt down beside Ji Li’s corpse and slammed a fist into the ground so hard that his knuckles began to bleed. He shook as he collapsed to the ground.

Ji Huan only rose after some time, hurrying out of the jail towards Rong Estate with a firm grip on his sword and eyes filled with hate and anger.

Ji Yunshu was standing in the sheltered courtyard as it began to drizzle. She reached out for a plum tree branch and stuck it into the cracks of a nearby pillar. Then, she heard the anxious voice of a servant outside, “General Ji, what are you doing?”

Ji Yunshu raised her head and saw Ji Huan charging angrily towards her, simultaneously drawing his Soaring Scarlet, pointing it at her from five meters away.

“I’m going to kill you.”

Ji Huan was very fast - Ji Yunshu only took a small step back when the sharp sword tip was already several millimeters from her chest.

Shi Zijin drew her sword to meet his, but she was no match for Ji Huan. He ultimately was a great general with skills to match and was wielding his Soaring Scarlet, no less. Shi Zijin had no choice but to back down after exchanging several moves, in no part aided by her earlier arm injury.

Ji Huan’s sword changed directions and he switched his target back to Ji Yunshu, the blade landed on her neck. Shi Zijin quickly got up and prepared for a battle to her death when, “Don’t come over!” Ji Yunshu raised her hand and forbade her from approaching any further.

“If you want to kill me, then do it.” Ji Yunshu lifted her head to meet Ji Huan’s gaze.

Ji Huan trembled slightly from gripping his hilt too hard. He was beside himself with rage and questioned Ji Yunshu, “Why did you do it?”

Ji Yunshu replied, “All I did was to follow imperial orders to find the true culprit.”

“You know well that Big Brother would never murder-”

“-but the man did die at his hands.”

Ji Huan scoffed, his face red from anger, “It was you! You caused Yuanzhi’s death, then grandmother’s, now Big Brother’s! I should have killed you that night!”

Heart set, his sword lightly slid past Ji Yunshu’s neck, leaving a cut.

Ji Yunshu did not avoid Ji Huan’s gaze; rather, she boldly met his eyes. “Second Brother, if you want to kill me, then do it now.”

“Good, since you so wish to die, then let me send you to accompany Big Brother.”

Ji Huan steeled himself and began to apply strength to his grip when suddenly, a stone flew towards him, hitting his sword. The immense strength behind that hit sent Ji Huan and his sword several steps backward.

Before he could react, Jing Rong appeared right in front of him, snatched his sword with mastery and flipped the edge to rest on his neck instead.

“You sure have some guts, General Ji. You dare enter my Rong Estate and try to kill someone on my watch.”

Ji Huan pointed a finger at Ji Yunshu seethingly, “She killed my big brother!”

Jing Rong’s gaze was hard and cold, “According to the Great Lin’s laws, since Secretary Ji committed the act of murder, he should be sentenced to death. His own cowardly suicide was what he deserved.”

“Does Your Highness really believe her? Do you really believe that my Big Brother was a murderer?”

“Yes, this Prince believes whatever Teacher Ji says.”

Ji Huan clenched his teeth and fists, glaring at Ji Yunshu, “Don’t think that just because you have Prince Rong’s backing that I will let you off. You know that Big Brother would not kill that person, so why would you lie?” Ji Huan was almost interrogative.

Ji Yunshu walked towards him, “Don’t worry, Second Brother. I will never malign anyone, nor let the real killer get away scot-free; whomever it may be, he or she will pay the price in the end.”

“It wasn’t Big Brother.” All Ji Huan could do was to repeat those words.

Ji Yunshu was calm but reluctant to speak any further.

Ji Huan was quick to anger, but his anger dissipated just as quickly. When he calmed down, Jing Rong removed the sword from his neck then turned it around, offering it hilt-first to Ji Huan.

Ji Huan stood for some time before receiving his sword and stormed off.

Jing Rong took a look at the injured Shi Zijin, then said, “Go and get your wounds treated.” Shi Zijin nodded, leaped up the roof, and left.

Next, he pulled Ji Yunshu into the house and ordered several servant girls to fetch the first aid kit.

The servants brought the kit hurriedly. Jing Rong lifted Ji Yunshu’s chin while opening the box, saying gently, “This will hurt a bit. Don’t move.” Ji Yunshu remained still, almost like a wooden doll.

Jing Rong carefully applied some medicine to her neck. It was a long while before he spoke, “Ji Li’s death was not your fault.”

Ji Yunshu did not respond.

“He killed someone - he should pay the price.”

The medicine on her neck was so cold it almost stung, and Ji Yunshu could not help but flinch backward. Jing Rong grabbed her wrist sternly, “Didn’t I say to remain still? The wound needs to be treated.” All she could do was to sit quietly once more.

Jing Rong was extremely delicate and gentle. His furrowed brows only relaxing once he finished dressing her wound. “Sit still, I will get Mo Ruo to have a look.”

“There’s no need. It’s just a small cut.”

“I will be more reassured if he sees it.”

Jing Rong packed up the first aid kit and had the servants take it back outside. He turned towards Ji Yunshu and asked, “Do you want to see your Big Brother? His corpse is still at the Ministry.”

She shook her head.

“Then rest well. I will get someone to inform Mo Ruo later.” Ji Yunshu nodded.

Just before he left, Ji Yunshu called out his name, “Jing Rong!”

Jing Rong turned back, “What’s wrong?”

She paused, then shook her head again, “It’s nothing.”

If this were the usual Jing Rong, he would have pressed on with more questions until he received a satisfactory answer. But today, all he did was walk away.

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