Chapter 222 - Wolf Versus Fox

Chapter 222 - Wolf Versus Fox

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Ji Yunshu lowered her eyes. Lost in thoughts, she kept replaying Su Ziluo’s words, which only cast a gloom over her wits the more she thought about it. It was with heavy steps that she returned to East Courtyard. As soon one of her feet crossed the threshold, her forehead heavily collided against a hard surface. The pain caused her to let a groan slip out.

The so-called hard surface was, in fact, Jing Rong’s chest. She then heard his voice from above her. “Didn’t you visit the Yuhua Pavilion? Why do you look so deadbeat after returning? Could it be that Wei Yi guy didn’t want to return with you?”

She did not expect any good words to come out of his poisonous mouth. However, she was not in the mood to bicker with him, so she bypassed him and continued toward her residence. She had barely taken a few more steps when he suddenly grabbed her wrist. He applied enough strength to force her to stop, and then pulled her backward. Unfortunately for him, that situation had repeated itself so often that Ji Yunshu was already prepared. If not, she would have long fallen into his embrace by now, and she would be at the mercy of that wolf pouncing at its prey.

She turned her head and looked at him. “Your Highness, the case is still under investigation. I really have no time to accompany you!” she said, annoyed.“I have no intention to disturb you. I just want to ask you something.”“What?”“What did you and Mo Ruo talk about when you went to Yuhua Pavilion?”“Small talk.”

‘Small talk? Why are you both making small talk?’ After she answered, she endured Jing Rong’s cold glaring stare. He ferociously poked her between her eyebrows while tightening his grip a bit.

The slight pain on her hand caused Ji Yunshu to frown even more. She gritted her teeth and spat out, “Please release me.”“Why? It is painful?”“Yes, it is!” she bluntly said. Their conversation demonstrated their familiarity with each other.Who could have guessed that her reply would make Jing Rong pull her arm once again, bringing her closer to him.She promptly used her free hand to push back his chest, keeping the distance between their bodies from narrowing further. Her eyes lifted up, revealing to this loathsome wolf how displeased she was.At that moment, she felt a great urge to slap him. However, she dispelled the thought as soon as it came because she was well aware that she was not his opponent. If she actually acted on her impulse, Jing Rong might throw her on the nuptial bed.

While she was lost in thought, Jing Rong lifted her chin, raising her head high.“Let go!” Ji Yunshu struggled, but she was no match for him. He had her well secured in his embrace.“It’s best if you don’t move too much because I don’t know what I might do if this continues.”“Beast!”“What are you calling this Prince?”“Beast!” she fearlessly repeated.

The result was obvious. Jing Rong was infuriated even more. He suddenly picked her up and carried her like a princess into her residence.“What do you want to do? Let me down!” Ji Yunshu continued to struggle.Jing Rong ignored her futile struggle. His face was sporting a chilling expression as if he wanted to bite someone.

The maidservants at the entrance gawked at the scene unfolding in front of them. They could not believe it! Their master was suddenly carrying someone who happened to be a man, and it was Teacher Ji nonetheless! There was a rumor circulating about the romance between Prince Rong and Teacher Ji, but they did not expect to witness such a rare scene. They all covered their wide-opened mouth, not daring to utter a word. They only watched Jing Rong as he carried Ji Yunshu like a princess into the residence.As soon as he entered the building, he used his foot to close the door and coldly snarled, “Without my order, no one can enter!” His words felt like a bucket of icy water splashing on them on a freezing night.

He went to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. Due to his excessive strength, despite being thrown onto the bed, she still felt a burst of pain when her back hit the mattress. She frowned and wanted to get up, but Jing Rong pressed her down. Her limbs were immobilized by his hug.“I, this prince, has endured long enough. Do you believe that I’ll have my way with you right now?”“Rogue!” Ji Yunshu’s eyes reddened. Her hands tightly clenched the bedsheets until they wrinkled.

Seeing the tears pooling in her eyes, most of his anger suddenly vanished, but out of stubbornness, he continued to pretend to be angry and kept his expression ferocious. “So what if I’m a rogue? I’m only a rogue to you because…”“Because?”“Because you are one of my people!”“And?”“And there is a wolf in Yuhua Pavilion who it’s best to stay far away from.”‘He got angry because of that?! What a joke! This is too hateful!’ Ji Yunshu felt angry to the point her ground her teeth. She had lived long enough to encounter the largest vat of jealousy beneath the heavens. She quickly turned away her head and sneered, “Even if Mo Ruo is a wolf, he’s much better than your Highness who is a ruthless fox.”“What do you mean by that?”“You know what I mean.”“I don’t understand.” As he spoke, his long fingers pinched her jaw, forcing her to look at him. He seriously asked, “You have to say it more clearly because I don’t understand where those thoughts came from.”Ji Yunshu did not beat around the bush and bluntly told him. “Your Highness didn’t try to save Miss Kong during the banquet because you met with her beforehand, and she told you something that dispelled your thoughts of saving her.”“Mo Ruo told you?”“He was only warning me. If your Highness didn’t want to be treated as a ruthless fox, then tell me what Miss Kong said to change your mind?”Suddenly, a smile bloomed on his face. “You keep saying you don’t care about me, but in fact, you care a lot about me. If not, why would you be so concerned about this matter?” To him, her words of indifference still meant the same thing no matter how she spun it.Ji Yunshu nevertheless tried to explain herself. “You overthink. I merely didn’t wish to think that you’re a merciless person, so I want to clarify this matter.”“Interesting. Then, listen well. I, this Prince…”

Ji Yunshu interrupted him. “Before your Highness tell me, can you get off of me first? It’s a bit uncomfortable to have a proper conversation in this position.”

Jing Rong chuckled. His mood soared because Ji Yunshu suddenly had shown some concern for him, so he obediently got up. He sat on the bed and rearranged his clothes. The moment Jing Rong released her, Ji Yunshu got up from the bed and quickly put some distance between them, afraid that Jing Rong might suddenly pull her back onto the bed.

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