Chapter 221 - This Is Ji Pei's

Chapter 221 - This Is Ji Pei's

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One whiff of the feet’s stench simply induced a strong urge to convulse.The unbearable smell forced Ji Yunshu to retreat a few steps. She was truly baffled. She could not find the matching footprint. Could it be that she made a mistake and this wasn’t a footprint? In the end, she must have speculated too much.Su Ziluo dismissed everyone before looking back at Ji Yunshu. “Did you find anything?” he asked.She shook her head.“It seems you have come in vain.”“I guess so,” she replied weakly. She let out a deep sigh before clasping her hands at Su Ziluo. “Teacher Su, I have trouble you with this matter. This humble one will take leave first. If there is any progress, I will return.”She was about to leave when Su Ziluo suddenly called her. “Teacher Ji… No, I should call you Miss Ji.”Ji Yunshu froze.

He knew she was a girl, and he did not seem surprised. That Li Shiyan, he must have tattled to him. However, to call her “Miss Ji” in a public setting like this was akin to giving her a knife and asking her to repeatedly stab herself.It was unclear if anyone had heard him. Ji Yunshu pursed her lips and asked, “Do you need something, Teacher Su?” She remained unperturbed.

“I’d like to ask if you have that tassel on you.”‘Huh?’ Ji Yunshu’s heart skipped a beat and her pupils constricted. “How did you know I have a tassel on me?”“Shiyan told me.”“Ah!” she gasped. It appeared that Li Shiyan did not keep many secrets from him.

Su Ziluo rolled his wheelchair closer. He slowly withdrew an object from his wide sleeve. Next, he extended his hand for Ji Yunshu to take a closer look. The small tassel gently swayed from his finger. It was identical to the one Ji Pei had given Ji Yunshu years before.“Why do you have this?” she asked in a voice choked with emotions.Su Ziluo indifferently asked back, “Do you find it very familiar?”“This is Ji Pei’s tassel!”“Yes. It is his,” Su Ziluo answered.‘Huh?’ At that moment, her whole being felt like it had received an electric shock. Her brain short-circuited before being overcome with excitement. Her eyes reddened in an instant, completely ignoring the presence of the capital governor near her. She could not help but advance forward, and then raised her hand to grab the swaying tassel from Su Ziluo’s finger. However, just as her fingers brushed against it, Su Ziluo retracted swiftly and put it back in his sleeve, leaving her no time to react.“This thing, where did you get it?”“Do you really want to know?”“Yes!”Su Ziluo faintly smiled, not responding to Ji Yunshu’s question. He signaled at his attendant who quickly came over and pushed him away.

Ji Yunshu took to step forward, wanting to chase after him, but someone barred her way under Su Ziluo’s order. “Tell me, where is Ji Pei? Where did you get the tassel?” At that moment, she was completely overtaken by her emotions, appearing like a lunatic. She had lost all reason. Unfortunately, Su Ziluo paid no heed to her questioning. He never gave her the answers she wanted, leaving silently while surrounded by an escort of dozens of soldiers.As for the governor, he gawked at the unexpected turn of events and was shocked at that different side of Teacher Ji.

He prudently asked, “Teacher Ji, are you alright?”Alright? How could she be alright? Could he not see how anxious she was?

Ji Yunshu’s bloodshot eyes stared at Su Ziluo who was leaving. She felt as if someone had stabbed a knife straight into her heart. The pain was excruciating! From that short conversation, she learnt something: Su Ziluo and Ji Pei were related.‘Are they the same person or not?’ The question swirled in her mind, paralyzing all others thoughts, leaving her undecided on what to do. She could not remember how long she remained standing in the relay station or when she left the place.She was like an empty shell, walking through the streets in a daze. The sky had long darkened and few people remained outside. Suddenly, a burst of noises was heard. She turned back instinctively.The sight made her shudder. A man dressed in black was dashing toward her with his sword thrusting forward, targeting her.There was no fear in her heart, only a feeling of gloom. Why did she always encounter assassins? Why did they all want to decapitate her? Did she threaten them in any way?

While her mind was preoccupied with random thoughts, the sword almost reached her, merely a few millimeters away. At that moment, another sword clashed with it and deviated the weapon’s trajectory just in time. Shi Zijin jumped out from the shadow, transforming into the embodiment of viciousness and ruthlessness. Her imposing presence did not lose against the assassin’s aura.Ji Yunshu watched their fight and marveled at Shi Zijin’s excellent skills. Even if her body was smaller compared to the tall assassin, each stroke of her sword forced the latter to retreat back until one slash injured him. He quickly fled the scene.Shi Zijin sheathed her sword and lightly walked to Ji Yunshu. She coldly asked, “Are you alright?”“I’m fine. What about you?”

“Fine.” As soon she said that, Ji Yunshu noticed her bleeding arm which had earlier been pierced by the assassin’s sword. The originally black clothes had taken a red tint from the blood.Ji Yunshu did not say a word as she ripped part of her clothes to use as a makeshift bandage. However, Shi Zijin distanced herself a few steps.“You’re bleeding!”“I’m fine.”

“Your body is more important. Come here.” Ji Yunshu’s tone was heavy.Ji Yunshu did not allow her to refuse again. She sat down next to her and tore the bit of clothing that obstructed the view of the wound, revealing a deep flesh wound.

“It will hurt, so endure it a little.”

Shi Zijin had a look of indifference that was yet somewhat overbearing. From a young age, she had received countless injuries and this small injury was nothing but the tip of an iceberg.After her wound was bandaged, Ji Yunshu told her, “Don’t mention the matter tonight to Prince Rong.”‘Ah?’ Shi Zijin slanted her head and looked at her with curiosity.“Just promise me. I don’t want him to know about it, alright?”“You don’t want to worry him?” This was the most Shi Zijin had spoken in days.Ji Yunshu was not afraid that Jing Rong would worry. She… It was too tiring to explain. Among the people who wanted to kill her stood not only Concubine Xiao’s faction but also Prince Yi’s people. Who else wanted to eliminate her?Anyway, she nodded, too lazy to explain. “That’s right. So, don’t tell him, okay?”Shi Zijin lightly nodded.Slowly, they walked back to the Rong Estate. As soon as they reached the entrance, Shi Zijin leapt to the roof and vanished from her sight. Ji Yunshu was unconcerned with her departure since her heart and mind were preoccupied by the tassel in Su Ziluo’s possession.

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