Chapter 219 - Footprint

Chapter 219 - Footprint

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After Mo Ruo spoke his mind in his drunken state, he waited for a while, but Ji Yunshu still did not respond.

Kong Yu’s willingness to marry was for the sake of Jing Rong. Since she knew he would do almost anything to help her, it was only a question of time before he would provoke his father’s anger. Considering the Emperor’s temper, it would not come as a surprise if he was dragged before the public to be beheaded. In the end, for each generation of sovereign, power and control were the two most important things. If he infringed upon the Emperor’s tolerance, he would undoubtedly die. For Kong Yu to have taken all of that into consideration, it proved that she was an incredibly intelligent woman.“What? Is Miss Ji aggrieved?” Mo Ruo’s words pulled her out from her thoughts.

‘Aggrieved?’ She showed a puzzled expression. “What do you mean by that?”“If Kong Yu doesn’t go to Qujiang to marry, perhaps, she can marry Jing Rong. As for you..”“Me? What about me?”“Do not pretend to be stupid with me.” Mo Ruo smiled, then leaned towards her. He let out a breath of alcohol and slowly spoke, “In this world, love and affection are the things that stir people the most. Only wine never fails you!”Since the early morning, he had minded himself to empty a jug of wine, and therefore his speech was quite vague at that moment.Ji Yunshu was too lazy to start refuting him, so she turned to Wei Yi who was warming wine over a stove. That fool was in the midst of fanning the flame below the stove. The heat had caused his forehead to be covered in sweat, which he occasionally wiped away with his sleeve. He was very dedicated to his task. Mo Ruo had certainly found a good helper.Ji Yunshu frowned. She asked the dead drunk Mo Ruo, “When are you going to start treating him?”She received no response.

‘Did he fall asleep?’

Mo Ruo suddenly roused from his lethargic state and said, “Didn’t you say that you can wait for more than 20 years? So, why can’t you wait for a few more days?”

“I can wait, but I want to know, when do you plan to start his treatment?”“Since you left that fool in my hands, you needn’t be anxious nor meddle with my treatment. I’m in charge of everything. In the end, whether the results prove to be good or bad, it will be my responsibility.”‘Yeah, yeah, yeah! All your business! From now on, what Wei Yi eats or drinks, and even his marriage will be your responsibility!’

Ji Yunshu wanted to say something, but Mo Ruo went back to sleep, and his jug of wine rolled down onto the floor with a thump!This man, if only he was not inebriated most of the time… What a pity!

After Wei Yi was done warming the wine, he eagerly ran back and gently placed it beside Mo Ruo. Next, he raised his head and looked at Ji Yunshu. “Shu’er, did you come to pick me up today?”“No, you still have to stay here,” she answered.“Why?” he asked whilst leaning his head.Ji Yunshu replied, “You don’t like being here?”He shook his head. “I like this place.”Ji Yunshu pulled him and lead him down from the attic so as to not disturb Mo Ruo’s sleep. “Wei Yi, since you like this place, stay here obediently,” she said.Wei Yi pouted, feeling somewhat wronged. He moved and reached to grab her sleeve. “But, I want to be with Shu’er. These days, I keep thinking about you. Yesterday evening, I went to secretly go find you, but Big Brother Mo Ruo sent people to bring me back. That night, he dragged me to his room to sleep. He said he was watching me, so I couldn’t escape,” Wei Yi narrated with his head lowered.Although his words were full of sadness, Ji Yunshu could not help wanting to laugh. She raised her hand and stroked the tall Wei Yi’s head.

In a gentle voice, she pacified him. “Wei Yi, listen to me carefully, alright? These days, I am very busy. I have to do many, many things. I promise you when everything is done, I will pick you up. We will leave the capital and go anywhere we want, alright?”Wei Yi wiped his tears. “Yeah! As long as we are together, anywhere is fine. You are so busy, can I help you? I don’t want you to be too tired. When I was at home, I would do what I could to help when everyone was busy.”He suddenly showed a proud figure while patting his chest.

Ji Yunshu could see his pride, and her mouth curled into a faint smile as she maintained her silence. She stopped stroking his head and retracted her hand into her sleeve. With that action, a piece of paper fell out from her sleeve. Upon seeing that, Wei Yi bent down and picked her paper before Ji Yunshu had the time to react. He promptly unfolded the piece of paper with curiosity.“What is this? Is it something you drew for me?” He held the paper with great joy and looked at her with bright eyes.“Give it back.” She wanted to take back the clue for the headless case.However, Wei Yi hid it behind him and retreated a few steps. “Shu’er is stingy. Let me look at it.”Ji Yunshu was speechless.Wei Yi looked at the paper, then rotated it clockwise and counter-clockwise. With his full attention, he observed the drawing. Suddenly, his eyes flashed in understanding. He let out a shout. “It’s a footprint!”When Ji Yunshu heard him, she froze before excitement washed over her. She grabbed back the paper and looked at it with new understanding. Those disorderly strokes within the semi-circle now made sense.Wei Yi poked her with excitement. “Am I right? Shu’er drew a footprint, right?”“How do you know it’s a footprint? What makes you think it’s a footprint?” Ji Yunshu inquired.In order to show that he had not guessed wrong, Wei Yi took the paper and placed it on the ground. Then, he raised his leg and stepped on it. The once white sheet was now imprinted with the trace of his shoe, showing a similar half-circle to the one Ji Yunshu had drawn. Then, he picked up the paper and gave it to Ji Yunshu.

“Quick, look at it, Shu’er! This is my footprint. When I was bullied, they always left footprints all over my clothes.”‘This has truly been enlightening!’ Ji Yunshu felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted. Her brain quickly activated and started processing the new information at full speed. She examined her painting and the more she looked at it, the more she was convinced of Wei Yi’s words. “You are right! This really is a footprint.”She compared it to Wei Yi’s footprint. After a moment of contemplation, she muttered, “Both are footprints, but the differences are great. So, this footprint should belong to someone who is smaller.”After she spoke the words, she immediately stored away the painting, then looked at Wei Yi. “Thank you very much, Wei Yi.”“What?”Ji Yunshu did not waste time to reply to him as she was already leaving in a hurry. She needed to find the capital governor at the relay station.

It didn’t take her long to arrive at the relay station. The governor asked her, “Teacher Ji, why did you return so soon? Did you find a new lead?”“Milord, do you have a way to make the Qujiang soldiers take off their shoes?”


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