Chapter 213 - Death At The Relay Station

Chapter 213 - Death At The Relay Station

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The lantern fell to the ground, and the candle within followed suit. In an instant, flames rose and the whole lantern caught in fire, burning the sliced mask along with it. Reflected by the light of the flames, Ji Yunshu’s scar was revealed. However, the hideous scar that had marred her beautiful face previously had recovered greatly, leaving only a blemish that was still ugly, but nothing compared to before.Mo Ruo’s skills were without a doubt extraordinary. In less than half a month, he was able to treat her wound to that extent.

She looked straight at the angry Ji Huan, then she stared at the hand that was holding Soaring Scarlet. It was trembling unexpectedly. He should’ve killed her. She was a sinner he had to eliminate for the good of the Ji family, but at the last moment, his resolve wavered. He hated himself, blaming his quivering hands.The end result didn’t come as a surprise for Ji Yunshu. She knew Ji Huan was unlike Ji Li. Perhaps Ji Yunshu is likely the first person to survive a slash from the Soaring Scarlet.After a long silence, Ji Huan sheathed his sword. The bloodthirst in his eyes had vanished, replaced by coldness and indifference. “I won’t kill you, but it doesn’t mean that Eldest brother will spare you.” He warned her.Ji Yunshu nodded. “I understand.”“To avoid that possibility, it’s best if you leave the capital. In any case, the capital is a tumultuous place. Don’t prolong your stay any longer.” Despite his brutish exterior, the rough and maddening tone he spoke with, it couldn’t hide the concern within and thus made people feel warm.She shook her head. “Thank you very much for your reminder. However, there are some matters which are tying me down, and I can’t escape from until it is resolved.”“Yunshu, listen to me. Hurry and leave the capital. I know you are helping Prince Rong investigating the Lin Capital case. I don’t know if you are aware, but this case is not as simple as you think. Even after 14 years, there are still no new clues. Can it be that you have yet to realize that there is something wrong with this case?” There was worry in his words.How can she not realize that this case is problematic? If it was such a simple case, Qin Shiyu would not have to rack his brains in order to receive the permission to reverse the verdict of this case. In the span of a night, how could dozens of lives be lost in the conflagration of the Duke’s residence without a single survivor? Not to mention the Imperial Duke had met with Old General Li before he passed away. There were too many inexplicable things, so how could this case be simple at all? She had long suspected that there might be a gargantuan secret hidden behind all of this. A secret so big that it needed the extermination of a whole family to let it remain in the dark. However, this was all her conjecture.“Second Brother, I already thought about these problems, but since I have promised Prince Rong, I can’t leave halfway through regardless of the dangers.” She spoke with determination showed through her eyes.“In any case, I am only giving you a reminder. It’s none of my business whatever you want to do!” Ji Huan flung his sleeve wordlessly, appearing angry.“Who is there?” Suddenly, a voice was heard in the distance. Then, several palace eunuchs rushed to their location.Ji Huan immediately stated, “The eunuchs in the palace have loose mouths. Quickly leave. I’ll stay here to stop them.”Soon, around seven or eight eunuchs came over with lanterns in their hands. They looked fearfully in the direction where Ji Yunshu had dropped her burnt lantern.

Noticing that Ji Yunshu hadn’t left yet, he snarled at her in a low voice. “You still haven’t left yet?”She picked up her pace and departed from the lotus pond.When the eunuchs came, they saw Ji Huan and immediately bowed. “General Ji.”Ji Huan remained expressionless.A few eunuchs saw Ji Yunshu’s silhouette from afar and were about to chase after her, but Ji Huan stopped them.“This General was careless and merely knocked a lantern down. What are you being so anxious about?”The leading eunuch was one with a nimble mouth. He bent his waist and fawned at Ji Huan while glancing at the place where the burnt lantern laid. “Oh! It was only a small lantern! We thought there was a fire in the imperial palace.”

“It’s alright. All of you leave!” Ji Huan ousted them.One of the eunuchs looked at the silhouette of Ji Yunshu and asked, “Who was that person just now?”“My older brother!”“Secretary Ji?”‘But it doesn’t look like him!’ The eunuch stared at the figure intently, but due to the darkness, he could only vaguely see the person’s back, but how can anyone mistake this figure?

He could probe around. “Did Secretary Ji lose weight? And this height… How did he shrink so much?”“What are you looking for? Didn’t I say he is my older brother? Do you want me to drag back my brother for you to confirm my words?”Hearing the anger in his voice, the eunuch immediately smiled brightly, “This slave doesn’t mean it.”“Fine. Hurry and clean up the place!” He pointed at the burnt lantern.“Y-yes!” The eunuchs complied.Ji Huan seemed like as if he ate gunpowder. He glared at the eunuchs before turning back once more to look at Ji Yunshu in the distance. Then, he departed.Soon after Ji Yunshu left the lotus pond, Shi Zijin jumped out from her hiding place. She then followed her mistress but remained hidden from sight. She uttered a reminder. “His Highness has ordered me to escort you back to the estate.”Ji Yunshu didn’t see her, so she only stopped after a few steps. She leaned in the direction of the voice and asked, “Why didn’t you appear earlier?”“He didn’t intend on killing you.” Shi Zijin replied with confidence.“He pointed his sword at me. How can you be sure that he wouldn’t kill me?”“I know!” Her words were concise.Ji Yunshu laughed, then stroked Shi Zijin’s head. “Zijin, today, let me teach you something: there is nothing absolute in this world. Anything can happen until the last minute.”‘Ah!’ In fact, when Ji Huan slashed down, Shi Zijin knew he was aiming at Ji Yunshu’s mask. That was the reason why she didn’t come out. However, Ji Yunshu wasn’t wrong. What if Ji Huan changed his mind at the last minute and actually wanted to take her life? The thought of it was quite terrifying.Shi Zijin nodded. “I understand.”Ji Yunshu stroked Shi Zijin’s head. Although that girl appeared to be emotionless, she was still a child after all.They both left the palace. Outside, a horse carriage was waiting for them. After making sure Ji Yunshu had boarded the carriage safely, Shi Zijin retreated into the shadows and followed her unseen once again.

Inside the carriage, Ji Yunshu thought of the mysterious Su Ziluo. She recalled his face and those eyes of his. The memories flashed through her mind in succession, and they became more and more uncontrollable. She dug her nails into her palm. The pain brought forth ended those chaotic thoughts, clearing her mind in an instant.At that time, they arrived at the Rong Estate. It was already late at night. She didn’t know whether Jing Rong returned or if another incident had occurred at the banquet when she was absent, but it didn’t matter to her now. She was too preoccupied with other thoughts that sleep only came to her after tossing and turning in her bed for a long time.

On the next day, a shocking news spread throughout the Rong Estate. Earlier this morning, a low-ranked official met with Jing Rong to report this important news to him. It was confirmed that someone died in the relay station.

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