Chapter 210 - Introduction

Chapter 210 - Introduction

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There was a saying that, in the world, there will always be people better than oneself; A another sky beyond the sky.

Learning from these kind of people is a benefit on its own. For example, by following Jing Rong, Ji Yunshu had learned many tricks when it came to interacting with the ancients, but there was still a vast ocean of knowledge that remained untapped.

She clasped her hands, saluting him. “Many thanks for your Highness’ concern. If Prince Yi didn’t pay so much attention to the people, you wouldn’t have been easily misled into misjudging the case.”“Ugh!”This was clearly hinting at his failure previously when he arrested Gan Chuliang and made a joke out of himself. Her words were like a knife that stabbed abruptly, leaving him with no time to parry. His ego bled; inadvertently revealing an awkward smile.“Your Highness was too eager to solve the case. It shows how much you care about the common people which is a blessing for the populace.”She was the kind of woman that could lie without batting an eye. There was even a time when people asked her if she got plastic surgery. To which she responded, ‘I’m all natural, no Botox injection! If you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself.’ Whenever she lied, both her expression and her heart rate never changed.

Yet, Jing Yi knew that her fawning words weren’t sincere, but he still humored her, showing an elated countenance. In fact, they both had already seen through each other, but they continued to pretend otherwise.Ji Yunshu knew Jing Yi hired assassins to eliminate both Jing Rong and her. She even knew that he had cooperated with Yan Weiyi to kill Jing Rong to prevent them from continuing their investigation of the Lin Capital case. She didn’t delude herself that her background had not been uncovered. He knew she was a woman, and it was a fact she couldn’t deny because it corroborated too well with the trap Concubine Xiao set up for her at the matchmaking banquet.Since Jing Yi knew everything about her, their current issue was to see who can act better than the opponent. Right now, no one was losing to the other party.

Jing Yi brushed his sleeves before changing the subject. “What do you think about the marriage between Qujiang and Great Lin?”“Is your Highness asking for my opinion?”“Yes. This Prince is very curious about your thoughts.”“This humble one is but a commoner. How can I have any thoughts on such an important matter?” She was disinclined to engage into that conversation. Jing Yi didn’t force her to answer, and shifted his eyes to another place in the Moon Gazing Terrace. His eyebrows slightly rose. “Oh! Secretary Ji and General Ji had come.” He deliberately raised his voice.‘What?’ Ji Yunshu immediately looked in the same direction and saw Ji Li and Ji Huan coming in. Both were dressed in civil clothes, with one in front and the other following behind. Her heart tensed and she buried her head down.Jing Yi caught sight of her reaction and gloated inwardly. However, his appearance showed an expression of appraisal. “Last time when you went into the palace, Secretary Ji and General Ji were absent. How about I introduce you to them? If Teacher Ji wants to investigate the Lin Capital case later, you might need their help, so creating some connections with them now will be a good idea.”Ji Yunshu repressed the rising panic within her with great difficulty. She lowered her eyes. “I do not want to trouble your Highness.”“Not at all. The banquet would only start in two hours.”“N-”

Lang Po promptly interrupted her. “Prince Yi, Prince Rong had appropriately arranged for their meetings.”Bam!Jing Yi hit the table. His voice remained low, but the look in his eyes greatly changed. He was displeased by Lang Po’s retort. “Can it be that this Prince needs Prince Rong’s approval before introducing Teacher Ji to two persons?”“Nothing of that sort, your Highness.”“Then, quietly stand there.” His words were laden with the tone of authority.Lang Po glanced at Ji Yunshu. His lord wasn’t present, so who could protect her? His heart was filled with anxiety.

Meanwhile, Jing Yi had already given his orders to a servant. “Go invite Secretary Ji and General Ji here. This Prince wants to introduce someone to them.”“Yes!” The servant comply and went to notify the Ji brothers.

Ji Yunshu’s hands were covered in sweat, having been caught off guard, and unable to think about a way to conceal her identity. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to confront the situation, and both her hands fiddled about nervously.

Soon, she heard their voices coming from behind her.

“We have seen Prince Yi.” Jing Yi motioned at them. “Please take a seat. No need to be polite.”“Yes, your Highness!” They were men who had fought on the battlefield, so their voices were loud and clear. They were far from being timid.When they sat down, they finally noticed Ji Yunshu who had her head lowered. Ji Li looked at her, his pupils constricted from surprise. Ji Huan was more of a muscle-head, and thus his reaction was less subtle. As soon as he caught sight of her, he abruptly stood up but was immediately pulled back by Ji Li. If it wasn’t for his older brother, he might have already strangled her to death on the spot. He swatted his brother’s hand in anger, sat back and glared at Ji Yunshu with a grim expression. Ji Yunshu did not doubt that they already recognized her.Jing Yi observed their expressions, and he was filed with satisfaction. “I believe you might have heard of the capital’s new rising talent, Teacher Ji.”Ji Li retained his composure and responded, “Of course. I heard that Teacher Ji has just arrived to the capital, but he has already solved many odd cases, a feat which deserves great admiration. However, I didn’t expect I would have the opportunity to meet him today.”Jing Yi gave Ji Yunshu an introduction. “These men are our Great Lin’s most important figures. Teacher Ji, you must understand that being friends with them is never a wrong choice.”“Yes, many thanks to Prince Yi for introducing me.” Ji Yunshu did her best to keep her tone level and neutral. Then, she immediately leaned towards her brothers. “I have heard of your fame. If there is a chance, let’s meet again and please take care of me in the future.”“Teacher Ji is too courteous.” Ji Li put on a fake smile. He pressed on his glabella and asked, “I wonder where did you live before coming to the capital?”“The world is my home.”“Ah? Are you someone from Jinjiang?”“No.” She replied smoothly. Unless if she had a death wish, she would never dare to admit she was from Jinjiang!

Ji Li deliberately said, “Teacher Ji, you look very similar to someone we know.”“There many people in this world who look similar.”“You are quite right.”There was a smell of gunpowder between them. The stage was set for their play, all four of them had acting skills rivaling that of a great movie star.

Soon, a few more people joined in and the conversation deviated to other topics. Ji Yunshu avoided speaking as much as possible, preferring to listen instead.

Jing Yi got up and left satisfied after he felt he achieved his purpose with Ji Yunshu. Ji Li and Ji Huan no longer had any reason to stay, promptly leaving after Jing Yi. After they left, Ji Yunshu let out a sigh of relief. Since they were still in the palace, her brothers could not do anything to her. The problem was when they leave the palace. Would she be hacked to death by his sword? The thought of it terrified her. She still wanted to live regardless.

On the Ji brothers’ side.“Big Brother, why did you stop me? That person was clearly Yunshu!”Ji Li calmed his brother. “That person didn’t clearly confirm her identity. Not to mention that mask… How can you be certain it’s her? We have to find out the truth before making a move. Don’t forget this is the palace. Even if you want to kill her, you can’t do so here.”

It was said that a valiant general is typically muscle-headed, which was not far from the truth. Yet, despite his penchant for straightforward physical actions, his IQ didn’t fall into the simple-minded category. “Big Brother, do you think that Prince Yi is doing it on purpose? Amongst all the guests he could have introduced, he decided to introduce us.”“Regardless of his intentions, you have to remember that Wanxin is the future crown prince’s consort. We have to stand on the crown prince’s side.”“I know!”

Finally, they sat down in their pavilion.

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