Chapter 207 - Persistent Pleading

Chapter 207 - Persistent Pleading

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Jing Xuan was waiting for Kong Yu in Shaoxian hall and circled around while anxiously rubbing her hands together. “Princess, please sit down, Miss Kong has just entered the palace and should still be in Fuyang hall.”The palace maid barely finished speaking when another palace maid elbowed her. “What Miss Kong?! The Emperor had bestowed upon her the title of Princess Huiwen. Be careful of what you say.” “I- I’m not used to it.”“If you keep shouting the wrong name again when Princess Huiwen comes back, your head might fall.”“I know. I know…”Jing Xuan looked sternly at the two palace servants. “What are you being noisy about? This Princess is anxious to death, but you have the time to chatter.”The two girls lowered their heads and knelt down immediately. “Us, lowly servants, were wrong. Please forgive us, Princess.”“Get up!” Jing Xuan said and waved her sleeve with irritation.By the time the servant girls got up, Jing Xuan noticed Kong Yu’s arrival. “Big Sister Kong!” She rushed toward her and grabbed her icy hands.Kong Yu appeared to have guessed that Jing Xuan was waiting for her here since she didn’t show any surprise. She faintly smiled and stroked Jing Xuan’s face, flushed from the worries.Jing Xuan immediately cried. She felt extremely guilty. “I’m sorry, Big Sister Kong’er. I didn’t know that Imperial Mother would make you replace me. If I knew, I would certainly not let her do so.”“Jing Xuan, you don’t need to feel guilty. I don’t blame you.” She smiled.“I know you love my imperial brother. I’m so sorry. Rest assured. I will seek my imperial mother out and not let you marry to Qujiang.”“It’s too late. The Emperor’s edict has been sent. No one can change anything.” Her voice was dull and indifferent.Jing Xuan sniffled, tears still falling from her eyes. She shook her head fiercely. “No! It can be changed. Imperial Father’s decree hasn’t been issued yet, no? There’s still time, I’m certain. I’ll go find Imperial Mother, then, she will go to Imperial Father to rectify it. If she refuses, I’ll directly go see Imperial Father, even if by force, I will absolutely not let you marry away.”“Jing Xuan, no need. Don’t anger your parents for me. I am willing to get married.”“Lies! Are you willing to part with Imperial Brother?”

When her words fell, Kong Yu lowered her eyes and smiled. She opened her hands and the petals fell to the ground. Despite how carefully she held them, the petals were still slightly crushed. She slowly spoke, “Since we were young, I never wanted to make things difficult for him. I don’t want to force him to do something he doesn’t like. As long as I can be by his side and watch him, I am perfectly content. I know that even if I say 1,000 times or more that I want to be his consort, as long as he is unwilling, I will not insist, but wait for him.”“Big Sister Kong’er…”“Jing Xuan, I already agreed to this marriage. From the moment I received the edict, I already accepted my fate. I will go to Qujiang. It’s also better this way. When I was at Emerald Retreat, I heard that Qujiang has a grassland as far as the eye can see. It also has poetry and art similar to Jiangnan. You know how I love that kind of place.” As she spoke, the corner of her mouth curled into a shallow arc.Tears rolled down from Jing Xuan’s eyes. The more Kong Yu didn’t blame her, even showing her a radiant smile, the further the guilt ate her insides. She grit her teeth, pushed out her chest and spoke with confidence. “Out of question! I can’t let you marry to Qujiang. I know how important Imperial Brother is to you, I can’t break up you two.”She rushed out of Shaoxin hall as soon she was done speaking. She simply didn’t notice Kong Yu trying to stop her.

Looking at Jing Xuan’s figure running away, a hint of sadness veiled her eyes, and after a long while, she finally let out a quiet sigh. She was very clear that there was no turning back or a possibility of reversal. She must marry to Qujiang.

Jing Xuan ran back to Zhangzhi hall. Timely, Concubine Xiao just came back from Fuyang hall and had barely sat down with a cup of tea in her hand that had yet to be sipped from. Hearing the hurried footsteps from afar, she frowned in displeasure. ‘Which dog servant dare to be so wild in this place?’ When her anger was on the verge of exploding, she saw Jing Xuan coming in a hurry while wiping off her tears.

Jing Xuan threw herself at her mother. “Imperial Mother, Xuan’er is pleading you not to make Big Sister Kong’er replace me. I beseech you, please say some words to Imperial Father about it.” Her tears were rolling down like a broken dam from all the guilt she felt.Concubine Xiao’s hands shook and her hand holding the teacup tightly gripped on it until the joints turn white. Because Jing Xuan pounced on her, it accidentally made her splashed some tea on the back of her hand and burnt herself. After quickly putting down the teacup, she touched Jing Xuan’s face. “Xuan’er, I know are sad inside, but don’t tell me you want to go to Qujiang to marry?”“Of course not, but if Big Sister Kong’er has to marry in my stead, I am also unwilling.”“This matter is already decided.”“But the edict hasn’t been issued yet. We still have time. Imperial Mother, please help me. I beg you. Tell Imperial Father not to make Big Sister Kong’er marry to Qujiang.”

Concubine Xiao sighed. Her expression was slightly sour. She took Jing Xuan’s hand and said, “Xuan’er, Your imperial father already bestowed her the title of princess. It’s the same thing as issuing the marriage decree. Even if I go to your imperial father now, it will be all in vain. Behave now, don’t cause trouble.”Jing Xuan strongly shook her head. “No way! I didn’t want to trap Big Sister and wrong her. She treats me so well. I can’t watch her take my place to marry without doing anything.”“Why can’t you understand? This is your imperial father’s idea. I only proposed a few candidates. Besides, Kong Yu is not young anymore. Her marriage to Qujiang is a blessing for the Kong family. She also didn’t go against it. Is there still a need for you to speak for her?”“It’s not like that. She is not willing. She loves Imperial Brother Jing Rong. You also know that.”‘I know and so does the whole palace.’ Before, everyone believed that the position of Prince Rong’s consort would fall into Kong Yu.Concubine Xiao pretended to be caught in a difficult situation. “Foolish child. Your imperial brother will not marry her. If he wanted her, he would have married her long ago. Perhaps Kong Yu knew about it, that’s why she didn’t refuse her marriage this time.”“That can’t be. He’s so good to Big Sister Kong’er, so he must like her.” Jing Xuan was firm in her answer. They were childhood sweethearts that grew up together. Jing Rong was very good to Kong Yu, so he must like her. It must be like that, it couldn’t be anything else. She spoke once again to her mother, showing a painful expression while holding her mother’s hands. “Imperial Mother, please, I beg you. Say something to Imperial Father.”

“I already said that this matter is closed. I have no other way. Tomorrow night, a banquet will be organised with the presence of those people from Qujiang. At that time, your imperial father will officially make the announcement about Kong Yu’s status as a princess and her marriage. Everything is already settled.” Concubine Xiao was unyielding.

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